Zee Marathi serials list – 15 best Zee Marathi serials list

Zee Marathi serials list includes a list of serials being telecasted on the Zee Marathi channel. is one of the popular channels owned by the Essel group in India. Zee channel is being telecasted in various languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Tamil, and Telugu, etc. Its headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Zee channel is succeeding in giving entertainment to its viewers. The channel was brought into television in the year 1999 and got its name in the year 2004. The shows telecasted in the zee channels are liked and are watched by people. They are consecutively succeeding for almost a decade in bringing entertainment to people. 

Zee Marathi is reaching heights by providing the best shows, Movies, Serials on their channel. Their main goal is people’s satisfaction. They are putting efforts into bringing the best quality entertainment to the people. These shows and serials are bringing interest in people to watch their shows. They provide entertainment 24/7 to people. On special occasions like New year, Diwali, Zee Marathi also telecasts various fun shows and newly released movies to entertain people during those special occasions. They spread joy and entertainment to people all over India.

ZEE MARATHI SERIALS LIST – How ZEE Marathi Entertains us?

Zee Marathi serials list- Zee Marathi is one of the popular channels in the Marathi language. Zee channel telecast different genres like Movies, Reality shows, Serials, etc. It is one of the popularly watched channels in India by people of all ages. They provide non-stop entertainment to the viewers by giving their best. Zee Marathi, which is one of the zee group of channels, is mostly watched by people in and around Maharashtra. 

The shows of zee Marathi gives people excitement, their comedy shows brings endless laugh and their serials bring excitement and interest in people. The cast in the serials are beautifully designed and the stories bring excitement of what will happen next in the serial. This makes to become successful in their channel. The success of the channel depends on a major factor called TRP. This TRP also known as Television Rating Point is a tool used to judge the serials which are viewed the most. 


Zee Marathi serials list-Here is a complete list of shows which are being telecasted in Zee Marathi channel.

Show Timings Afternoon  HoursName of the show
1 to 1.30 PMMajha Hoshil Na
1:30 to 2 PMTuzyat Jeev Rangla
2 to 2:30 PMMazhya Navryachi Bayko
2:30 to 3 PMAggobai Sasuba
3 to 3:30 PMVastu Doctor
3:30 to 4 PMMajha Hoshil Na
4 to 6:30 PMHonar Soon Mi Hya Gharchi
6.30 to 7 PMHome Minister
Show Timings Evening HoursName of the show
7 to 7.30 PMMrs. Mukhyamantri
7.30 to 8 PMTuzyat Jeev Rangla
8 to 8.30 PMMazhya Navryachi Bayko
8.30 to 9 PMAggobai Sasuba
9 to 9.30 PMMajna Hoshil na
9.30 to 10 PMChala Hawa Yeu Dya
10 to 10.30 PMRatris khel Chale

These are the serials which has high TRP ratings because these are being telecasted in the evening and are highly watched by many people.

Let us see about each serial in brief.


Zee Marathi serials list
Image – Zee Marathi serials list from Google

This is one of the serials in Zee Marathi serials list which has a huge set audience. This is an amusing romantic tale where the young pair would cherish and wed each other against their family’s endorsement. Also, a fascinating point is, the male role would be the chief minister and his better half is called Mrs. Mukhyamantri. This story is for the most part dependent on these two characters, the chief minister and his wife. This serial is liked by people and brings curiosity in people.

ZEE MARATHI SERIALS LIST – Tuzyat Jeev Rangla in Zee Marathi

Zee Marathi serials list
Image – Zee Marathi serials list from Google

This drama in Zee Marathi serials list revolves around a love story between a couple. The male role would be a farmer and the female role would be a teacher. They both have a different point of view on them. They fall in love with each other and ultimately they maintain their relationship amidst their variations. This serial has a huge set audience.


Zee Marathi serials list
Image – Zee Marathi serials list from Google

This is a popular serial in Zee Marathi serials list. This serial is being telecasted in Zee Marathi at night time from 10 to 10.30 pm. Its first part was telecasted in the year 2016. At present, the second part of the story is being telecasted. This is a horror story that is based on a real story. People watch this serial with great curiosity and interest and thrill. This is a family-based horror story.

These serials can be watched in the ZEE5 OTT application in the mobile or in Smart Television and it is a paid subscription.

ZEE MARATHI SERIALS LIST – Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Zee Marathi serials list

This drama in zee Marathi serials list is a popular one on the Zee Marathi channel. This drama revolves around a married couple who were ready to get separated from each other because of some misunderstandings. The male would have another marital relation that would disappoint his present wife. She had a lot of love for her husband and when she came to know this, She decided to focus on her career. This is hugely liked by people.


Zee Marathi serials list

This serial is included in zee Marathi serials list. This drama in Zee Marathi,is a humorous comedy serial which is based on a man who wants to interact with different people of Marathi film industry. The man’s family would be an unusual family filled with joy and humor. This serial is a popular serial in the evening slot. 

These serials can be watched in ZEE5 OTT with subscription.


Zee Marathi serials list

This serial in Zee Marathi serials list mainly deals with marital relationships filled with emotions and humor. This serial is based on the family which could be related to our lives. These emotions greatly impact people who watch this serial. It is a family-based emotional story. Watch this serial with a subscription in the Zee5 app now!


Zee Marathi serials list

Majna hoshil na is one of the serials in Zee Marathi serials list. This story is an amazing and hilarious story that is based on a family. The male role is a smart and kind-hearted person. The woman role falls in love with him and they both marry each other. Things got tougher after their marriage as they had to handle their family members landing into hysteric situations. This serial can be watched online with a Zee5 subscription at any time!

ZEE MARATHI SERIALS LIST – Feedback from Zee Marathi viewers

Feedback for Zee Marathi serials list-The viewers of zee Marathi give a positive feedback on shows and serials. The serials are interesting to watch and creates curiosity among viewers. The Zee Marathi not only telecasts serials but also conducts many award functions in order to honor people who work in the Zee Marathi serial. Many Actors, Directors, Musicians, Dancers are being awarded based on their profession which is a great achievement for their hard work.

They also conduct many debates where general people debate among themselves for a particular topic. These are hugely watched by people with interest. These shows bring a positive review of the channel. They engage themselves by telecasting good shows and serials.

ZEE MARATHI SERIALS LIST – Other platforms to watch Zee Marathi serials

Zee Marathi serials list-To watch Zee Marathi serials online, Zee channel has launched a new OTT called ZEE5 which is used to watch any serials or movies telecasted in the channel. This application was launched in the year 2018 and now they are succeeding with numerous active users. People who cannot watch serials on television generally prefer to watch on ZEE5.

Subscribers come up with good feedback about the application. This application is easy to use and is available on various platforms like the Web, smart TVs, IOS, Android, etc. This application contains all the shows, movies, serials that are telecasted on Zee TV.

The other platforms are Airtel XStream, Jio TV, VI TV etc where you can watch these serials at any time with subscription.

ZEE MARATHI SERIALS LIST- FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How far are Zee Marathi serials Good?

    Zee Marathi serials are best in terms of their stories and cast assigned. They come up with serials with emotions that could be related to a part of our life. Their acting performance is so good that they live as that character itself. In this way, we can say Zee Marathi is good.

  2. Which is the best serial in Zee Marathi channel?

    Some of the good serials in Zee Marathi are Majha Hoshil Na, Aggabai Sasubai, Vastu Doctor, etc. These serials have received huge acceptance because of their style of performance. These serials are more likely watched by people. At present, these serials are telecasted in the afternoon slot.

  3. Where can I watch Zee Marathi serials other than television?

    The Zee Group of channels has an OTT called ZEE5 with extraordinary features. In ZEE5, you can watch any serial at any time without any ads.

  4. Why Zee Marathi serials have huge popularity?

    Zee Marathi serials have a huge set audience because of their amazing cast design, extraordinary screenplay, and their story. This brings curiosity among people to watch upcoming episodes.


Zee Marathi serials list-To watch shows and serials of ZEE Marathi,

  • Visit: https://www.zee5.com/
  • Choose your language.
  • Sign up for free.
  • Add subscriptions, watch serials and enjoy!

You can also watch serials in Airtel XStream , ZEE5 Application.

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