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Thamaasha Malayalam movie is one of the Malayalam movies that people were really curious to know about. A global pandemic has taken over the world and it is very evident that people are sitting at home exploring the various genres of movies and even different languages for that matter. Thamaasha is one of the Malayalam movies that broadly tried to break the stigma against body shaming and baldness.

The youth has distorted self-esteem due to bullying and teasing that they go through almost every day of life. People make fun of each other, calling names, making people feel bad about themselves, and the way they look. The movie tries its level best to convey that people should be comfortable in their body type, shape, and color.

A movie like Thamaasha has been appreciated due to the issue that they had taken up. The sad truth is, we see ourselves from others eyes, the movie Thamaasha promotes self-love, being comfortable in one’s own body, and accepting ourselves of who we are. The day we start appreciating and loving ourselves of who we are, the external love will naturally follow.  Let us look into a few elements of Thamaasha Malayalam movie.

1.Thamaasha Malayalam movie – Genre

Thamaasha Malayalam Movie

The Genre of Thamaasha Malayalam movie is comedy-drama. The movie has bits of humor that will make you laugh hard.  Thamaasha is a movie that has a balanced amount of humorous and emotional scenes. The movie manages to make emotional at a few points but make sure that you laugh in the next scene that follows.

The fair and equally balanced amount of emotions tempts people to connect with the flow of the movie Thamaasha. The drama in the movie mainly revolves around the plot itself. Comedy-drama is a very general genre but the appeal of this movie [ Thamaasha Malayalam movie ]  makes stand out from other movies.

This drama-comedy movie keeps the audience entertained and glued to their seats throughout the movie. The emotional connection that the audience forms with the movie Thamaasha make it more convenient for the movie makers to establish the moral of the movie. 

2.Thamaasha Malayalam movie – Star cast

Thamaasha Malayalam Movie

Thamaasha Malayalam movie star cast included Chandni Nair [ Playing the role of Chinnu ], Divya Prabha [ Playing the role of Babitha ], Vinay Forrt [ playing the role of Prof. Sreenivasan ], Grace Antony [ Playing the role of Safiya ], Arun Kurian  [ Playing the role of kamal ], Navas Vallikkunnu [ Playing the role of Raheem ], Mashar Hamsa [ playing the role of a college student ], Arya Salim [ Playing the role of Ameera ], Uma K.P [ Playing the role of Sreeni’s, mother] and John Clarinet [ playing the role o Sreeni’s father ]

Talking about the acting of the star cast , the male lead [ Vinay Forrt ] , Sreenivasan has given an exemplary performance . The audience relates to the male lead as it very finely portrays the role of a person who has low self esteem due to receding hairline .  The female lead of Thamasha Malayalam Movie  [ Chandni Nair ] , Chinnu , had done a commendable job .

The female  lead of the movie plays a positive character , even through the actor is obese , she is thoroughly in love with her body . Her positive role brings in optimism in the movie which is just icing on the cake . Rest of star cast have also done a phenomenal job and have done fair justice to their roles . 

3.Thamaasha Malayalam movie – Storyline

Thamaasha Malayalam Movie

The basic storyline of Thamaasha Malayalam movies stands on body shamming and balding issues. The male lead [ Sreenivasan ] is a professor at an Institute. Sreenivasan is facing an issue of receding hairline, due to his receding hairline he is teased by his students and faculty of the institute. His family is worried about him getting married as all the girls reject him due to his receding hairline. Sreenivasan is very stressed about his life and has low self-esteem. Sreenivasan finds a faculty member very attractive, her name was Babita [ Divya Prabha ].

He tries to communicate with Babita to confess his feelings but Babita eventually gets attracted towards a new good looking faculty member of the Institute, this situation leaves Sreenivasan heartbroken and hopeless, he decided that he will never be able to marry someone. A new girl enters the life of Sreenivasan and her name was   Safiya [ Grace Antony  ]. Safiya shows interest in Sreenivasan which makes him really happy. Gradually the true intentions of Safia are revealed when she talks about the hair patch making company she works for and the interest towards Sreenivasan was nothing but a way to make a new client.

This situation makes Sreenivasan heartbroken all over again, he gives up all the hopes of him getting married. Sreenivasan’s family decide to have an arranged marriage for Sreenivasan. Sreenivasan wears his hair patch and goes to meet the girl and here is the entry of lead role Chinnu [ Chandni Nair ]. Sreenivasan looks at Chinnu and finds out she is Obese [ Overweight ]. During the meet, Sreenivasan’s head patch falls down and he feels disgusted by his own self and decides to leave. Later chinnu comes to return Sreenivasan’s head patch.

While driving back she bumps into an old man and takes him to the hospital accompanied by Sreenivasan. Sreenivasan stays with Chinnu for the whole night in the hospital, they started to form a bond with each other. Sreenivasan and chinnu met several times after that, once Chinnu took a selfie with Sreenivasan and uploaded it on Facebook by tagging Sreenivasan on the picture. 

When Sreenivasan checked the Facebook post which was uploaded by chinnu, he saw several inappropriate comments that made fun of Chinnu’s obesity and Sreenivasan’s Receding hairline. Sreenivasan gets vexation by this and out of frustration he calls Chinnu and asks her to take down the post. Firstly Chinnu finds it unsettling about how all these small things matter to him but later Sreenivasan decides to restrict all the contacts with chinnu out of bitterness. 

After this incident, Chinnu goes live on Facebook and talks bluntly about this issue. She openly says that she is proud of her body and she feels comfortable in her body and other opinions on her body do not changes anything for her. Sreenivasan goes for dinner to his friend’s home and finds out that his friend’s wife cannot speak.

Sreenivasan is amazed about how much love is there between the couple even though there are flaws in both of them. He realizes that love is not external it has nothing to do with the outer appearance, love is all about what is on the inside. There are flaws in every human and we should accept each other’s flaws and focus on the inside.  

4.Thamaasha Malayalam movie – Music

Thamaasha Malayalam Movie

Thamaasha Malayalam movie has beautiful heartwarming music in it that lights up your mood and levels up the quality of the movie. Songs like Paadi Njaan and Kaanumbol Ninne sooths your mind and heart. The Lunch Box and Ahambrammasmi [ Solitude ] are some songs that pacifies you.

The songs of the movie have been placed correctly in between the movie not hindering the natural flow of the movie. The songs of the movie are highly appreciated by the audience. The music of the movie is given by Rex Vijayan, Shahbaz Aman.

5.Thamaasha Malayalam movie – Plot

Thamaasha Malayalam Movie

The plot of the movie is very smooth and fast-moving. Initially, we get to know how stressed and worried Sreenivasan is about his receding hairline, he constantly gets humiliated and mocked by his students and other members of the faculty. He is very low self-esteem and is hopeless about his life. The first half of the movie talks about the male lead’s life and how had been heartbroken time and again. The male lead is in great despair and is beyond hopes.  His Persistent failure in love life and romance make him pessimistic. 

The plot takes a turn when the female lead enters the story. The female lead, chinnu is just the opposite of Sreenivasan. If Sreenivasan is hopeless, she is full of hope and life, if Sreenivasan is pessimistic, she is optimistic and if Sreenivasan has low self-esteem, chinnu accepts her self in the way she is. The entry of Chinnu brings in light to the story, she comes with healthy positive vibes in the story. At the end of the movie, we see a gradual realization that takes place in Sreenivasan and how he accepts himself and Chinnu. 

 6.Thamaasha Malayalam movie – Message for the audience

Thamaasha Malayalam Movie

The movie Thamaasha has a crystal clear message for the audience, which is self-acceptance. People will keep pulling you down by humiliating you they will target your insecurities to pull you down, the only person who can change this is you your self. Start accepting yourself and the world will follow. Another message that we get through the movie is that it is utterly unethical and irrational to tease people by bringing up their insecurity.

It is vital to accept others regardless of the shape of their body, the amount of hair on the person’s head and so many other insecurities of the people. Another message that we get through Thamaasha Malayalam’s movie is the real value of love. Pure love does not focus on the external beauty, instead, it focuses on what the person possesses on the inside.

If two people are in love, nothing in this world can affect or change that love, it remains unsullied and winsome. Flaws are present in every human and life is nothing but celebrating those flaws by making it your power. It is rightly said, Flaws are adorable as I hate perfection. 

7. Thamaasha Malayalam movie – A must watch?

Thamaasha Malayalam Movie

Thamasha Malayalam Movie is hands down a must-watch. The story talks about insecurities that almost everyone has today. The movie depicts how self-love and self-acceptance can change a life . If you are someone who likes movie which has a genre of comedy and drama with a beautiful message then Thamaamsha is a must-watch.

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FAQ – Frequently asked a question related to Thamaasha Malayalam Movie.

  1. Is Thamaasha Malayalam movie is like a Bollywood movie Ujda Chaman?

    Yes , Thamaasha Malayalam movie has the basic story line which is similar to the Bollywood movie Ujda Chaman.

  2. Who is the director of the Malayalam movie Thamaasha?

    The director of Thamaasha Malayalam movie is Ashraf Hamza.

Winding up – Thamaasha Malayalam Movie – 

Thamaasha Malayalam movie is one of those iconic movies that change the life of the audience. The platform of the film industry is one of the easiest ways to bring in immediate changes in the behavior of people and the movie  Thamaasha managed to reach out to the mass with the message of self-love and self-acceptance. The movie Thamaasha proved to be a whole new change in society. 

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