Lucifer Malayalam movie was one of the most awaited movies by Mohanlal fans. This movie became the highest-grossing Malayalam movie in the year 2019. Lucifer was released on 28th March 2019. It was directed by one of the prominent Malayalam actor, Prithviraj Sukumaran. This was the first directorial venture by the most talented Prithviraj Sukumaran. He is really famous for his dedication and hard work which he put to his movies.

He is also popular in the Malayalam film industry for his brave decisions. He was really sharp and directed this movie in the best way. The amount of hard work and dedication put together by the whole team was selected through the movie. The story of this movie wasn’t revealed before the actual release. Even the trailer didn’t reveal much about the story.

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The trailer of this movie became one of the highest viewed Malayalam movie trailers in history. Prithviraj Sukumaran succeeded in creating curiosity in the minds of the audience through the trailer. This is an action thriller movie that has the presence of several versatile and talented actors. This movie has one of the greatest Malayalam actor Mohanlal playing the lead character, Stephen Nedumpally.

It also has the presence of several talented actors like Manju Warrier, Vivek Oberoi, Tovino Thomas, Indrajith Sukumaran, Saniya Iyyappan, etc. Overall this movie is a pack of the most talented actors.


Image – Lucifer Malayalam Movie

Lucifer Malayalam movie is one of the most popular and successful movies in the Malayalam film industry. This is an action thriller movie which was presented in the best way. This movie starts with a conversation between Interpol officers about Qureshi Abraham. The character Qureshi Abraham was not revealed in this part, however, hints about Qureshi Abraham was revealed at the end of the movie.

Then it is shown that PKR who was the chief minister of Kerala died in a hospital. Then the regular political drama starts by accusing the opposition party leader of the death of the Chief Minister. Meanwhile, Govardhan who is a freelance news reporter talks about the death of PKR through Facebook live.

There he talks about each and every member of the family of PKR and criticizes them also. He even discusses the replacement for PKR from his family members. Then he accuses Bobby, who is the son in law of PKR in having a connection with drug dealers all over the world. 

He even mention about a file full of evidence against Bobby. Then he talk about Stephen Nedumpally, who is an adopted son of PKR and called him Lucifer. The movie shows the lives of each characters simultaneously. Then Bobby is seen discussing about manufacturing drugs in Kerala with a drug dealer. He even successfully convinced him to invest 250 crores of money for creating the plant.

With this sudden demise of PKR, Bobby plans to take the control of that Political party for his benefits. Then Stephen Nedumpally arrives to attend the funeral of PKR. But Priya, who is the only daughter of PKR is not happy with the presence of Stephen Nedumpally. She doesn’t like Stephan due to unknown reasons, maybe because he’s an adopted brother. Priya has a daughter through her first marriage with Jayadevan who died in an accident. And she remarried Bobby by believing his fake character.

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Bobby also provides drugs to the daughter of Priya for the sexual benefit. Jatin, who is the son of PKR is elected to be the next chief minister candidate. He successfully managed to get the attention of people through his genuine and appealing character. When Bobby tried to take the control of the party, Stephen intervenes and ask him not to carry on with the drug dealings. Enraged Bobby decides to revenge Stephen through a news channel.

In order to destroy his public image, Bobby assigns a news reporter to meet Govardhan believing that he had some evidence against Stephen. But instead, he got some evidence against Bobby and his drug dealings. It was handed over to Bobby and they sent Govardhan to a mental asylum.

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Then Bobby tried to build that factory for manufacturing drugs, but Stephen killed everybody who went to the place for starting the work. As revenge, Bobby tried to destroy Stephens’s character by making one of the members from his shelter home to speak against Stephen. 

She claimed Stephen to be the father of her baby and even said that Stephen used her for his lust. Stephen was arrested on the charge of rape. Later Stephen received a phone call from Zayed, who is a bold and best man to Stephen. He managed to interrupt the drug dealings of Bobby. Then Stephen was released from jail after the girl confessed that she gave the wrong statements against Stephen due to coercion.

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Then Jhanvi, who is the daughter of Priya was admitted to the hospital due to the overuse of drugs. There she revealed to Priya about the true colors of Bobby and Priya breaks down after hearing it. She confronts Bobby about this incident and he admitted what Janvi said was true and also said that he planned the death of both PKR and Priya’s ex-husband. Priya had nobody by her side as she was under too much pressure.

Then she followed the words of her father and contacted Stephen for help. Stephen killed the police officer who blackmailed Priya and also assured her every help. Then at last Stephen along with Zayed rescues Bobby from the hands of drug dealers. Stephen finish the life of Bobby to fulfil the promise given to Priya. At last a glimpse of Khureshi Ab’ram is shown and it is revealed that Stephen himself is Ab’ram.                                                             


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Lucifer Malayalam movie is one of the successful movies with the best thriller story. Lucifer is a movie packed with a lot of action sequences and thrilling scenes that are beyond words. It was directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran who is one of the most popular South Indian actors. Lucifer was the first directorial venture of Prithviraj Sukumaran and he proved that he is a good director just like an excellent actor.

Lucifer has the presence of several talented South Indian actors like People’s favorite Mohanlal, Lady superstar Manju Warrier, sensational youngster Tovino Thomas, etc. It also has Vivek Oberoi playing the anti-hero character. The performance of Vivek Oberoi is something that should be appreciated. Being an outsider from the industry, Vivek Oberoi has proved his talent.

Each and every character in this movie presented their best performance. There are several websites that are available on the internet through which people can download this movie easily. 

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These are only a few websites through which you can download Lucifer Malayalam movie. There are several other websites through which you can watch or download this movie for free. However, the above-said websites are highly recommended for better video and audio quality. Sometimes you need to use VPN in order to download this movie for free through these websites.           


Image – Lucifer Malayalam Movie

Lucifer Malayalam Movie is one of the successful Malayalam movies in the year 2019. It was the first directorial venture of Prithviraj Sukumaran who himself is one of the most popular and successful actors. He has presented the story of this movie in the best way and there is nothing that could have been improved.

This movie was produced by Antony Perumbavoor who has produced almost every recent Mohanlal film. The story of this movie was written by Murali Gopy who is really popular for his thriller scripts.

The music was handled by all-time favorite musician Deepak Dev. The music and songs of this movie is one among the best in recent time. People widely accepted each and every song in this movie and the background score of this movie created a revolution in the minds of youngsters. The camera of this movie was handled by Sujith Vasudev who is popular for his unbelievable skills.

Sujith Vasudev creates magic through the camera. He has received huge appreciation from film critics as well as the audience also. When we closely examine the performance of each and every actor, we can find no faults. Stephen Nedumpally or Qureshi Abraham played by Mohanlal stole the show. Stephen was a person with a serious attitude and mature behavior.

Prithviraj managed to present Stephen as the best man. Mohanlal is otherwise known as the complete actor and he himself has once again proven his talent. Next is Priya, played by Manju Warrier who is popular for her natural acting skills. Priya is a person who is serious, emotionally broken, and so on. She’s a person with intense emotions and Manju Warrier has managed to the present role of Priya in the best way.

The audience praised the performance of Manju Warrier for her natural acting. Next is Vivek Oberoi who is a non-Malayalam speaking actor but has presented the most important character in this movie. 

He played the character of Bobby, who is the antagonist in this movie. The audience of Lucifer Malayalam Movie felt angry towards the character of Bobby which proves the talent of Vivek Oberoi. He presented the character of Bobby in the best way. Next is Tovino Thomas who is the heartthrob for almost every female Malayali audience. In Lucifer Malayalam Movie, he played the character of a mature youngster, unlike his regular romantic characters. Tovino presented the character of Jatin and is wise also.

Even though he had limited screen time only, he did the best. Next is Sania Iyappan who played the character of Jhanvi and her performance was unbelievable. She has a promising career as a lead character in the Malayalam film industry. The way she handled the most emotional scenes in Lucifer Malayalam Movie is beyond words. Last but not least the Director himself played one of the key roles Zayed.

The character of Zayed had only limited screen space and the background and more information related to him is said not yet revealed. Overall this is a movie that made the audience lot more curious. Lucifer Malayalam Movie has proven that Prithviraj Sukumaran is one of the most talented people who are capable of acting as well as directing. Overall this movie comes under the must-watch category for every type of audience. The second part of this movie is much awaited by the audience. 

Lucifer Malayalam Movie – FAQ:

  1. Will there be a second part for the Lucifer movie?

    Yes, Prithviraj Sukumaran has confirmed the second part of the Lucifer movie. But nothing much has been officially revealed about this movie to the audience. People are eagerly waiting for the second part of this movie which is named Empuraan.

  2. Why do the Malayalam movie Lucifer has huge hype?

    Lucifer was one of the most awaited movies in the year 2019. This movie has received a lot of hype due to several reasons. The first reason is the presence of complete actor Mohanlal. The second reason for huge popularity is since it was the first directorial venture of Prithviraj Sukumaran who himself is really popular for his wise and perfect decisions. Next is the presence of Lady superstar Manju Warrier and young Tovino Thomas. 

  3. Can we download this movie from internet?

    Yes, you can easily download this movie through the internet. There are several websites through which you can download this movie for free. However, the three websites that are mentioned above are the safest and best in terms of video quality for downloading.

  4. Is this movie available in other regional languages also?

    Yes, Lucifer is available in almost every popular regional languages in India. You can easily find Lucifer movie in any other languages through different websites. 

  5. Does this movie has English subtitles?

    Yes, Lucifer movie is available with English subtitles. 

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