Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

According to the study conducted there has been more than a 1,416 percent increase in online searches related to the actor Sushant Singh Rajput after his demise on June 14, 2020. People are now much more interested to know about him than ever before. They search for both his personal and career life and what forced him to take such a step.

Sushant and Ankita’s great love story – Pavitra Rishta

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

People are now more aware of the love story of Co actors of Ekta Kapoor’s show Pavitra Rishta wherein Sushant played the role of Manav, a mechanic and Ankita Lokhande who played the role of Archana, Manav’s wife. They were loved for their wonderful chemistry seen on screen which did not take much time to be a part of their real-life also.

The story revolves about their true love which not only was limited to on-screen but also off-screen. Both met during the shooting of the serial. Now it is not hard to believe for all of us that fight is the first step to love. The same did happen for this couple. They both were of opposite character but as science also mentions the opposite attracts each other, the same was true for this duo. In the initial days of the shooting, they kept on fighting with each other and did not even wish to have eye contact.

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

But who knew that this khatti mithi fight will result in such a true relationship which was nurtured by their love until 6 years. Sushant being of shy nature loved to watch movies alone on a laptop in breaks of shooting.

On the other hand unlike known Archana of Pavitra Rishta Ankita was an extrovert and liked to sit with others chit-chatting during breaks. As the serial name, Pavitra Rishta means true love was not only a part of on-screen but also off-screen. As time flew, they both started loving each other more and more continuing their relationship for 6 years. 6 years is not at all a short time period but we would be very happy if it was extended to a further long period.

It takes a lot to maintain that love which is unconditional and which can not be described in words. Sushant being of shy nature found it hard to express his feelings initially but the proposal he made on the national television screen of jhalak dikhlaja was an overwhelming one. This video of the proposal is going viral on Google than ever before. And listening to it will not only make you realize the intense relationship between Ankita and Anita’s Gugu as she calls but also brings tears to your eyes seeing their true love.

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

Though there had been a bigger fight between them which everyone named it as break up. But is it right to give a name of break up to it? There are very few people who try to maintain their friendship after their breakup. It is said that those who make it happen are actually who truly understand and define love.

They never complained about anything bad about each other even after they were separated out. They still loved each other from the core of their heart and never wished anything ill for each other after their fight. When there were rumors about their break up Ankita cleared all rumors by saying “I don’t know why everyone’s speculating that our six-year relationship has ended and that we are no longer together. It’s unnecessary and uncalled for.” Ankita there with Sushant as always, She loves Sushant Singh Rajput unconditionally.

These rumors are completely baseless and are in bad taste”. What is usually seen is that after two people who used to love each other are separated, they start saying ill about the other after their separation. But we shall not forget that true love never ever dies. Ankita loved Sushant deeply and the same did Sushant. Their close friend Sandip sigh rightly said that they were both made for each other.

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

Reminiscing the past he overwhelmingly mentions Ankita to be his girlfriend, his wife, his mother, and his best friend forever. Everyone believes that if he would have let Ankita stay with him, Ankita would not even let him go in depression. She could have saved her. She wanted to go to his funeral but because of the minimum number of attendees, she could not go there. She was there with him in all ups and downs and did everything to bring a smile on his face.

When they both were together they enjoyed every moment with each other. They used to go at night and have tasty gol gappas. She hasn’t removed his name from the nameplate of the house. Before his death, Sushant missed Ankita a lot and thought that it was his mistake that he left her. He realized that the love she gave to him no one can ever give him back. They were clearly made for each other and loved to the moon and back. 

Sushant and Ankita’s great love story
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