Zee Bangla Serial List 2020 – Best Zee Bangla Tv Serial Lists, Day and Timings

Zee Bangla Serial List is a great way to christen your new television set. The Zee Network has never stopped providing its loyal consumer base with quality content. Zee Bangla, one of the most-watched counterparts of this network is well known for this and brings out a couple of original shows every other year. From shows about women empowerment to unique romantic stories to relatable reality shows, Zee Bangla has done it all. In fact, these shows are so loved that many of them are later dubbed into other languages and dialects. 

SERIAL NO.Zee Bangla Serial List 2020 NameTIMINGSDAYS
1RANNAGHAR4:30PM TO 5:OOPMMonday to Saturday
2DIDI NUMER ONE5:00PM TO 6:00PMMonday to Saturday
3ALO CHHAYA6:00PM TO 6:30PMMonday to Saturday
4RANI RASHMONI6:30PM TO 7:00PMMonday to Saturday
5KRISHNAKOLI7:00PM TO 7:30PMMonday to Saturday
6JAMUNA DHAKI7:30PM TO 8:00PMMonday to Saturday
7NETAJI8:00PM TO 8:30PMMonday to Saturday
8KADAMBINI8:30PM TO 9:00PMMonday to Saturday
9PHIRKI9:00PM TO 9:30PMMonday to Saturday
10KI KORE BOLBO TOMAY9:30PM TO 10:00PMMonday to Saturday
11JOY BABA LOKNATH10:00PM TO 11:00PMMonday to Saturday
12SOUDAMMINIR SANSAR10:30PM TO 11:00PMMonday to Saturday
13DADAGIRI9:30PM TO 11:00PMFriday to Saturday

Here is the Zee Bangla Serial List that you need to be watching today.

Zee Bangla serial list – Alo Chhaya

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

First aired on 2nd September 2019, this zee tv serial revolves around the lives of two sisters, Alo and Chhaya, played by the young actors Debadrita Basu and Oindrilla Bose. These cousin sisters who come from different backgrounds and have ambitions of their own- Alo is a somewhat neglected girl and Chhaya is the pampered one- are raised together and share a sturdy attachment of friendship.

With a time jump from their young counterparts, they grow up to be college students, studying two distinctly different subjects. However, there is a catch and that is that the studious and intelligent Alo and the playful and happy Chhaya have swapped their lives and are now basically living double identities – one in front of their family, and the other in front of the rest of the world. But will their cover stay put up for long? And when that happens will the two sisters who grew up together be able to keep their bond as sturdy as it was before?

Their moments of ups and downs and how they face these and remain united together make it a delightful evening watch. So, remember to catch this zee Bangla serial at 6 pm every day.

Zee Bangla serial list – Krishnakoli

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

A Tent Cinema production that premiered in June 2018 and remains a very much popular serial even today. It is about a dark-skinned woman, named ‘Shyama’ who stays immersed in praying to her god Krishna and goes about singing his divine tales. With her family already steeped in piles of debt from a dubious moneylender who forces Shyama to be the voice behind her unmelodious daughter; she gets trapped in a vicious plot and is married off to a guy from a rich family. Will they accept her? And will she ever be able to pursue her singing career independently? And most importantly, will her enemies and adversaries ever let her stay happy and peaceful in her life?  

This Bengali soap opera drama on zee tv tackles a very important issue of today’s age, the growing hostility, and antagonism towards dark-skinned people in this country. ‘Krishnakoli’ takes up a modern approach to this problem with Tiyasha Roy in the main female lead, who sets out to show the world how skin color should never deter someone from the happiness and opportunities in life, accompanied by Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil, the main male lead.

Tune in everyday at 7:00 pm to find the answers to your questions.

Zee Bangla serial list – Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

A very recent addition in the zee tv serial list that premiered on December 16, 2019. The story is about a budding fashion designer, Radhika who is played by Swastika Dutta who gets betrayed and duped by her soon-to-be husband. She eventually starts developing a close bond with Karna, the owner of an apparel company, and the male lead played by Krushal Ahuja.

But Radhika’s bad days are far from over. Actually, they have not yet begun. While her supposedly dead husband is trying his best to run away with his girlfriend with as much money as he can get his hands on; her aunt’s son, Joy, is pursuing her doggedly for the money and riches that he dreams of. Stuck between greedy and selfish people, can Radhika getaway to finally find a safe haven in her boss? And will Karna be able to get Radhika to safety before she gets drowned in misery

This zee tv romantic drama has already earned a special place for the Zee Bangla audience, and it is very easy to see why it is so. With stellar performances from the cast members and lovely musical track numbers to go along with it, catch upon on the fun every day at 9:30 pm.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Soudaminir Sansar

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Shouldered on the two young and talented leads, Sushmili and Adhiraj Ganguly, who play the beautiful and lively Soudamini, and the stubborn and mischievous Shankar respectively have made this zee tv serial an interesting and a fun watch. The story revolves around Soudamini who gets married to Shankar and then has to manage her chaotic household to bring peace to these always fighting family members.

When the young and pretty Soudamini enters her mess of an in-laws family, she understands that she has a lot of work to do. With the blessings of her grandfather and Shankar at her side, she pledges to make the ever fighting house into a loving and peaceful home. Though most neighbors and villagers deem it to be an impossible task, the patient and the kind girl makes huge progress in completing her promise.

Slowly but surely, she carves out a place for herself in everybody’s heart. Making sure that no one goes hungry, that the place never runs out of food, and most importantly that no one fights. But that doesn’t mean everyone in the home like her and to what ends will they go to make sure that Soudamini is kicked out of the house?

Catch this funny, hilarious and yet heart warming show at 10:30 pm everyday – the perfect time for the whole family to enjoy it with their dinner.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Rani Rashmoni is a revolutionary figure of Bengal as well as the Indian Sub-continent, especially as a role model for young women everywhere. That is what this serial has tried its best at portraying – the zeal and strength of a young woman in a highly patriarchal society- and succeeds quite well too. Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni is a period drama series that airs weekdays at Zee Bangla. Taking its name from the titular character, the great Rani herself, played by a Ditipriya Roy, the actress has received both, a commercial hit and critical acclaim.

The show that started on 24th July 2017, just completed its 1000th episode a few days back and is running successfully. Depicting the story and growth of an 11-year-old girl, named Rani to the famous Rani Rashmoni of Bengal. Her strong spiritual connection with the heavenly spirits and her inner courage and valor with which she even stands against the brutality of the East India Company with astounding results.

In an age where widows were burned alive, she took steps forward in ensuring that widows have the right to marry again, a blasphemy in 19th century Bengal. But at the core of everything, she remains a humble and kind-hearted lady who takes care of the poor and marginalized sections of society, hence the epithet ‘Karunamoyee’ which means ‘Kind Hearted’ in Bengali.

With a nostalgic set, amazing performances from the cast, and supporting members, no doubt that this show still remains one of the most-watched shows on Zee Bangla. Watch the queen reign at 6:30 pm every evening.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Jamuna Dhaki

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Zee Bangla knows its women empowerment and so the two lead actors Swati Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as her romantic interest are all set to set the TRP ratings high this summer. Revolving around the story of a poor but very beautiful village girl, Jamuna, whose aim in life is to be a successful Dhaki or drummer. Dhakis are the ones who get everyone in the Durga Puja pandals dancing on their toes and this tough, sweaty yet entertaining industry is mostly dominated by men.

But Jamuna wants to be a trailblazer and carve out her own path. When her father, Ganga, falls sick while beating the Dhaki for an aristocratic Bengali joint family, Jamuna takes in the ropes, much to the disappointment of everyone around her. Because the family is extremely conservative in their views and do not appreciate a woman’s freedom much. Especially the patriarch of the family vehemently opposes it, being a man who along with his late father didn’t even allow his now aged mother to be a liberal woman.

But his well educated and liberal-minded son returns from abroad take one look at her and falls hopelessly in love. Will their relationship get acknowledged? Will he stand by her side? Will Jamuna Dhaki achieve her dream?

Get the answers to your questions on zee bangla at 7:30 pm every day. 

Zee Bangla Serial List – Kadambini

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

A show about the first female doctor in the entire of the South Asian regions, Kadambini. Ushashi Roy plays this pioneering woman known and reputed in the field of the medical journey as well as for being a beacon of light for women in the patriarchal 20th century Bengal. With her progressive and liberal-minded husband, Dwarakanath Ganguly, by her side, she reaches new heights and peaks of her life.

Her journey from a curious young woman of Sambalpur to the first-ever woman medical practitioner of the subcontinent, this zee Bangla serial is a must-watch for history enthusiasts.

Catch this radical woman in action at 8:30pm everyday.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Phirki

Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

The life of the transgender community and the struggles and hardships that they are bound to face every single day is, by now, quite well known to us. Yet this is one of the sections of society that most people fear and hate the most. This is a story of Lakshmi, a transgender woman disowned by her family and her adoptive daughter, Phirki who will go against all odds to bring justice to her mother and everyone suffering the same fate as her.

With Arjaa Banerjee and Sampriti Poddar in the main roles, this show has included many transgenders in their supporting cast who portray their best in emphasizing the shame and hardships that their community has to live through.

Watch this zee bangla serial at 9:00pm everyday.


Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Produced by Subhanakar Chattopadhyay Rannaghar is a Bengali cookery show which was premiered in the year 2005. This was primarily hosted by Sudipa Chatterjee upto to march 2018 which was then transferred to the well-known Bengali actress Aparajita Auddy. In- between some episodes of this cookery show have also been hosted by some of the famous personalities like Actress Sonali Chowdhury, Manali Dey, and Sneha Bhowmik.

It gained its popularity and love due to its wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes ranging from traditional Bengali cuisines to appetizing new recipes. Here every day a person is invited to cook an innovative or traditional dish and show the method to everyone. Apart from this many eminent personalities of Bengal like Raja Narayan Deb, Usha Uthup, and many more and professional chefs who are well known for their delicious food making skills are also invited who help the audience by showing the preparation of delicious dishes with new and innovative skills.

Due to this neverending love from the audience, it marks itself as one running Bengali serial to date and third longest-running Indian television series.


Zee Bangla serial list
Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Dadagiri UNLIMITED is a Bengali language quiz show produced by Subhankar Chattopadhyay. which was started in the year 2009. This show is hosted by the former captain and left-handed batsman of the Indian cricket team presently the President of BCCI Sourav Ganguly often called ‘Maharaj’ in Bengal. The contestants are selected by a selection round that occurs in every district of West Bengal. Each episode is divided into six rounds. 

Zee Bangla Serial List 2020 – Let’s have a quick overview of the round to be played:

  1. TOSS ROUND: This is the first non-elimination round played between six contested selected from 23 districts and one contestant from Team India. 
  2. POWERPLAY ROUND: In this round, each contestant needs to answer a question here they can score upto 12 points.
  3. COVER DRIVE ROUND: This is an elimination based round where each participant is subjected to a video clip or some audio and then questions ranging from one to four are asked from the given audio or video clip. 
  4. GOOGLY/DOOSRA ROUND: The name already gives you some idea about the round. Here each contestant had to face a riddle or a difficult puzzle. 
  5. SLOG OVER ROUND: The remaining three candidates fight this elimination based round where they need to answer 12 questions by pressing buzzers faster than others. the unanswered questions go to the Runners’s bench.
  6. BAPI BARI JAA: This is the final round where the remaining two contestants go for a head-on fight for the title by answering questions from six different subjects as per their choice.

The round ends and the contestant with the highest runs wins the game.  

 Other Zee Bangla Serial List to Enjoy:

  • Joy Baba Lokenath

Portraying the life and death of the great spiritual and social reformer of Bengal, fondly remembered as Lokenath Baba

  • Netaji

About one of the most memorable and controversial freedom fighters of the country who fought against the oppressive British rule, Subhash Chandra Bose, or as we remember him as Netaji.

  • Didi No. 1

A fun and entertaining reality show where 4 participants have and the host, Rachna Banerjee have the time of their lives with interesting games and quizzes.

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