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Is TV Serial Song Download The Most Trending Thing Now?

TV Serials are drama that entertains us daily, serial characters make their place in everyone’s heart easily and Serial song touches the heart. Then begin the search of TV Serial Song Download. Yes, the first thought pops up in your mind is Women’s watch TV Serials a lot. Ya, I agree women’s watch TV Serials a lot from housewife to working every woman watch the TV Serials and most of them try TV Serial Song download, the reason is clear they love the song.

The TV Serial they watch they relate to it and they love the theme song a lot. Who said Men’s don’t watch serials some men’s watch it. After all, they have no option because women at home watch the serials during dinner time when everyone at home so it doesn’t matter you like the serial or you have to watch it. After all, your mom, sister, or wife love it. And dear men accept it after a few days you get used to that TV Serial, you start loving it. Then there are rare chances you get bore, some smartwatch their cricket Match or nowadays web series are trendy on Mobile and they avoid the TV Serials.

The point is now a day Men’s also downloading TV serial Song. Now a day’s derails are Romantic and comedy too so men are also showing interest in TV Serials. Forget about Men and Women’s, children’s to adults also watch TV serials and they too love the theme Music of serials. I still remember Scooby-Doo and Popeye theme song that’s the different part I have never downloaded it.

TV Serial Song Download Talks 

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

TV Serial Song Download play important role in recalling the TV Serial no matter it is old or new, people remember it and then they remember the serial story. It’s difficult to remember the whole song but one-two lines are enough to remember which TV serial it was. Let’s take a recent example when we heard heartbreaking news of Sushant Singh Rajput, most of them recalled how his journey started and I bet you not only know the name of the serial but also you remember the bit-serial song of “Pavitra Rishta”.

Not only this whenever you hear a name of a famous TV serial celebrity you start recalling the TV Serial Song like Star Plus celebrity Divyanka Tripathi her serial “Yeh Hai Mobhabbatien” song “Dil Kahi rukta Nhi – Chalta hi Jai Tere Or” Nowadays it is easy if you don’t remember songs you quickly search TV Serial Song Download and get the song you want.

Most of us are addicted to TV Serials agree to it, if you miss the episode it is not that you can’t sleep but you can watch TV Serials anywhere any time and I am sure in this lockdown you have watched the whole episodes again, TV Serials all episodes were telecasted on television in this quarantine due to lockdown shooting was close.

I remember when I use to travel by Mumbai local, most of the ladies use to watch TV Serials on mobile. Some of them used to TV Serials Song Download, this is how to train a journey used to be and I am sure most of them listen to songs, read books, watch TV serials or movies depends how long the journey is and what you like during to do during journey.  

Indian TV Serial Song Download

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

I Know I have discus about Indian TV Serial Song Download but I think I have talked less about it. As we know India has so many different cultures, languages, religions, and States. According to it, we have so many TV Serials and TV Channels of different languages base on different cultures and religions. It is easy to watch our language TV Serials of course on television and on our mobiles too.

In India Hindi is a common language spoken and understood by everyone so Hindi TV Serials are commonly watched by most of them, no doubt Hindi serials are famous too. Don’t know about other language serials but Hindi serials have some list that runs long lasting more than 2years, this TV serials and their characters are so interesting that we are watching it from so many years as we love to see our favorite actors and actress daily. And every song related to them we like it and we love to have TV Serial Song download.

Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Mythology, and many other reality shows are available to watch. One of the TV Serial I remember which is still in everyone hearts that is Mahabharat and Ramayan, there are others too but these two shows still touch the heart and audience remember their theme songs. Most of them downloaded Title song and Krishna Basuri music of Mahabharat TV Serial, I have personally watched and downloaded this music.

Luv-Kush sung Ramayan in front of their father Ram is one the song from Ramayan TV Serial Song download by the audience. Not only has this in this quarantine most of them show their singing talent by singing this Ramayan song with guitar or dual on YouTube channel. Some Mythological TV Serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat are dubbed in other languages and are telecasted.

I have noticed one thing the TV serials related to mythological stories their song and show both get hit, the theme music of TV Serial Naagin is hit everyone knows its music and I am sure after reading this at the back of your mind music started. If you are the mythological story lover who believes in deities like me then you remember the mythological TV Serial telecast on Colors TV channel that was Mahakali, of course, I recalled serial song “Shiv Shakti se hi purna hai” use when Shiv Shakti use to be together.

List of Channels and TV Serial Song Download

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Channels that entertain us by telecasting TV Serials every day, Know more about it. How many TV Serial Channel you remember? I’m sure 2-3 Channels, it’s not your fault you watch only 2-3 Channels only. There is 18 TV serials channel that entertains us.

Here is the list of TV Channels that telecast TV Serials.

  1. Colors TV
  2. Sony Entertainment Television
  3. &TV
  4. DD Bharti
  5. Shemaroo TV
  6. Star Plus
  7. Zee TV
  8. Star Utsav
  9. Zee Anmol
  10. Sony Pal
  11. Sahara One
  12. DD Retro
  13. Jeet Prime 
  14. Dangal TV
  15. DD Bharti
  16. Star Bharat
  17. Colors Rishtey 
  18. DD National

Above mention TV channels are available in a different language too, for example, Zee Marathi, Colors Marathi, etc. They telecast different serials on it. You would like to know about the TV Serial channels that no longer in the market to entertain us. There are 14 TV Channel who tried to be in-market to entertain us but they are shut now.

List of the Shut Channels

  1. Zee Smile
  2. Sky 5
  3. Star One
  4. Life ok
  5. Discovery Jeet
  6. Metro Gold
  7. Imagine TV
  8. Indavision
  9. Zindagi
  10. AXN
  11. Real
  12. Zee Next
  13. 9x
  14. Big magic

After the list of channels, you would like to know the list of TV Serials Song telecasted on television which left marks on our memories. I know we most of the time remember Bollywood songs but this is the TV serials Songs which we still remember. As we know most of the serials are based on reality and others are based on Saas Bahu Serial.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Indian TV Serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” telecasted on Star Plus on 12th January 2009, it is a fourth longest-running TV serial. Hina Khan played the role of Akshara the devotional song of Krishna sung by her “Oh Kanha Murli ki Madhur Suna Do Taan” in serial is famous, It has cross 2Million Views on Youtube. And another song played on every occasion and functions in the serial “Dil Se Bandhi Ek Dor” is almost famous. Shivangi Joshi is leading the show now, she is playing the role of Naira, and the new song of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” – Oh More Saiyaa is the TV Serial song currently winning the heart of everyone. 

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Indian TV Serial Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the famous romantic serial telecasted on Sony TV on 29th November 2016, though it was not a long-lasting serial which broke the heart of many fans especially mine this TV serials songs melted everyone’s heart.

I bet if you are single you would like to fall in love after listening to these songs. And song name is “Pehli Dafa Hai”, there is another song that will touch your heart if you had a breakup especially because of your family that song is “Kaun Jane Zindagi Mein Kya Ho” TV show is led by Shaheer Shaik he is playing the role of DEV son of Supriya Pilgaonkar (Ishwari) and Erica Fernanda’s playing role of sona who falls in love with Dev. 

Satyamev Jayate

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Satyamev Jayate is an Indian Reality TV series of Amir Khan its title Track is full of Patriotism and nationalism evoke the soul of every Indian and I feel proud of being Indian. This show shows the reality of India especially issues of women that go through emotionally, mentally, and physically, Not only that this show shows cast issues, Child labor, Dowry, etc. Songs sung after every episode by Sona Mohapatra are encouraging and let you think about it. One of the songs I like is “Bekhauff” Do hear this song you will get encourage girls and guys you will come to know what women’s go through. This Famous show was telecasted on Star Plus on 6th May 2012.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 

Capture 3
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Yeh Hai Mohabbatien is one of the famous long-lasting Indian serials that won so many hearts. Divyanka Tripathi played the role of an Ishita, Karan Patel played the role of a Raman Bhala, and Aditi Bhatia played the role of a Ruhi this led the show. And of course, after reading the name Yeh Hai Mohabbatein you recalled the TV Serial Song that is “Dil Kahi Rokta Hi Nhi”  

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyar Ke

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyar Ke is one of the famous romantic Indian TV Serial Launched on 18 March 2019 on Star Plus. Rhea Sharma playing the role of Mishti and Shaheer Shekh is playing the role of Abir they both are leading the show. TV serial Songs are of course amazing in it. Dono Milke Chalte Hai Na listens to this song with your partner I am sure you will love to cuddle.


TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

How can I forget one of the famous thrilling crazy but romantic serial telecasted on Sony TV on 11 October 2016 Jenifer Winget plays the role of Maya, Kushal plays the role of Arjun and Aneri Vajani play the role of Saanj. It seems like it is a love triangle where Maya loves Arjun crazily she can do anything for him. The story makes you crazy but the songs of this Beyhadh TV Serial song will make you crazier and the song is Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai. 

Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 

TV Serial Song Download
Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Remaking old songs, movies and Serials are in Trend, some are getting hit and some are getting flop. In the trend of remaking how will be TV Serials will remain back, the famous TV Serial Kausauti Zindagi Ki has to be recreated and like an old version new version is also winning the heart and TV serial song is catching the heart of audiences. It was launched on 25 September 2018, Erica Fernanda’s play role of Prerna and Parth Samthaan plays the role of Anurag.

Details of TV serial song download

 Now you are excited to download TV serial songs, it is in trend to keep TV serial songs as what’s app status, ringtone, and to listen to the song. This TV serial song downloads are available on YouTube, Shopify, Github, pagalword, and on Now enjoy your favorite TV Serial Song at any time any. TV Serials are also available on Hotstar, Zee5, and voot.

TV Serial Song Download Website NameLink
BestwapClick here
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