Watch Undekhi Web series online for free – Streaming from 10th July


Watch Undekhi Web series online for free
Image – Watch Undekhi Web series online for free

So here is another spine chilling web series for all Indian web series lovers “Undekhi” by SonyLiv. Watch Undekhi Web series online for free. It will begin streaming on July 10 exclusively on SonyLiv. It seems that Indian viewers are enjoying crime and suspense based Web series more than ever before. And this inspires the upcoming OTT(Over the top) platform SonyLiv to release another mystery based Web series Undekhi. Just like other OTT platforms, SonyLiv offers the latest movies, serials, sports and web series. 

Like other OTT platforms, it is also subscription-based and users have to pay monthly or yearly to watch them. So here’s an offer to watch the awaited Web series Undekhi Web series online for free. 


Watch Undekhi Web series online for free
Image – Watch Undekhi Web series online for free

In earlier times there were no Indian web series available. There existed only a foreign Web series. But owing to the demand for web series many OTT platforms have now begun to stream many web series on a wide spectrum of the genre. These genres include action, love story, mystery, romance, based on true events, political drama, crime, and what no more.

Undekhi is based on true events and is based on political drama and crime. The Indian viewers are in love with crime and thriller related web series as the success of various Web series of the similar genre have shown. 


Image – Watch Undekhi Web series online for free

Undekhi is another psychological thriller inspired by true events that many of us are not aware of. Before Undekhi, SonyLiv has released much other good stuff like the impressive ‘Your Honour’. Your Honor is an action-based web series released on 18 June 2020 exclusively on SonyLiv. In the Web series, the leading role is played by Jimmy Shergill, Varun Badola, Yashpal Sharma, Parul Gulati, Suhasini Mulay, Richa Pallod, Kunj Anand and Mahabkr Bhullar.

Family comes before the law in this web series. A judge in Ludhiana loses his sense of judgment when his own son becomes a part of a hit and run accident case. So Will a judge being a father abide by the law and punish his son? Or will he be biased and support his son. This is what ‘Your Honour’ all about. So after this impressive web series here is another crime-based web series Undekhi. So watch it online and fall in love with the thriller genre more. Watch it online for free. 


Watch Undekhi Web series online for free
Image – Watch Undekhi Web series online for free

So here is an offer for crime and thriller loving people. Watch the Undekhi Web series online for free. This Web series will definitely glue you to your seats and will abstract all your attention. SonyLiv has reached about 25 million views on a monthly basis on its website, youtube channel, and app. SonyLiv App is available in all countries except Europe.

SonyLiv not only broadcasts English, Hindi and other regional movies but also broadcasts a wide range of Japanese animations with English subtitles. SonyLiv offered the first Gujarati Web series titled Kacho Papad Pako Papad which was very much liked by viewers. 

So this first Gujarati web series has acclaimed actors like Rupa Divatia, Pratap Sachdeo, and Bhakti Rathod. So the story revolves around the misadventures and dilemma of a Maniyar family. The family has a unique ability to make a small issue into an extraordinary challenge. This web series will roll you with laughter and you will definitely enjoy this Gujarati web series. 


Watch Undekhi Web series online for free
Image – Watch Undekhi Web series online for free

Web series have gained much more popularity in the lockdown period. So here ‘s SonyLiv with another thrilling Web series. Watch Undekhi web series online for free. Sonyliv is all set to bring an array of original content, ranging from thrilling fictional movies to real-life incidents. So here is another Web series based on true event Undekhi.

After Netflix, amazon prime video, Disney Hotstar, Zee5 OTT platform SonyLiv is bringing thriller and crime based Web series for Indian viewers. Watching Undekhi web series online for free will bring you goosebumps and you will be surprised by twists and turns of the Web series. Amazon released patal lok, Hot star broadcasted Arya and Zee5 special Lalbazar have gained huge popularity revealing that Indian viewers are currently enjoying thriller, crime, suspense, and political drama.

So Undekhi makers tried to make a cocktail of all thriller, crime, suspense, and political drama which will be a great success like other Web series of other OTT grab your seat and get ready to watch Undekhi web series online and that too for free. 


Watch Undekhi Web series online for free. Till now the makers of Undekhi have released 2 teasers that have created an uncanny environment among the viewers. The first teaser was released one week before. The 44-second teaser shows a scene of Sunderbans Village of West Bengal. Some people are seen sailoring the jungles of Sunderbans. It is a nicely shot aerial view. Few policemen are seen in a jungle. In the next 5 seconds, a dead body is seen. One of the cops named Dibyendu Bhattacharya examines the body.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya is a famous actor who played the role of Gaji in Zee5 lal Bazar. He eats an apple and spits it. Then one of the policemen informs him that the body is 2 – 3 days old and has been eaten by a wild animal after death. They recover a stick from the puncture mark on the neck. The policeman also mentions that similar sticks are used by tribal girls to tie their hair.

Then after a  few seconds, one policeman reports to Dibendyu Bhattacharya that 2 tribal girls from a nearby village are missing. This leaves a sense of connection between both these scenes. This scene gives a glimpse of thriller and suspense hidden in the Web series. A teaser is a short introductory advertisement for a product that stimulates interest by remaining cryptic. 

Though it is a short teaser it succeeds in creating an eerie environment of what is going to happen next. Jungles of Sunderban may play an important role in web series. The makers shared the teaser on social platforms and wrote, “A story unheard. A crime is unseen. Presenting the first look of #Undekhi. Streaming soon.

Exclusively on #SonyLiv. People may try to extract the whole plot from the teaser but the web series has more folds than what we can interpret from this teaser. It is definitely more than that. To know what Undekhi has in the box for you, watch Undekhi online for free. 


Watch Undekhi Web series online for free
Image – Watch Undekhi Web series online for free

Watch the Undekhi Web series online for free. Undekhi is produced for Applause Entertainment by Siddharth Sengupta’s edge storm productions and directed by Asish R. Shukla. The talented cast includes Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Ankur Rathee, Apeksha Porwal, Surya Sharma, Anchal Singh, Abhishek Chauhan, Ayn Zoya, and Sayandeep Sen. The dialogues are written by Varun Badola who played the leading role of Kashi in recently hit drama series Your honor. 

Siddharth Sengupta succeeds in creating an intimately spaced Web series and allows talented actors to bloom. He has an excellent hold on his content and understands it quite well. Apharan is another action thriller Web series directed by him for video on demand platform ALTBalaji. The story as the title suggests revolves around an apharan that is kidnapping. It is a suspense mystery and action-based Web series. So here is another crime and political drama based Web series by SonyLiv Undekha. Watch Undekhi web series online for free. 

New spine-tingling teaser by SonyLiv. Watch Undekhi movies online for free. 

Watch Undekhi Web series online for free
Image – Watch Undekhi Web series online for free

Sonyliv dropped a new teaser of the upcoming web series Undekhi. Sonyliv shared the new teaser on Instagram. The caption is ‘An unimaginable act in a world driven by power! Can you unsee what you just saw? Presenting #Undekhi – a #SonyLivOriginals, streaming from 10th July. #world premiere series #SonyLiv.’ 

In the second teaser, a  part of Northern  India is shown where a Party is going on. Everyone is enjoying the party with music and dance. On of the drunken man is seen troubling the professional dancer at the party. He talks to her but the dancer resists. In his anger, he shoots the dancer. This creates silence at the party. Everyone is stunned. Music stops.

A young man takes charge of this and asks his men to take the dancer to a nearby hospital. He says to all the members of the party to continue enjoying. Nothing has happened. He asks the DJ to play music and starts enjoying the dance again. This all is seen by a photographer at the party who tries to unsee it. This is what the titles say Undekhi. 

This scene creates suspense to a large extent as to what is going to happen next. People are waiting for Undekhi to see how it ends and what all is it about. So watch the Undekhi web series online for free. Some things can’t be left unseen. This is what this Web series depicts. So can you unsee what you just saw? To know this you need to watch a true start based Web series by SonyLiv. Watch it online for free. 

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