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True story Veronica movie download in English is available now, you know there is a different feel to watching movies base on reality. We watch it very seriously because of course it is new to us but somewhere we love to gain knowledge and details of what exactly was happened in that case. We have watched so many stories that are based on reality like a love story, crime stories, spiritual stories, and Horror stories.

To be honest, we watch story more interestingly of Horror movies, I know you will agree with me. Horror movies mean spirit, energy, evil, ghost or it depends on the city or country. I am saying this because you know in India itself there are many types of ghosts. When it comes to ghosts or god stories we listen to it and watch it interestingly.

From childhood, we listen to stories of the ghost from our elders especially from our grandparents not only that we know there are some haunted places where there is a time limit. We can’t enter in some haunted places and in some haunted places we can’t enter in a certain time. There is no haunted place in Veronica movie download in English so why I am talking about it? Because horror thing means haunted place thought came so I shared. Do you know? There is a difference between evil, ghost, and spirit, let me tell you what is the difference between it but I would like to share something else related to it.

I don’t know you believe or not but, to be honest, I believe in God and so I believe in ghosts and spirits. The question arise have I ever experience god or ghost, the answer is I can’t reveal it but I believe that is the one of the reason, I have Veronica movie download in English. It’s on you to believe in this thing or not, I don’t force anyone to believe because it is a personal choice.

As we know there are positive and negative sides that exist in the world, the proof is our human moods never remain the same sometimes we are happy but at another minute we can be sad. Everything is like a coin that has value, no I am not talking about money. I am talking about a coin that has two sides similarly day and night are the two different things. In the daytime, we humans work, eat, drink, or watch movies but at night we sleep. This is our human routine there is a different thing that some of them work at night like me and sleep the whole day.

I believe in Veronica movie download in English because the cops who visited there also seen it. Have you ever wonder about night time, I know we sleep at night because our human body and mind need a rest. You know we Indians believe that 4 am is Brahma muhurta means a good time to start our day and we also heard that going out after midnight is not good. I am sure you have heard this once in your life, let me tell you why?

So after midnight means its dark outside and of course night time there is another world whose day starts when our day ends, no I am not talking about the different time zone. I am talking about another world which is of spirit, ghost, or devil they are negative so darkness is also negative that’s the reason night is theirs, and daytime is ours.  

As I said there is a difference between ghosts, devil, and spirit, so the ghost is the one who has died early without living their life or they are the ones who got killed. Spirit is the one who is a good soul they don’t try to harm you, they try to help you. And the devil is the worst one who is not good and who is hungry for getting power, they are the ones who can kill anyone or do anything to get it. Their motto is to increase the negativity. The devil or ghost captures the human body to use it according to them you will get to know this in Veronica movie download in English.

Do you remember guys!!! In school, we use to talk about calling the ghost or getting connected with them. Where we use to do something with a, b, c, d and we use to write the name of the ghost and by keeping a finger on it we use to call that ghost name during a lunch break we use to do this. When I recall this I find it funny but at some time, I thank god we were not knowing the exact process of calling ghosts.

Now you will say are you serious how we can call ghosts or get connected to them, so let me tell you guys, we can do that and we can get connected to them. How? You will get to know it in the Veronica movie download in English. On a serious note never play with this connecting game of ghost because it is dangerous and I suggest don’t even try that because it’s on you to get connect and call them in our world means in the human world.

Usually, they don’t have permission to live in our human world but by calling and getting connected to them you permit them to enter your world means in your life but there is a twist. They come when we call but they go when they call us or I can say when they kill us and take us in their world. Where we no more a human, as a human we have a brain, heart, soul, emotions, and most important our body. But the ghost doesn’t have body and mind, these two things they crave to fulfill their intentions or desire which are not good enough.

There are huge chances they capture the body and use our body for their purpose which is shown in Veronica movie download in English. When negative energy captures the body of a human, human behavior change like the person start living alone, don’t come out of the room and seat in one place they don’t move or I can say they stop doing daily activities like calling friends, watching a movie, etc.

They become aggressive and pale too, you can see changes not only in their behavior but also you will notice the change in their body like face, hands, or legs. High time is when they stop using technological things like a mobile or digital watch. They stop eating food or they start eating and drinking more which is unexpected. They stop taking bath and start living unhealthy dirty.

So this is some signs there is something wrong in person not with the person so consult paranormal experts rather than wasting time in a psychologist. There are other signs to notice where we will get to know about the presence of negative energy in the human body or room but this is not the right time to discuss that because right now I am discussing Veronica movie download in English.

All about Veronica movie download in English

Veronica movie download in English
Image – Veronica movie download in English

Veronica movie download in English is a Spanish horror movie based on reality, which is directed by Paco Plaza. At the 2017 Toronto international film festival, this movie was screened in the contemporary world cinema section. This movie is based on a true event which was happened in 1991, it is a Vallecas case. In which there is a mysterious death of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro where she uses an Ouijia board. The Star Cast of the movie is 

  • Carla Campra played the character of Diana.
  • Angela Fabian played the character of Rosa.
  • Maru Valduvielso.
  • Consuelo Trujillo played the character as Hermana Muerte.
  • Ivan Chavero played the character of Antonito.
  • Bruna Gonzalez played the character of Lucia.
  • Sandra Escacena played the character of Veronica.
  • Samuel Romero.
  • Lleticia Dolera.
  • Sonia march.
  • Ana Torrent played the character of Ana.
  • Claudia Placer played the character as Irene.

Story of Veronica movie download in English

Veronica movie download in English
Image – Veronica movie download in English

This the story of a girl who is in school and she is fifteen years old. Who lives in Vallecas, Madrid and the girl’s name is Veronica. She lives with her two siblings and mother, she has two little sisters who are twins and one little brother. Her twin’s sister’s name is Lucia and Irene and brother’s name is Antonito. She doesn’t have a father he died recently so her mother works hard for the family at night too so veronica takes the responsibility of her siblings who have great bound with each other and no doubt they love each other a lot.

So in her school on solar eclipse day, her teacher explain to all students about the ancient cultures in which the solar eclipse is using for human sacrifices and the dark spirit. On that day everyone was on the school terrace to see the solar eclipse but the veronica and two friends were in the school basement to conduct séance with the help of the Ouija board. Where one of the friends wants to get connect with her dead boyfriend who died recently in an accident and veronica wants to connect to her died, father.

So the three of them placed a hand on the board and the board responds right, two friends removed the hand but Veronica didn’t removed her hand and the glass become too hot that it broke. After that Veronica was out and she woke up in the nurse’s office where the nurse said she has an iron deficiency that’s the reason she passes out.

After this incident veronica started experiencing the occurrence of paranormal and she started listening to screams, she was not able to eat properly. Some marks appear on her body and her friends started avoiding her. Then she goes back to the basement where she meets a nun and the nun scolds her a lot because whatever she has done is dangerous.

The nun tries to help her but nothing happens she fail. Now she needs to protect her siblings for that she draw protection symbols but the demon chock it. Many things happen in between it. So films start from the end and then the above part is shown. Police get a call from a call who is scared and screaming to save a brother and something coming to get him and call cut. Veronica die she kill herself how? When? Who was behind her and why? For that, you have to watch a movie

Why Veronica movie download in English is important to watch?

Veronica movie download in English
Image – Veronica movie download in English
  • It is a Spanish horror movie which will not give you a heart attack but it will give you a normal panic attack.
  • The movie is based on reality.
  • Director has shown the story smoothly and perfectly.
  • Family background and the relationship between families is shown well.
  • Apart from the family bond, there are other bonds shown like friendship is also amazing.
  • The story is not stretched, you get to know things soon and you don’t have to think much about what will happen next.
  • The performance of all actors and especially of child artist is amazing.
  • The story of the whole movie is interesting and engaging, you will not get bore while Veronica movie download.                                                             
  • I have heard it is the most horror movie you have ever watched.

Why Veronica movie download in English is not important to watch?

Veronica movie download in English
Image – Veronica movie download in English
  • Are you the one who is a fan of comedy, most thriller movie so this movie is not for you?
  • Are you the one who loves to watch romantic love stories then this movie is not for you?
  • You are the big fan of the “Annabella” movie I mean to say a big fan of horror movies which give you a heart attack and your eyes get close while watching the movie and you get scared to get up from your place so this movie is not for you.
  • This is a horror movie but, to be honest, there is nothing like a horror movie in it, horror movies have a different scary environment that is missing in this movie. You will get scared but not on a high level where you move your eyes from the screen while watching the scene.
  • There are only shadow shown of negative energy and in some scenes, there is a screaming voice or loud music where you get a little scared but not much.

Veronica movie download in English but from where?

Yes I know you will watch this movie so where you will get this movie? How can you download it? This movie is available on Netflix. The movie is in Spanish it is not dubbed in Hindi or English. It is available with English subtitles on Netflix.

How to download movies on Netflix?

  • Download the Netflix app.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click the three lines which are on the top of the left side.
  • Click on available to download.
  • Click the video you want to download.
  • Click on the download button which will be next to the movie.

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