Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: released on 19 June

Chaman Bahaar full movie online watch
Image – Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

So like all other Web series and movies starring Jitendra Kumar, Chaman Bahaar is also a  very simple and reality-based Movie. It is streaming on One of the popular OTT (OVER THE TOP) platforms, Netflix. After Panchayat, a web series starring Jeetu Bhaiya as Abhishek was streamed on another OTT platform, Amazon prime video.

Chaman Bahar is the next satisfactory film by him. Jitendra Kumar is an Indian actor who is well known for his films like A Wednesday which was released in 2008 and TVF pitchers which were released in 2015. Now the next full movie for all of you to watch online is Chaman Bahaar. Other great movies of Jitendra Kumar include Gone Kesh wherein he played the role of Srijoy and was released in 2019.

In Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan, he played the role of Aman Tripathi and was released in 2020. In this movie, he did a lip lock scene with Ayushman Khurrana which became the base of a lot of rumors. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: Cast

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

List of his notable works will definitely be incomplete without the mention of Kota factory. Kota factory gained him more popularity and is the first black and white web series in India. 

So here is another superlative movie to watch online that is Chaman Bahaar. Chaman Bahaar is directed by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann. The film Chaman Bahaar is produced by a production Venture of Saregama India, Yoodlee films. The stars of the movie are people’s favorite Jeetu Bhaiya and the female lead role is played by Rinku Noniyal, a popular TikTok star.

So the talented cast of Chaman Bahar, a great movie for you to watch online includes Jitendra Kumar who plays the role of Prem Kumar Yadav called by the name of Billu, Alam Khan as Shila bhaiya, Bhuvan Arora as Somu, Shiv Dev Singh as baba, Bhagwan Tiwari as Bhadauria, Ritika Badiani as Rinku Nanoriya, Dhirendra Tiwari as Chotu, Mizan Khan as Vitesh and Ahvani Kumar as Ashu. Alam Khan is best known for his role in the Kota factory. 

So watch chaman bahaar full movie online to see the impeccable roles of these outstanding actors. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: Jeetu Bhaiya 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

So most of us know that Jitendra Kumar is an IIT graduate. He went to IIT  Kharagpur. He used to participate wholeheartedly in plays. This was seen by Biswapati Sarkar who asked him to join TVF(The viral Fever). But was Jeetu Bhaiya interested in acting since childhood?

The answer is Yes. He loved to mimic great Actors like Amitabh Bachchan,  Shah Rukh Khan, and Nana Patekar. He even did mimicry of chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal. During his college days, he even won a bronze medal in Hindi Elocution. He was praised by his seniors for his acting skills. Most of us may be knowing that Harry Potter by J. K Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers because they feared that a book with female authors wouldn’t be appreciated by boys.

So likewise Jitendra Kumar also faced rejection in the second round in the application for the National School of Drama. He used to teach Physics and maths on the weekends to meet his financial requirements. The rest 5 days he used to do acting projects. So the career of our Jeetu Bhaiya was not all a very smooth one. 

Chaman bahaar : watch full movie online

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

So why watch Chaman Bahar full movie online?  Well, the name of Jeetu bhaiya playing the lead role is enough to answer that. So Chaman Bahar is streaming on Netflix, a popular and leading OTT platform. So if you love the less hard script and more natural and simple type of the movie, This movie is surely for you. Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online which is so reality-based that you will definitely be able to relate. The most positive point of the movie lies in its simplicity. 

The trailer of the movie mentions that both one sided love and tobacco are harmful. Acting of Jeetu bhaiya is worth appreciating. It is one of the most satisfactory films. 

So watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online to appreciate the role of Jeetu bhaiya as Billu. Jitendra Kumar played the role of Jitu bhaiya in the Kota factory and it became so popular that people started calling him by that name. Other lead roles of Jeetu bhaiya include that of Munna jazbaati and Arjun Kejriwal. He played the role of Gittu in a web series titled Permanent roommates that were released in 2014. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: Chhattisgarh directed movie

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

The movie is set in Lormi, in Mungeli District of Chhattisgarh. This is where Jitu was born.  So the story revolves around a young man Billu who aspires to have his own identity. His father worked in the forest department and asked him to do the same. This is opposed by Billu. So Jeetu Bhaiya in order to build his own identity opens a shop on the outskirts of Chhattisgarh.

Well, the name of the shop is Chaman Bahar and it is a paan shop. The film is set in Lormi, in Mungeli District of Chhatisgarh. To his dismay, due to its location, only a few customers are seen. The rest of the time Jeetu bhaiya sits Idle. He has his two friends who come to visit him and seems as jobless as him. But what happens once a government employer is posted in a House opposite to jeetu bhaiya ‘s paan shop. The daughter of this government employer is a very beautiful girl named Rinku.

She is a simple and cute teenager who goes to school and is seen riding an activa in a male dominant district. All the boys of her school stalk her. Not only boys of the school but also sons of great politicians try to get her attention. In short, the whole male population of the district is after her. Though the voice of Rinku is unheard of the entire movie except for one or two words and that too Ruby which is her dog’s name. She goes for a walk with her cute dog Ruby daily. And this is the time for which every male individual wholeheartedly waits. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: Jeetu bhaiya with a romantic character 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

All the boys who followed her now have their ‘adda’ of Laundabaazi as Jeetu bhaiya’s paan shop. So earlier hardly one or two people were seen in Jeetu bhaiya’s shop Chaman Bahar, but now it became a hub for all the young boys who would set their prime positions near his shop to get sight of the girl. 

What’s interesting is that Our Jeetu Bhaiya also falls in love with this beautiful girl. But he is like that one-sided lover who fights with the whole world for the girl and the girl doesn’t get to know even the bit of the lover’s affection for her. Meanwhile, the romantic song by Sonu Nigam ‘do ka char’ will win your heart and make you also fall in love with Rinku. Now we have to see whether Jeetu bhaiya will get his love or will remain just part of a competition like others. So watch the full movie Chaman Bahaar online. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: simple and realistic movie. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

So grab your seats and watch the awaited simplicity based movie, Chaman Bahar, online. Chaman Bahar is a beautiful one-sided love based movie and provides a simple message in the end. In our anger and jealousy, we not only lose the ones to whom we love but also we lose ourselves internally. This is what Chaman Bahaar all about. The obsession of Bill is very well portrayed in the movie. But the girl doesn’t give a single look to him in return.

It is a drama based movie that sketches the so-called love of Billu for Rinku but she is clueless of his love. Billu a secret lover of Rinku Slashes her name on his arm. Moreover, He writes their names on stones. And like all other Majnu, he is also shown staring her for long hours shamelessly. In another scene, he throws a pebble on a stray dog who was growling at Rinku. And this brings him a proud feeling and he stands with his broad chest and smiling face portraying that he did a heroic act. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: 2-hour film

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

Jeetu is a versatile actor and is one of the upcoming leading actors in the field of the film industry.  Jitendra Kumar does acting very effortlessly and his acting is flawless. 

We all are very much aware of the world of nepotism in the world of Bollywood. Movies like that of Jeetu bhaiya will be a huge success. Huge money is spent on the promotion of the films by great directors of Bollywood like Karan johar. But in that amount of money, the whole movie like Chaman Bahar can be made. The set of the movie is very simple and realistic without much glamour and allure. 

Another interesting scene of the film is based on the incident that took place some time back in Uttar Pradesh. As we all might be aware through social media what had happened in Uttar Pradesh. Someone wrote” Sonam Gupta bewafa hai” on a ten rupees note. 

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online: Jeetu Bhaiya ‘s film

Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online

So this movie is about a crowd of boys taken by the beauty of a teenage school-going girl. All the half-witted stalkers, political players, and other men call each other Daddy in their local lingo. These silly stalkers who call themselves Majnu prefer to stay stupid and don’t allow themselves to grow. And then they wonder why girls wish to stay away from them. Do they leave with any other option for the girls? 

In the whole movie, they are seen to assemble near the paan shop staring and eyeing the girl from a safer place. This turns the fortune of Billu and though his business flourishes because of all this, he still remains unhappy. He seems unhappy because he too has fallen for the girl and experiences a full spectrum of love and heartbreak without even meeting her for once. 

So why to wait. Watch Chaman Bahaar full movie online. 

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