New Telugu movies free download – Best 9 Sites to Download Telugu movies

Yet again, we bring to you the premium enjoyment at no cost with this fresh and updated list of new Telugu movies free download websites.

While a majority of the country’s residents still depend on mainstream or sometimes even artistic Bollywood movies for their movie fixes. And although it is true that Hindi language and sometimes a select few south Indian language cinemas dominate the movie industry, slowly but surely, other language movies are beginning to give a strong opposition to this autocracy.

And one of the rising superstars is the Telugu movie industry, also known as Tollywood. It has now become the third highest in the number of films produced and their movies have been grabbing great commercial success. Take the case for the S.S. Rajmouli directed superhit two-part movie series – Bahubali: The Beginning and Bahubali 2: The Conclusion – that crashed the domestic as well as the international box office.

Actors like Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Allu Arjun, and a bunch of others are capable enough to bring big bucks to most of the movies that they star in.
Originating from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the Telugu movie industry has made quite a name for itself.

But before moving into the list of new telugu movies free download sites, let us have a look at some of the telugu movies that everyone should give a try.



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Released in 2006, Pokiri is the original movie that inspired the 2009 Salman Khan starring hit ‘Wanted’. Mahesh Babu as the leading man and Ileana D’Cruz as his romantic interest did an amazing job on screen. The plot is a simple one, a cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a mafia gang so that he can catch their don. But the creative storytelling and the kick-ass fight scenes stole the stage.


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Another of S.S. Rajmouli’s period movies that went on to do really good at movie theatres. Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal are the main protagonists in this 2009 action thriller. It is the story of their love story that is shown through two different eras. Portraying how the pair though separated in the past, manages to revive and reunite their love after about a gap of 400 years.


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Eega or the hindi dubbed ‘Makkhi’ was a unique take on a love and revenge story. Here, quite interestingly, the hero of the movie is a ‘fly’. A young man named Nani falls in love with his beautiful neighbour but a shrewd business tycoon who gets interested in the girl and gets Nani murdered by his goons. However, he is then reincarnated as a fly, vowing revenge on the business man and pledging to protect the love of his life at any cost.


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Arya is the great South Indian star Allu Arjun’s big breakout. A love story through and through, the story revolves around Arya who falls in love with a girl and the couple decides to stay together no matter what obstacles they have to face.


An action thrill that garnered a lot of praise, was Kshanam that released in 2016. Based on an Indian man residing in the US who comes to know from his ex-girlfriend back home that her child has been kidnapped. Thus, begins the cat and mouse chase and all that’s left to see is who emerges out victorious.

Bahubali and Bahubali 2

Saved the best for the last. These two-part movie series was a huge hit across all states and was even praised in theatres across the national border as well. The story revolving around a brave and kind army general who was wrongfully removed from the throne of the king and his equally courageous son who has decided upon himself to right the wrongs. The camera work, cinematograph, costumes, set designs, and most importantly the special effects of the movie stole the hearts of moviegoers all over the world.



Movierulz is one of the best public websites that privileges you to get your hands on a wide range of Telugu movies. Movierulz uploads the latest as well as old Telugu movies and allows you to stream or download their content easily and completely free of cost.

The main reason behind the huge fame of this website is its uninterrupted video service along with a simple and user-friendly interface that can be accessed by anyone. Here the movies are sorted according to the year of release, rating, and genre helping you to find your favorite movie without much effort. You can also download your movie in different formats like 720p, 1080p, BlueRay, DVDRip, HDRip, and many more on Movierulz.

To keep you well informed with a separate display that shows the complete list of recently uadated and downloaded movies. Along with telugu movies it also contains movies from bollywood, Hollywood as well as webseries. It is a mobile friendly website that permits you to binge premium quality movie on your smartphones. 


JIO ROCKERS is the 3rd most popular and most searched movie downloading website stated in the year 2017 with the initial name of ‘Telugu Rockers’. It gives you access to all types of Telugu movies from old to recent releases for free. This platform offers its users to download or stream their movies in various formats like 360p, 480p,1080p, BDRip, HD, and 720p which is the most popular as well as most used formats.

It has a unique, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly interface that enables you to find and download movies of your choice effortlessly. the movies are grouped according to their release date, name, and size making it easy for those who don’t even remember the name of the movie.

Apart from telugu movies you also get a complete access to a wide variety of movies in different languages like hindi, Marathi, kannada, and tamil.


123TELUGU MOVIES is a boutique website that specializes in premium quality Telugu movie releases. You will be getting easy access to all variety of Telugu movies along with Hollywood, Bollywood, and webseries in all languages. This website contains Telugu movies of all types of categories like adventure, romance, war, thriller, horror, crime, western, and many more. This has an extremely well-functioning user-friendly interface in which even if you don’t remember the full movie name you can find it from the different tags and genres provided inside the menu option.

Additionally, it also distinguishes movies according to its year and date of release. This is a mobile-friendly software that requires no subscription or any type of account making. Along with an easy download procedure, it also provides various resolution options namely 360p, 720p, 1080p, DVDRip, and HD allowing us to binge our movie at suitable audio and video quality.


KOTHA MOVIES is one of the most visited movie downloading sites popularly known for easy to use UI and a vast collection of Telugu. It gives you access to watch or download an extensive list of recent as well as old Telugu movies. This site is divided into many genres including horror, drama, romance, action, sci-fi, thrillers, and many more which helps you to locate your required movie easily.

It has an enormous collection of Telugu and Telugu dubbed Hollywood, Bollywood movies which can be downloaded in formats like 480p, 720p, 1080p, Bluray completely free from, and payment requirements. Available content can be easily downloaded with any effort due to its user-friendly interface.

So if you need to watch latest telugu movies just jump on this website, get your popcorn tub and enjoy your day. Some of the popular leaks by this website are Bahubali, Arjun Reddy, Arryaa 2, Dear Comrade and many more famous releases. It can used and accessed on both laptops and computers.


NAAROCKERS is a concept from the makers of “Tamil rockers” created in the year 2019 and is considered to be one the best choice if you are a Tollywood fan. The user interface of this website is very simple and easy to handle which makes it accessible to everyone. This site requires no signup and provides quality service to its customers totally free of payment.

It contains a wide variety of Telugu movies including latest to old which can make you think that finding your favorite will be a difficult task but the films are arranged according to their release date and there a separate section that contains all the latest releases. It also allows the user to download the favorites at their preferred resolution ranging from 360p to 1080p and Bluray quality.


With the tagline of “king of dubbed movies,” TELUGUPALAKA has an enormous collection of 2000+ movies that includes the latest Telugu movies, old Telugu movies, Telugu dubbed movies, 3D movies, Bollywood, Tollywood and even Hollywood movies. This website has a very attractive and user-friendly interface which makes the downloading process much easier for everyone. The 2000+ movie list option in the menu list gives you a bird’s eye view on all the contents available on this website.

TELUGUPALAKA offers its users various genres ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood to 3d movies which can be streamed as well as downloaded in high-video and audio quality. This is the aptest website for those people who wish to watch or download their favorite Hollywood or Bollywood movies in Telugu. This website needs no signup or subscription procedure required for accessing the downloading facility.


A2MOVIES is a platform that provides you high-quality Telugu movies without charging a single penny. It is one of the most visited websites for downloading movies. It has a wide range of collection of all types of movies that can easily fit your mood swings. The website has a distinct classification of all types of movies and offers a very easy download procedure to make it an extremely user-friendly website.

It is much better as compared to another website due to the presence of some special features like the downloading of movies doesn’t affect the battery of your smartphone, it offers a faster downloading speed as compared to many other websites, this website has a very negligible crash rate during downloading or streaming of movies and lastly it provides an extensive range of choices so that you can select and watch your favorite movies.

This website also offers various resolution choices which include 480p, 720p, 1080p, and blu ray so that you can stream and enjoy your watchlist at your preferred resolution. Among them, 720p is the recommended quality as it consumes less battery providing a high-definition audio and video quality. Apart from Telugu movies and Telugu dubbed movies, this website also has a wide range of collections for Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, and English movies.

Due to all these special features and their extensive collection they manage to attract a lot more traffic than other movie downloading sites.


Like many, we too like to go with a bang. Hence, the last website in our list is also a truly banging one!
Moviez Wap HD as the name itself suggests has stored within it a number of Telugu movies and all of those in high definition. From the timeless Telugu classics to the modern Telugu releases, Moviez wap has it all for you. The extensive catalog has the added benefits of an ordered library as well.

That is, the movies have been organized in such a way that whether it be a first time user of the site or an experienced veteran, finding the movie of one’s choice becomes a very simple task for both these ranges. For example, when you open the site, you are greeted by the homepage that though looks very modest is also very convenient for the user.

Like the movies have been classified by the dates of their release, which means an exponential load of the impatient cinephile has by now been lifted off. There is also a special row for the requested movies, which means any film that you had been unable to find in the existing library, you might just request the domain for it and it will be presented to you. Also, movies have the chance of reaching people across all ranges, hence, Moviez wap has also brought to you Hollywood movies that have been dubbed in the Telugu language. All this just so that you don’t exhaust yourself out of a movie list.

So, bookmark this page and never miss out on any new releases.

New Telugu movies free download – Best 9 Sites to Download Telugu movies
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