What Is JL50 Web Series For Free all about? (Complete Knowledge)

Web series are in trend right now and the latest one is the JL50 web series for free. Because of quarantine, we are now addicted to movies and web series a lot, I’m sure till now you have watched most of the web series, and no doubt you are now searching for the latest one. Web series which are based on reality is the one we like the most and we watch it seriously to know the exact story.

Some stories exist in reality but we don’t even know that things exist. There are things which we watch in movies and read in books we feel like it is a fantasy that only exists in the mind, not in reality. There are some stories we hear in news only as headlines we feel bad for a minute but rare people go in the depth of that news and try to know reality which we find unbelievable. I would like to thanks our serious investigator’s police officers who take a risk to go into the depth of reality and sincerely follow their duty.

And next great thanks to our entertainment industry who take a risk of their time and money to not only entertain us but also show the reality that was in dark. Especially directors, producers, writers, and actors who work in pressure to show the truth to us.

They are the ones who show the reality in detail no matter it is good or bad with entertainment. Movies like Uri, Neerja, and much more reality-based web series are showcased in front of us and they are hit. Reality-based web series are thriller which makes us watch it more. Reality and thriller lover here there is the latest JL50 web series for free. Get ready to watch new reality which is dark and unbelievable which will make you think.

JL50 Web series for free on Sony LIV

JL50 Web series for free
Image – JL50 web series for free

Sony LIV is an online platform where Sony Television Channel all dramas and movies stream on it. Sony LIV was launch on 23 January 2013, they telecast regional language drama and movies, Top movie and series are available on Sony LIV, Even a Hollywood web series and movies are available not only that if you are a fan of amines of japan Sony LIV have it just go check it. 

JL50 Web series for free is on Sony LIV, after the huge success of web series like Avrodh, Undekhi, Bhosale, and many more web series won the heart audience. JL50 Web series is one of the web series you have never seen before in India.

JL50 web series for free is released on 4 September 2020, guys this is the old story but freshly release base on reality, the reality which you have never thought of. Let me tell you about the JL50 web series cast. 

The story and screen player is Shailender Vyas and he is director of the JL50 web series, Sushant Mishra and Shailender Vyas are the editors of this webs series, and the producer is Ritika Anand, Shailender Vyas, Piyush Singh, Bob Gaider, Yasmin Gaider, and. Abhayanand Singh. 

Cast are Abhaya Deol, Ritika Anand, Piyush Mishra, Rohit Basfoday, Rajesh Sharma, Pankaj Kapur and Rohit Basfoda.

Why Watch the JL50 Web series for free

JL50 Web series for free
Image – JL50 web series for free

JL50 is a story of the plane but it is different, we have mostly watch stories like plane hijack and terrorist then CBI handle the case. Here is a different story of the plane, it is the story of a plane which was crashed and it was missing for 35 years. I know now you are thinking where was the plane for 35 years? Now you are curious to know, right? For that, you have to watch the JL50 web series for free.

JL50 web series is in the Hindi language but it has the dialogues with Bengali words that give the hint that the story belongs to Kolkata Not only these other scenes also give you Calcutta vibes like Puchkas of roadside, yellow taxis, and homes. You are Bengali or not you will enjoy the web series for sure. The people who love music there are songs available in the JL50 Web series.

As we know every web series have at least 10 episodes and that too long but the JL50 web series Have 4 episodes which are not too short but have we can watch it in less time so you are ready for other works to do not only that these series have an amazing cast which has played their roles very well and story engaging every episode will leave you curious to watch another episode of it with a great story.

One of the reasons to watch JL50 web series for free is the cast action in the web series, they have given justice to the character they have played in the web series. Abhay Deol is an Indian actor and nephew of actor Dharmendra. He worked in Hindi movies like Socha Na Tha, He got the Best Actor award because of his best acting in the Hindi movie Manorama Six Feet Under, his commercial was also successful Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Happy Bhagh jayegi and he acted in so many movies.

Abhay Deol played the role of Shantanu CBI Investigation Officer very well. He is wearing formal throughout the show which has similar shades. When I watched his acting he seems serious and calm but he doesn’t look aggressive. When it comes to the fighting in it also he is not that much well but towards his case, he is serious and wants to know the truth, He seems like a typical CBI Investigator Officer in reel life.

Pankaj Kapur in watch JL50 web series for free

JL50 Web series for free
Image – JL50 web series for free

Who don’t know Pankaj Kapoor like Abhay Deol he is one of the famous Indian actors. The famous actor Shahid Kapoor is his son who is giving hit movies. Movies like Raakh, Ek Doctor ki Maut and many other movies he has worked in. He acted in TV series like Karamchand which was a comedy. Pankaj Kapur and Piyush Mishra have played the role of the scientist who is helping Abhay Deol to solve the mystery.

Pankaj Kapur has revealed the reality which is unbelievable for CBI officers and to us also. That leaves a question thus this thing exists? To know what Pankaj Kapoor reveals you have to watch the JL50 web series for free.

New Face Watch JL50 web series for free, Ritika Anand is a newcomer her acting is also good you will wonder she is good or bad after watching her role in JL50 series. She is not only the actor but also the producer in JL50 web series. Let me tell you she is beautiful and she has played the role of Pilot.

Don’t watch JL50 web series for free

JL50 Web series for free
Image – JL50 web series for free
  • Don’t watch the JL50 web series if you don’t like Mysterious and thriller stories than don’t watch it 
  • Are you the one who is Comedy lover and romance lover don’t watch the JL50 web series, there is no love story and comedy in this series
  • You like to watch only sex in web series then this web series is not for you.
  • If you don’t like a thriller and mysterious stories this web series is not for you don’t watch it
  • Don’t watch if you don’t believe in Time travel stories and you don’t like science fiction stories.

Story of JL50 web series 

JL50 Web series for free
Image – JL50 web series for free

I will tell you what exact story is about, don’t worry I will not keep the suspense and start discussing the story now but keep in mind these web series have so many suspense in it so get ready to watch mysterious web series which is launched on Sony LIV on 4th September 2020.

First time in India there is a web series based on Time travel, you have watch time travel in Indian movies as a fun fact but the first time you will watch the web series where it is shown in serious form. The story of the web series starts from the news of the Plane crash, after hearing this news Kolkata goes in shock. Case investigation responsibility goes on CBI from this story’s role around deep Investigation to know the truth of the case. Shantanu is the leader of CBI Investigation, he was busy with his past question but he has to now do his duty of a CBI officer.

Shantanu goes on duty to follow his responsibility where he comes to know the shocking truth about the plane crash is that this airplane was take off 35 years before. For 35 years there was no record found about this plane because it never landed anywhere in these 35 years.

You will get stress when you will watch that the passenger who was traveling in this flight were dead but the two people are alive and shocking thing is they look same like they use to look like before 35years there is no age difference and they look as it is no change in body look. Now the question arises in your mind is why, how, where, and when you will get the answer to your every question you have to watch JL50 web series for free.

The show concept is amazing and unique where they have tried to showcase time travel Past, Present, and Future world together on screen. In which you can travel in the past and present by changing your calendar but if you have to watch the famous show Dark which is streaming on Netflix than you will not get anything new in JL50.

There are an amazing twist and turns, Mystery and suspense in JL50 web series. You will get a twist at the end of the show which will remind you andha doon Movie. The end of the series is the open ending where everything is left on your thought process.

Abhay Deol acting is making you watch the web series because of his calmer and smatter talent of CBI officer and he gives justice to his character where he links his case properly to know the truth. Pankaj Kapur has played a role amazingly where he is a Bengali Romeo lover of science who can do anything to find the answer to the formulas and experiments which are going in his mind. He can do anything to transform his scientific thoughts into reality. Even he had done justice with this scientist’s character. Piyush Mishra’s role is little in the web series but he had played an important role in this series and his smile will create fear.

JL50 will make your mind to think by creating fear and suspense, where impossible thing doesn’t exist it will take you in the science world. This series will shake your mind to mark my words.

It takes 2 hours to JL50 web series for free, so just go travel in the past and future with this JL50 web series and then come into reality after 2 hours, I mean in your present and just give a thought what will be the actual story and when will be the next season.

After watching this series I was curious to know the Real story

JL50 Web series for free
Image – JL50 web series for free

And the story is on 1954 4th September in the morning Santiago Airlines Flight EWA513 take-off from West Germany airport with 88 passengers for Porto Alegre Brazil this journey was of 18 hours but after the hours of take-off contact between the control station and flight was lost.

Days, week, month, and a year pass away but no one got the news of the flight. People there accepted that this flight has lost in the sky and fight with 88 passengers will never come back.

After this incident Santiago airlines got close forever but searching for this plane was still on they never got anything related to this flight everyone got to fail at searching this missing flight.

After 35 years 12 October 1989 morning Porto Alegre airport raider shown that one unknown airplane is landing there when they saw it is a Santiago airline missing flight they were in shock. The airport authority tried to call the pilot of the flight but they call was not received and the flight was landed on the airport but no one came out.

Airport authority entered the flight where they saw the Skeleton of 88 passengers who were seated with seatbelt than they headed towards the pilots but what they saw was unbelievable they saw Pilots skeleton was still holding navigation by hand.

Brazil kept this incident secret they tried not to reveal anything about this case Paranormal investigators and scientist tried to investigate on this case but what they answer was not satisfied they said the flight by mistakenly entered in Time Travel zone and they came back the question remain the same who landed the flight?

This shows that still, science can’t prove something, still, science can’t control something.

The universe has more secrets and its laws that the human brain can’t detect.   

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