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The Cycle Web Series is verily not known among us. Other web series such as Money Heist, Dark, Breathe, The family man, etc are very famous among the youth. Most of us have watched a lot during the lockdown because we all were bored. Do you know in lockdown, there were many people who subscribed to Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar? People love entertaining stories that have deep secrets. Genre such as Mystery, Romance, Action, Sci-fi, Thriller, Horror is so much famous for a movie time. Family movies are somewhat watched during holidays like the Christmas Prince or The Princess Switch were famous. 

Web Series are videos or short films which have a story behind them. It can be a work of fiction or a real story-based. Although movies are of one hour or two-hour max, web series are half-hour episodes that can have several seasons.

Web Series became famous recently because they can be watched in a week and people are always excited for new episodes. Typical Indian dramas gain so much popularity in the beginning because it is refreshing but sometimes, it is again the same thing. 

Since 2010, we have Korean wave and it is still famous for its storyline. Later on, Pakistani dramas were a hit for their stories and the reality it presents. After that, we saw how Series like Mirzapur and sacred games were a huge hit in India. An actor like Nawazuddin, Pankaj, Radhika Apte was very famous. 

During Covid-19, many viewers watched Money Heist years after it was released. Orange is the new Black, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Peaky Blinders, Scam 1992, FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, etc were the most-watched series on Netflix. People had only Youtube, Netflix and other Platforms to rely on for their entertainment needs. There are some who downloaded Web Series from torrent files or even asked their friends to give it in USB or made an account on telegram because links were available in those apps. But all have somehow got the world’s famous Web Series to watch.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube – all are platforms to watch shows, videos, and movies. All have different policies for their users. Some give us monthly or yearly subscriptions to watch movies and shows, while YouTube has been providing entertainment for a long time. But not everything can be found on youtube right. You can find clips and short videos of series but not full videos. People then search on google how to download this series, where can I watch this series for free.

We all love playing games. Be it arcade, scrabble, or GTA. GTA has been played worldwide and some of the web series are similar. The Cycle Web Series shows a gangster community that is involved in gun crimes. The team is made up of the Bay Area and Oakland, California. Let’s see who the directors are, the cast, and the whole team.

The Cycle Web Series download – The Cycle Web Series- The Team

The Cycle Web Series download
Image – The Cycle Web Series download

Without a director, the movie is merely nothing. They direct scenes, plot, cast interaction, how everyone must act, and of course the scenery or the background location. The location itself gives an insight into the movie. For example, you see a huge mansion and immediately think the movie is somehow related to a king, queen, or someone who is rich. The location is important to direct series or movies. The audience gets the feel of it.

In The Cycle Web Series, the director is LaTajh Weaver – Director and Writer. She directed short films and music videos at her birthplace in Oakland. Next is the Producer, Lucy Saephan as coordinator and producer. She is a local of East Oakland and been creating short films for 2 years. 

Sarah Jaffe is the director of photography. Her birthplace is the Bay area and studied film and digital media at Santa Cruz. She has created many documentaries and narratives for 8 years. Sarah Wells is the associate producer of The Cycle Web Series. She studied Film photography and design and has dedicated herself to full-time filmmaking. 

Other Team members in The Cycle Web Series are:

  • Jamie Bianchi for Art Director.
  • Evie Vincent for Art Director.
  • James Nighswonger for Sound Recordist.
  • Sepe Rafiei for Gaffer.

The Cycle Web Series download – The Cycle Web Series – Lead Actors

The Cycle Web Series download
Image – The Cycle Web Series download

Kimberly Ridgeway is the leading actor in The Cycle Web Series. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio but brought up in the Bay area. She started acting when she was only 6 years old in Peter Pan. At 14 she was writing, at 16 she started directing films, and at 24 she was a producer. She has done so many short films and been awarded in2016 for the best leading actress for The Mountain Top at Broadway World San Francisco Award. In The Cycle Web Series, she is playing the role of Crystal, a youth advocate social worker at Highland Hospital. 

Rico is the supporting actor and known for rapping, producing and actor from Oakland. He will be playing the role of Greg. 

Other actors in The Cycle Web Series are:

  • Raphael Harrell as Brandon.
  • Keonte Redd as Tre.
  • Donell Hardin as Hakeem.
  • Dante Clark as Elijah.

The Cycle Web Series download – What The Cycle Web Series is about?

The Cycle Web Series download
Image – The Cycle Web Series download

This particular story is important because this is a story about the people of Oakland and about the reality that affects people. Although stories of gun violence are told all the time in television and films, we rarely see it from the perspective of people who live it.

In this story, Latajh, the director wanted to produce a web series that recovers the life of some of the local people around street brutality. While transformation is a huge and important topic of conversation in Oakland right now, ongoing gang violence and the cyclical effects it has on the Oakland community have been moved to the back burner, as if everyone just wishes the problem’s going to go away on its own. 

If people continue to push the hard conversation aside, it won’t. But by telling these stories in a way that people can relate to, by putting a human face on statistics and focusing attention on the people in the community who are working to make it better, we’re not just trying to keep that conversation going, but bring refreshing voices to the discussion. The Cycle Web Series want to provide some insight into issues that affects them in a way that hits at an emotional level, is relatable, and questions the roles they play as members of a community.

The Cycle Web Series is in American English language and if you want subtitles, you can download it from any subtitle websites. But it is not British English like Sherlock Holmes where you have to understand each and every word. It is quite easy. Moreover, YouTube has CC, closed captioning, where the subtitles are easily generated.

The Cycle Web Series download – Where you can watch it?

The Cycle Web Series download
Image – The Cycle Web Series download

The Cycle Web Series is available on YouTube, Vimeo and Amazon Prime. There are 2 seasons till now. Season 1 has 10 episodes. The episodes vary at length.

Episode 1 is 30 mins, Episode 2 is 30 mins, episode 3 is 45 mins, episode 4 is 55 mins, episode 5 is 50 mins, episode 6 is 32 mins, episode 7 is 50 mins, episode 8 is 46 mins, episode 9 is 1 hour 5 mins, episode 10 is 1 hour 12 mins.

Season 2 also has 10. Episode 1 is 1hour 5 mins, Episode 2 is 1 hour 11 mins, Episode 3 is 1 hour 8 mins, Episode 4 is 1 hour 2 mins, Episode 5 is 52 mins, Episode 6 is 1hour 2 mins, Episode 7 is 54 mins, Episode 8 is 1 hour 28 mins, Episode 9 is 1 hour 41 mins, Episode 10 is 2hour 6 mins.

On Amazon Prime, you need to have a monthly subscription to watch it, while on YouTube it is free.

The Cycle Web Series has been given.



The Cycle Web Series download
Image – The Cycle Web Series download

The crimes don’t happen in a day, it is months of planning for one single day. And as we know it, there are several crimes happening around the world in this one minute. The Cycle Web series is a true story. It is not drama or fiction. It focuses on the core problems of the violence and the cycle which continues in the Oakland community. The Cycle Web Series gives the audience the real experience because the team member and the actors are related to Oakland and lived there. They know what happens every day and how many people are affected.

If you are interested in knowing a community, you should watch what movies and show they produce. For example, the Korean movie named Parasite represented the rich and poor community and it is awarded by Oscar. It shows how the world revolves around the rich people of society and the poor people have to be revolving around them for many reasons. This Web Series has been very well received by Oakland people and nearby areas. 

The actors are talented and gave so much dedication to the character roles they have played. Since it is based on the true story of Kimberly, she knows what to give to the audience. The real action is in her acting. If you have played GTA SA, you can relate to this Web Series at some level but not entirely. The Cycle Web Series is full of Violence and local people of Oakland who have seen crime daily. 


The Cycle Web Series download
Image – The Cycle Web Series download

As this story is based on crimes, thriller, violence and lots of bad words, we are warning who should not watch this.

  • Children or anyone younger than 18 years of age. watching Crimes can make children vulnerable and exposed to the bad side of society too soon. Some scenes are not suitable for them to watch and parental guidance is necessary. They see these crimes and can become scared of juvenile delinquency. They are still young and have a long life to live. People need to encourage them to successful life rather than a depressing one. Crimes happen regularly but watching them happen in front is whole another story. 
  • People who are vulnerable to mental health issues. I wouldn’t recommend watching this if you are dealing with depression or anxiety issues. This can trigger you more towards it. It is better for people who suffer from mental stress to watch other series than this series. 
  • People who don’t like crimes. Well, everyone wants to live in a safe society but there are people who want crimes to happen. Gangsters, Mafia people, or even youngsters who are involved in illegal smuggling are more likely to engage in crimes that are fully dangerous. If you are not from this category, never watch this. Although this series shows the betterment of the Oakland community some scenes can trigger an innocent section of society.
  • This series isn’t for people who just want to pass their time. We all are somehow addicted to movies and shows, but just because you are free, you shouldn’t just watch it because you are bored. You should know what it is about. If you know what watching a horror movie alone actually is, you don’t recommend people to watch it alone right. People with weak hearts can faint or some even go to the hospital because they get scared. This is why, know what the genre is.
  • The cycle web series has a lot of cuss words which are again not appropriate for many people. In America, it seems normal to cuss at anyone but not everywhere. It is rude. 

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