BIGZO- The Best entertainment website in India

Bigzo, the best entertainment website in India, is all armed and prepared here to satisfy all your showbiz wants and needs. Let’s back up a little. Let’s start with understanding ‘entertainment’, the fundamental unit here. Merriam Webster, one of the world’s leading dictionaries of the English language, describes entertainment as ‘the act of amusing or entertaining people’; but there’s just a single word to sum it up, it would be – BIGZO!

Too much too soon, you say? Well, if you get to learn about all the new up and coming movies of the year in advance, all neatly categorized into their genres (mind you); get to know about your favorite celebrities; find that latest overly hyped about web-series; get to download all of them with no trouble and watch them at your own ease. But wait, the best part is still left…
You get to do every single bit of it at the same place. Now, don’t you feel like calling this the best entertainment website in India as well!


The world has changed very rapidly this year. With most of the world’s population is locked up in their houses, and a still untreated virus on the loose, stress and tension have become our daily companions. While keeping yourself up to date with current affairs is very important, sometimes, all we need is to let off a little steam, especially in unprecedented times like these. 

And the best way to do so is with a little amount of entertainment. Movies, web series, and tv serials have helped us immensely in these times. And the mainstream as well as the new streaming media platforms have come up with many strategies to aid us as well. From adding a few advantages to our subscriptions to making us watch shows with our friends virtually. With so much going around, BIGZO is here to help ease some of the load as well. We present to you hand-crafted lists of movies, shows, and sites where you can watch some of them free of cost. We even bring to you the current celebrity gossip of the world, because a little entertainment goes a long way. After all, we aren’t the best entertainment website in India for nothing.Now that the stress of choosing your content is off, pick one and start bringing!

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