The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online (2005) – Best Reviews

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The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online – Introduction: 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online
Image – The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi is originally a Hollywood movie that was released in 2005 in the English language in different parts of the globe. The initial date on which it was released was on 17 March 2005 in Netherlands, Thailand & Portugal. Afterward, on 18 March in 2005, it was released in Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, and the USA. It was released in some other parts of the world at the end of March & the start of April too.

You must have observed that there is no information regarding the release of ring 2 in India since it was never released in India. But, we can still watch the movie on the online platform or on television. Ring 2 movie has an IMDB  rating of  5.5 but it was much better than the rating. It has clinched 2 awards & was nominated in 11 categories at the awards program & at the online poll of famous agencies, some good some bad. It has a running time of 110 minutes which you can easily invest. It had earned   $164 million at the worldwide total with investing only $50 & thus was a super hit movie. 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi is under the genre of horror & mystery. It is the remake of the Japanese movie Ringu which was very popular when was released in Japan.  It is the continuation of the Ring 1 movie which was released previously. 

Here the movie starts with Jake a high school student who wanted her girlfriend to watch a tape that was cursed. But afterward Jake gets to know that Emily never watches the tape she has her eyes covered & in some time, Jake is killed by the ghost Samara Morgan from the first Ring movie. The lead from the previous movie Rachel Keller learns about Jake & find his body in a twisted way in the ambulance & she realizes she again has to protect her son from the ghost & the movie begins. 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi was directed by Hideo Nakata and was produced by Walter F. Parkes & Laurie Macdonald under the production house of Parkes or McDonald Productions & was distributed by DreamWorks Pictures. It stars some very well known celebrities like Naomi Watts & Simon Baker in the lead role & David Dorfman, Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole & Sissy Spacek & many more in the supporting role. 

Though originally The Ring 2 was released in English now we can watch it in dubbed versions too. Many dubbed version of Ring movie is available & one such version for Indian audience in Hindi. We know that Hindi is a language that is spoken in many parts of India. To watch a movie which is original of a different language is a different feeling & we tried to escape that barrier with the dubbed version in Hindi, now we can enjoy all sorts of movies be it was originally of any other language. Hence, The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi can be watched on the online platform. Now every Indian audience can enjoy this movie. 

The movie is not only made from Stars which we see on the screen but many people are involved in the success of the movie behind the screen so that it can be enjoyed by the audiences when it will be released in the Theaters. Such persons are involved in The Ring 2 movie also which has played an important role in the success of the movie.

They are 1. The director of the movie Hideo Nakata, 2. Producers: Walter F. Parkes & Laurie MacDonald, 3. It was beautifully written by Ehren Kruger, 4. The thrilling & mysterious music which is the soul of the movie is composed by Henning Lohner & Martin Tillman, 5. The cinematography work which is very important for any horror genre movie is done by Gabriel Beristain in Ring 2. It was edited by Michael N. Kune, all these persons have worked backstage to make this movie a hit. Let’s read more about the plot, cast of the Ring 2 movie in the following section. 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online – The cast of the movie are as follows: 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online
Image – The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online
  1. Naomi Watts played the role of Rachel Keller. 
  2. David Dorfman has acted as Aidan Keller. 
  3. Simon Baker has acted as Max Rourke.
  4. Kelly Stables played the role of Samara Morgan. 
  5. Slissy Spacek has played the character of Evelyn Borden. 
  6. Elizabeth Perkins has played the role of Dr. Emma Temple. 
  7. Gary Cole has acted as Martin Savide. 
  8. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was seen playing the character of Young Evelyn Borden. 
  9. Ryan Merriman has played the role of  Jake Pierce. 
  10. Emily VanCamp was seen as Emily in the movie Ring 2. 
  11. Kelly Overton has played the role of Betsy. 
  12. James Lesure was seen playing the character of Doctor in the movie. 
  13. Daveigh Chase has played the role of Samara in the archive footage. 
  14. Kelly Stables was seen as Evil Samara. 
  15. Cooper Thornton has played the role of the father of Emily. 
  16. Marilyn Mclntyre has played the role of Emily’s mother. 
  17. Jesse Burch was seen as a male reporter. 
  18. Steven Petrarca has played the character of Young Detective. 
  19. Michael Dempsey was seen as Desk Sergeant. 
  20. Kirk B.R. Weller was seen playing the role of Detective in the Rings 2 movie. 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online – The plot of the movie is given below: 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online
Image – The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online

The movie starts just a few months after the first movie. The cursed tape of Samara Morgan has been circulated between teenagers in Astoria, Oregon. Jake was being dated by Emily & just after the 6th day, on the 7th day as per the rules of the tape, he asked his girlfriend to watch it. He thought that she was watching the tape when a phone call comes but it was just a prank call from his friend but then he noticed that a liquid was pouring out from the kitchen floor & was murdered by Samara since his girlfriend didn’t watch the tape. 

Rachel the lead from first the ring movie has moved to Astoria from Seattle after that incident. She got to know about the death of Jake & discovered Samara who declared that she was looking for her & her son. Rachel burns the tape but his son started facing nightmares. Afterward, he develops hypothermia as well as bruises in his arms. Not only this, once Aidan went into a restroom & takes pictures of his reflection in which Samara can be seen. Rachel takes Aidan away to home but was attacked by deer & then realized that Aidan must have been possessed by Samara. 

Rachel then decides to move with someone else & so she goes to Max’s, her colleague’s home. There she tries to bathe Aidan but he was fearing of water & he was replaced by Samara. Rachel tries to drown her but then Max enters & sees that she was drowning her own son & takes Aidan to the hospital. In the hospital, Aidan telepathically conveys some images of Samara to Rachel & she again questions the origins of Samara. Afterward, Rachel was banned to see her son since it was concluded that she has abused her son as she was suffering from depression. 

Rachel tries to find more about Samara & again goes to the Morgan ranch where she discovered a mirror from the tape, many deer antlers, Samaras old toy merry go round & a suitcase with a flower on it. 

In the meanwhile, Samara kills Dr. Temple using Aidan’s body. Rachel tries to know about Samara’s biological mother called Evelyn. She was situated in a medical institute & when Rachel ask her what should she do, she tells her to listen to her baby Samara. 

Aidan kills Max & acts affectionately with Rachel. Aidan telepathically tells Rachel to exorcise Samara so Rachel drowns him & Samara lives his body & take Rachel away with her into the television. There she discovered the well in which Samara was killed & closed the lid finally shutting Samara up into the well. She reaches the cliff where Samara’s adoptive mother has committed suicide & jumps from it & finally reaches the real world where she reunites with her son & finally believes that her ordeal is over. 

So this was how the movie The Ring 2 finally ends. 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online – Now, let’s view some reviews given by some famous agencies & audiences who have watched this movie: 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online
Image – The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online
  1. The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi is not exactly a sequel but it is more of the initial movie Ring but just with some additional scenes. The movie conveys the images & symbolism of the Japanese movie very well but there is nothing new in it. The scary scenes of the movie are just like the previous movie with the same musical track. That same horrifying ominous music now does nothing to the audience since they already have experienced it previously.
  2. When the movie ends, there are plenty of questions to which we never get the answers. Now let’s focus on the plus points, the images are presented in a well-mannered way with quite nice visuals & the actors have played their characters with full capability though the movie was not that worth to watch if you love horror movie & get scared easily then it is the perfect one for you. 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online – Review by a trusted agency: 

The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online
Image – The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi watch online

The scene was absolutely disappointing for horror movie lovers since there are not many horrific scenes that can scare you. Some scenes are just useless & there was no need for such scenes. One such scene was the Deer scene. The film absolutely made no sense but yes it does generate tension in the mind of the audiences that what might occur now. The basement scene was very well pictorialism. All the magic was done by the camera & the actor’s performances otherwise there wasn’t anything worth watching in the movie. The climax scene where Rachel put the lid back onto the well was not explained properly since wasn’t the well always remains closed & will it actually work & the movie ends. 

So according to me, The Ring 2 full movie in Hindi is actually not that horror-filled movie. It is a time pass movie, if you are free & can be scared easily then you can give this movie a try & then decide yourself whether it was worth watching or not. 

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