Telugu HD movie free download – 5 best sites to download HD movies free

Telugu HD movie free download is what is desired by all the hardcore south Indian movie fans. The Telugu film industry is popularly called Tollywood. The origin of the Telugu film industry dates back to 1912 when the first Telugu film was released, the name of the movie was Kalidas and the movie was directed by H M Reddy. Telugu movies have never failed to leave an impact on the audience with its story and plot. The music of Telugu movies has always made the people movie with the beat.

A release of a Telugu movie is widely celebrated not only in South Indian but all over the country. There are a lot of people across the world that are a huge fan of Telugu films. The scenes in Telugu movies are beautifully interwoven in such a way that the viewers are easily captivated by the movie. The quality of the Telugu movie is appreciated by the critics and not just that, the critics like the overall performance for the Telugu movie. The best fact about the Telugu film industry Is that its popularity is not constrained till the South, instead, Telugu movies are smitten by Telugu movies.

Action romantic movies like Arjun Reddy was liked by the audience to an extend where Bollywood did a remake of the same [ Kabir Singh ]. When it comes to Telugu movies, how can we forget to mention the Iconic movie called Bahubali that elevated the figures of the box office? The movie came to be one of the biggest hits in the Indian Movie industry.

Quite evidently people love to watch Telugu movies and always are eager to know the process and options through which Telugu HD movie free download can be possible. This article talks about a few ways that might help you with Telugu HD Movie free download. 


We do not promote or advise people to download movies from Illegal sites as it can create several complications and you are advised to be wise while deciding the platform from where you want to download the movie.

Telugu HD movie Free Download – Why to download?

The folks worldwide prefer downloading a particular movie instead of watching it online. There are several justified reasons for this. Let us look into a few points that mention why people prefer downloading over watching it online. Let us see why people prefer Telugu HD movie free download over watching it on any other platform that allows you to stream online. 


Downloading a particular movie is way more comfortable than watching it online. You get to set the movie on download and do other works while the movie is being downloaded. On the other hand, watching it online makes it more time-consuming.

Less chance of binge-watching –

Though we all are addicted to binge-watch movies and web series due to the global pandemic, in reality, this is not rational. You waste a lot of valuable time binge-watching online which may exhaust your internet as well as your thought process. You tend to feel sluggish for the rest of the day. Watching movies is fine, in fact, It is important to chill out and entertain your self during this hard time, but, we should not forget how important investing time in productive things are. On the other hand, if you download the movie, you will watch that movie only which leaves you with ample time to focus on other important things.

No Buffering –

Some times the internet or WIFI connection can be extremely weak and your movie may buffer. Buffering in between of an interesting movie is enough to spoil your mood to a level where you stop watching the movie itself. On the other hand, if you download the movie, there is no issue of buffering.

Advertisements won’t interrupt you –

On several free platforms, there are bulk of advertisements in between which may spoil your mood. To watch ad-free movies either you will have to pay for the subscription or download the movie.

Quality of the movie –

When you are downloading the movie, you get the option of quality in which you want to download the movie. A good quality movie always makes your movie watching session delightful.

Watching the movie on any medium you want –

If you watch movies online, I am hoping that you use your mobile phone or your laptop or your personal computer. There is no major issue in watching a movie on Mobile phone or personal computer but if you download the movie, you can watch it on you the big screen of your tv. Watching It on tv will strain your eyes way lesser than the other options.

Telugu HD movie free download from ‘Eros now

For Telugu HD movie free download from Eros now, follow the following steps.

  • Step 1 – Play store – Open Play store on your phone.
  • Step 2 .-  Eros now application -Go and search for Eros now application.
  • Step 3. Download – Download the Eros now application on your phone.
  • Step 4 –  Install – Install the Eros now application on your phone.
  • Step 5- Log in / sign in – Log in or sign in to the application of Eros now.
  • Step 6 –  Search for the movie – Search for the Telugu movie of your choice.
  • Step 7 – Download the Telugu movie – Once you find the movie, select download and start downloading the movie 
  • Step 8 – Find the movie after downloading – To find the downloaded movie, go the main menu of the application, and there you will find the download box.

Telugu HD Movie Free Download From Eros Now – Complications

Downloading the movie from Eros now will by far be the best option for Telugu HD movie free download, but let us look into the complication That you may while downloading Telugu HD movie for free from Eros now.

  1. Cant be transferred – The movie can be easily downloaded on your phone but sadly it can be transferred anywhere else. You will have to watch the movie on the app itself.

Telugu HD Movie Free Download From ‘Telegram

Telugu HD Movie free download from Telegram is one of the easiest ways to download any Telugu movie of your choice. Here are a few simplified steps that will help you go through the process of Telugu movie HD download from Telegram

  • Open Play store  – Open Play store on your phone.
  • Search for Telegram – On the search box, type Telegram, You will get a result, Select the first Result.
  • Download the Application –Click on the download button, and wait until the application gets downloaded on your phone.
  • Install the application – Next, Install the application on your phone.
  • Log in / Sign in – Log in or sign in to telegram.
  • Search for the channel – Search for the channel that offers Telugu movies.
  • Search for Telugu HD movie free download – Search for the Telugu movie that you want to download.
  • Select the Result of your choice – Select the result that offers the Telugu movie of your choice.
  • Click on download – Click on download and the process of the download will begin immediately.

Note – The time that the process of downloading will take depends on your internet speed .

Downloading movie from Telegram can create few complications and so it is advised to know the complications before hand . The complication that you will face if you choose Telegram for Telugu HD movie free  download are given below .

Telugu HD movie free download from Telegram – Complications 

  • Irrational  – Though telegram is a convenient place for you to download Telugu HD movie free download, it is illegal and irrational. It is not legalized to download movies from these platforms. So before deciding keep these facts in your mind.
  • Confusing – Telegram can be confusing as it has several links that offer the same movie. To decide the genuine link, it is a hard nut to crack.
  • Consumes a lot of time  – The process of  Telugu HD movie free download from Telegram can consume a lot of time. There are 2 main reasons for this – First is that the complication and complexity may confuse you and it may take time for you to find the link and download the movie. The second reason for this is, the speed of the downloading process depends on your internet connection. Some times it takes a few minutes to download and some times it can take hours.

Telugu HD movie Free download from ‘Torrent’ – 

Torrent is one of the popular places where you can get Telugu HD movie free download. Let us see the process through which you can download the Telugu HD movie from Torrent.

  • Open any search Engine – Open any search engine on your Mobile phone or personal computer.
  • Search for Utorrent – Search for Utorrent on your search engine.
  • Download Utorrent – Next, Download Utorrent classic.
  •  Magnet link – Copy the magnet link of any Telugu HD movie of your choice.
  • Link – Open the link and wait for the Telugu movie to be downloaded.

Torrent is evidently one of the platforms that people use to download Telugu movie in HD but here are few complications that you might face if you download Telugu movie from Torrent.

Telugu HD Movie download from Torrent – Complications

  1. Illegal – Downloading Telugu HD movie from these web sites are strictly unethical. It is not ethical to choose these platforms to download Telugu HD movie free download. The idea of Telugu HD movie free download from torrent is not morally correct, hence, it is advised to be aware of the complication prior to downloading any movie.
  2. Spams – Torrent cannot be trusted entirely, A lot of flashy ads might distract you by attracting you towards false links of the movie.
  3. Not good for your phone – Downloading HD movies for free on Torrent can hamper your phone. A lot of viruses can enter your phone if you choose torrent for Telugu HD movie free download.

 Telugu HD movie free download from ‘My Telugu wap

My Telugu wap provides a platform from where you can download all the latest south Indian movies, songs, and trailers. Let us look into the steps involved while downloading for free.

  • Go to the website – Search for My Telugu Wap on the search engine.
  • Choose Free movie download – As soon as you open the web site, you will find a navigation page, on that page click on ‘ free Movie download’
  • Choose the movie – The page will navigate you to another tab which will have options of the latest movies 
  • Click on download – Once selected, click on download.
  • Choose the quality – Choose the quality that you want your Telugu movie to be downloaded in.
  • The download begins – As soon as you select the quality, the download process of the movie begins.

Telugu HD movie download from My Telugu Wap – complications.

  1. Illegal site – My Telugu Wap is an illegal site. They post the pirated versions of the movie which is prohibited by the government. It is not ethical to download movies from these sites. It is not advised to download movies from these sites.

Telugu HD movie free download from ‘Youtube

Youtube can be called is the most convenient place from where you can download Telugu movies for free. Let us look into the steps involved in downloading movies from youtube.

  • Open Youtube – Open your tube on your phone or personal computer.
  • Search for the movie – Search for the Telugu movie that you want to watch.
  • Open the Video – Open the video of the movie 
  • Click on download – You will find a download icon there, click on that.
  • The download begins – Once you click on the download icon, the download begins.

Telugu HD Movie download From Youtube – Complications

  • Not all movies are available – There are only some Telugu movies that are available on Youtube.
  • HD is not promised – The quality of the movie is not promised,  some movies are in good quality and some are not.
  • No option for the transfer – You can transfer the movie on other mediums, for watching the downloaded movie, you will have open the download section on the youtube Application.

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions – Telugu HD movie free download.

  1. What are the some of the must watch movies of Tollywood?

    Bahubali is one of the movies which is a must-watch. The movie did extraordinarily well in the box office. Apart from that, you can watch Arjun Reddy and Eega. The choice of the movie depends on the genre you like. So decide accordingly.

  2.  What is the process for Telugu HD movie free download?

    The process for Telugu Movie free download is given in this article in detail. For in detail information, read this article [ Telugu HD Movie Free Download ].

  3. Where can I watch Telugu movie with Subtitles?

    Viu is a platform from where you can download Telugu movies with subtitles in English.

Winding-up –

Telegu HD movie free download process is given in this article, hoping that you make a wise decision while choosing the method for Telegu HD Movie free download. Due to COVID – 19, we are all confined in our home looking for several options to keep our selves entertained during this time of ambiguity. It is advised to say home, stay safe, and stay entertained. Explore numerous genres of movies and keep your selves captivated.

Telugu HD movie free download – 5 best sites to download HD movies free
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