Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed 2016 – Best review by viewers and Agency

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed is a Telugu film which was originally released in Telugu language but was later released in some other languages like in Hindi too. 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed is not a recent movie, it was released 5 years ago, in 2016 but is still loved by its audiences from all over the world & has come out as a good movie from the Tollywood industry. Now, what is the movie? Why do people spend so much of their time while watching movies? So let me tell you, the movie is a sort of entertainment which makes a person enjoy their life up to a period at which the movie is running & make them forget about their worries for that particular period of time. Whenever a person is feeling bored or doesn’t know what to do, one can simply watch movies.

The Big Screen that is the film industry which has its aim to produce the best movies so that audiences will enjoy it is a big factor to enjoy your life. Movies are the best way to pass your time when we are alone. There is no need to spend your time on someone, just switch on the TV & start exploring the different channels broadcasting different movies all at the same time so we can decide which one to watch. 

One such movie is Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed which does not do much in the theatres but was a good masala movie & so is popular among the masses. Due to its popularity, though it was released in 2016 but is still loved by its audiences. Considering this, it is available on the online platform in some popular movie apps like MX Player & JioCinema. If someone wants to watch Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed they should watch it on this platform without waiting to watch it on Television which is not fixed.

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed – Introduction: 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed
Image – Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed

Nannaku Prematho, which can be translated as To father, with love is a Telugu film that was originally released in the Telugu Language & stars one of the most famous superstars of Tollywood N.T. Rama Rao Jr. Nannaku Prematho was released on 13 January 2016 in India & on 12 January 2016 in the United States of America ( USA). This movie has a running time of 168 minutes &  has grabbed 8 awards and was nominated for other 6 categories too. It has an IMDB rating of 7.6 which makes it a Hit film with the exceptional performances of each cast & crew member. 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed is an action thriller movie along with the best drama involved. The audiences who love this type of genre in movies will love it, I can absolutely guarantee you that. It was filmed in London.  Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed is based on a revenge game between a hero & villain. Abhi’s father’s last wish was to take revenge against Krishan Murthy & so Abhi devised a plan so that his father’s wish can be fulfilled. Will it be fulfilled or not is the question because many ups & downs will come in the life of Abhi. Will he be succeeded & how will he succeed, is worth to watch & invest your time & money. 

Nannaku Prematho is written as well as directed by the very talented Mr. Sukumar and was produced under the production house Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra which is owned by V.S.N. Prasad, Bhaogavalli Bapineedu as well as Reliance Entertainment. Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed film is a star-studded film having celebrities like N.T.Rama Rao Jr. & Rakul Preet Singh as the lead actor & actresses while the supporting roles were played by Jagapathi Babu & Rajendra Prasad.

We all know that Hindi is a language that can be spoken in many parts of India. To watch a movie which is original of a different language is a different feeling & we tried to escape that barrier with the dubbed version, one can enjoy all sorts of movies be it is of any language. Hence, Nannaku Prematho Full Movie in Hindi dubbed was premiered worldwide on Television so that non – Telugu siders can also enjoy the movie. 

The Main stars to make Nannaku Prematho presentable are not only the actors or actresses who have played the character in the movie but some other people also who have made it from behind the screen so that it can be enjoyable for audiences on the big screen. 

Such persons regarding this movie are 1. Sukumar the director & storyteller of the film 2. B.V.S.N. Prasad, the man who is responsible for producing the film 3. The story is written by Buchibabu Sana, Srinivas Rungali, and dialogues is written by Vikram Juthika, Music by a very talented Devi Sri Prasad, Cinematography is done by Vijay C Chakravarthy, Editor is Naveen Nooli and many more together make Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed a superhit film. 

It has a revamp Bengali version called Bazi starring other actors from the Bangla film industry. Nannaku Prematho has done a worldwide business of Rs. 87. 20 crore with a budget of Rs. 45 crore. Let’s know more about the movie in the following section. 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed – The cast of Nannaku Prematho are as follows : 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed
Image – Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed
  1. Abhiram role is played by N.T  Rama Rao Jr. 
  2. Rakul Preet Singh is acted as Divyanka Krishnamurthy. 
  3. Krishnamurthy Kautilya’s role was played by Jagapathi Babu. 
  4. Rajendra Prasad’s role was played by Ramesh Chandra Prasad whose alias was Subramanyam.
  5. Rajiv Kanakala has played the role of Abhirams brother. 
  6. Srinivas Avasarala played the character of Abhirams brother. 
  7. Ashish Vidyarthi is cast as Satpal Singh. 
  8. Madhoo has acted as Divya’s mother. 
  9. Thagubothu Ramesh acted as Abhiram’s assistant.
  10. Noel Sean acted as Noel. 
  11. Uppada Parvateesam acted as Abhiram’s assistant. 
  12. Girder has acted as Geri. 
  13. Amit Tiwari acted as JD, Krishnamurthy’s PA. 
  14. Naveen Neni has played the character of Abhiram’s assistant. 

All these characters with their real names are the one which made Nannaku Prematho such a lovely film. 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed – The plot of the film: 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed
Image – Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed

The film revolves around Abhiram ( Jr. NTR) who is the youngest son of Subramanyam ( Rajendra Prasad). He started his own company called KMC Pipes & Canal & later get to know that his father was suffering from last stage Pancreatic cancer. At the last stage, Subramanyam reveals that his real name is Ramesh and he was London’s one of richest businessmen but his partner Krishnamurthy Kautilya has cheated him & took all his wealth. Later his father has to change his name, Abhiram swore that he will take revenge but his other brothers were not interested.

To teach a lesson to Krishnamurthy Abhiram decided to woo his daughter Divya( Rakul Preet Singh) for that purpose he purchased a painting that was worth all of their property when Abhiram’s brother get to know about it, they break up with him. On the other hand, Krishnamurthy already knew about his plans & told his daughter about it too. So Divya also breaks up with Abhiram. Krishnamurthy planted a mole in Abhiram’s company. Krishnamurthy then grabbed a gas plant project from Kapil Sinha( Ashish Vidyarthi) businessmen &  took Divya to Spain but Abhiram follows them. 

Meanwhile, Abhiram got kidnapped by Divya’s goons since she wants to know why he is so adamant about destroying his father. Abhiram told her about his revenge plan why he is doing so & regains Divya’s love and also make her meet her mother ( Madhoo) who is in Jail. Divya has not met her mother since she was 4 years old & always had a mysterious dream. Abhiram reveals that once Krishnamurthy was carrying drugs with him but the bag was with her mother so the police arrested her & Krishnamurthy flee away from the scene along with his daughter I.e. Divya. After knowing the wicked truth about her father Divya too loathes him. 

Afterward, it was revealed that the painting which was gifted to Krishnamurthy by Abhiram has a camera so Abhiram knew all about the plans laid by Krishnamurthy. He trespassed into Krishnamurthy’s bank account & transferred Rs. 35,000 crores into his family account. It was revealed that the gas plant was no real gas land, it was supplied through canals & pipes which was made by Abhiram’s company KMC.

There was no Kapil Sinha, he was actually Satpal Singh, a friend of Abhiram’s father Subramanyam. Krishnamurthy also gets bankrupt just the way he made Subramanyam in the past. In the end, Divya along with her mother stays with Abhiram’s family but in the end, Subramanyam cannot survive due to his disease. Abhiram was glad that he completed his father’s last wish & did not cry afterward as he thinks his father will go the day he cries. 

Boom, the movie ends here. 

Let’s say, it is a classic masala movie with some of the best songs from the Telugu composer Devi Sri Prasad. Songs that are a part of Nannaku Prematho are Follow follow, Naa Manasu Neelo, Don’t Stop, Love me again, Love Dhebba & Nannaku Prematho. 

Let’s read some reviews given by reputable critics as well as fans of Jr. NTR  to know about the movie. 

Review given by a fan about Nannaku Prematho Full movie Hindi dubbed: 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed
Image – Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed

According to Mr. Anonymous, Nannaku Prematho is one of the best Tollywood movies. It is a simple story which was directed very beautifully. Music & Cinematography was the best part of this movie along with the mind-blowing dialogue with superb dialogue delivery. NTR has performed exceptionally well with the stylish look, his class, his style, his attitude all are just too good. The villain of the movie Jagapathi Babu has done a superb job & actually looked evil. The cameo scene of Madhoo was good along with the amazing & beautiful sceneries of London with the best background music making it a superb movie. 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed – Review by a famous agency: 

Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed
Image – Nannaku Prematho Full Movie Hindi dubbed

The climax scene of Nannaku Prematho was shot so exceptionally beautiful that the audiences actually clapped in the theaters though it was a sad scene but the most memorable one too. In this revenge movie, there are a few ups & downs regarding the movie. The Director of the movie Sukumar uses the revenge conflict very efficiently between two intelligent people. Science-based concepts can be seen in this movie like the butterfly effect, use of puzzles, numbers which will make your brain work continuously.

So it will be a little bit stressful for those who don’t like numbers. Not just this, songs are beautifully composed & used as a narrative along with so beautiful cinematography. All the actors and actresses have given their 110% for the movie with their brilliant performance which will keep the public in awe. But with plus mints comes minus points too like the sequence between Rakul & her mother, there wasn’t anything afterward & one more is that the movie started with November but later reached September. 

But these minor faults can be neglected because it is a good movie & you should watch it at least once. Adding my own points with the above-given reviews, I should suggest you watch Nannaku Prematho full movie Hindi dubbed at least one time to decide yourselves whether it was worth it or not, because for me it was totally worth it. 

So according to my, you can watch this movie, it is a Masala movie with all sorts of elements. It is totally worth your time & money.  Every movie has some sort of good points & some bad points neglecting the bad points, Nannaku Prematho full movie Hindi dubbed has some praiseworthy scenes & some quite emotional ones too. It is up to you to watch this movie. If you want to watch this movie then it is available on the Mx player. 

Mx player is an app which is one of the online platforms where you can watch movies before it is premiered on television. It is a platform where producers release their movies so that it can be enjoyed by individuals who are unable to visit the theatres due to their busy schedules. It requires a subscription plan to view the programs for the rest of the month or year. 

So guys, Nannaku Prematho Full movie Hindi dubbed is a good one & you should. install the MX player app now & start enjoying your favorite movie right from the comfort of your home. 

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