List of zee tv serial – 10 Best zee tv serial ( All Shows)

Zee TV has been the Best entertainment platform. The channel offers content in many languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and many more. It provides not only serials but also movies. Each serial has a unique storyline and you will get an access to the watch spectrum of the genre on Zee TV.

But in today’s world when we are confined with time limits, Zee TV has brought Zee5, an official online streaming platform where you can watch your favorite show on your own terms. The high-quality content provided by Zee TV is running successfully. Zee TV is an Indian cable which is operated by zee entertainment enterprises. So here is the list of 10 zee tv serials you will love to watch. 

 List of zee tv serial: Kukum bhagya

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Ekta Kapoor produced the famous serial Kumkum bhagya is running very well. The premier was released on 15 April 2014. The lead roles are played by Sriti Jha as Pragya and Shabir Ahluwalia as Abhishek Mehra. Abhishek known as Abhi is a rockstar and Pragya is a humble and hard-working teacher.

Sarla is the mother of Pragya who runs a marriage hall and hopes to both of her daughters being happily married. But the two sisters have their own dreams and aspirations. The love story of Pragya and Abhi is very well portrayed. The show is telecasted on weekdays and you will definitely love the chemistry of Abhi and Pragya. So watch Kumkum bhagya, one the top of the list of zee tv serials. 

 List of zee tv serial: Kundli  bhagya 

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The Premier of Kundli bhagya was released on 12 July 2017 on Zee TV. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Babaji telefilms. The lead roles of Indian romantic drama include Dheeraj Dhooper as Karan, Shraddha Arya as Preeta, Manit Joura as Rishabh, and Anjum Fakih as Srishty. The show is a spin-off of Kumkum bhagya and is a serial for those who are bored with overstretched love stories of Abhi and Pragya. Srishty and Preeta are long lost sisters of Pragya. 

The serial starts in a flask back where the father of two sisters asks them to go to Mumbai where their mother and other 2 sisters live. Preeta and srishty are of opposite nature. While Preeta is a modest and shy kind of girl, Srishty is outspoken. Preeta is quite emotional to leave her city while Srishty is excited to explore the new city. In Mumbai, they get to meet the other two boys Karan and Rishabh. Karan and Rishabh are friends of Abhi.

And similar to the two sisters they are opposite poles. Karan is a cricketer and Rishabh is Abhi’s manager. Karan is quite arrogant while Rishabh is cool and calm. A love triangle is surely formed between Karan, Rishabh, and Preeta. Preeta is a physiotherapist. Rishabh starts liking her while Karan has a mixed kind of relationship with Preeta. He sometimes hates her and sometimes loves her. So to explore their lives watch Kundli bhagya on Zee TV. 

 List of zee tv serial: Kaleerein

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Kaleerein released its premiere on 5 February 2018 on zee tv. Leading actors of the serial are Arjit Taneja and Aditi Sharma. Nikhil and Sohanna Sinha produced the serial ‘Kaleerein’. It is a Hindi romantic drama. It is a story of a young and courageous girl named Meera Dhingra. Meera wants to live her life on her own terms. She tries to be herself in search of her perfect groom.

The story is actually about the training of girls given before marriage so that they can become a perfect wife. Since Punjabi culture is shown in the serial, most of the shooting of the show is done in Punjab. The chemistry between the two stars is what connects the viewer. Will Meera be able to find a perfect groom for herself who will accept the way she is?

Meera’s mother wants her daughter to be an ideal wife and in order to fulfill her desire, she forces Meera to join Soni Kudi Academy. Meera on the other hand loves to play Kabaddi and does not want to be well-groomed for her future husband. She believes that she could marry only that person who loves her the way she is. 

List of zee tv serial: Bhabhi  Ji Ghar par hai

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The premier was released on 2 March 2015. the serial is an Indian sitcom. The story is about two neighboring couples who are attracted to each other’s wives. How they try to impress them is what forms the crux of the show. The serial is produced by Binaifer Kohli and is inspired by an older Hindi sitcom titled Shrimaan Srimati. So the Tiwari and Mishra have their homes in opposite directions of the street.

Tiwari’s reside in the house no 6 while Mishras in the house no 9. Most of the show is directed inside the house. Nearby there is a tea stall named Gupta tea center where the discussions of how their lives are going on usually take place. While impressing each other wives Mr. Mishra and Mr. Tiwari land everyone in many problems. 

Manmohan Tiwari is an undergarments businessman and his wife is a naive housewife. On the other hand, Mr. Mishra is currently unemployed and handles the home chores and his wife is quite modern and runs grooming classes. She hates her husband being unemployed and quite lazy. The serial is full of entertainment and is viewed by many people. Watch bhabhi Ji Ghar hai on zee tv. 

List of zee tv serial: Ishq subha allah

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The premier was released on 14 March 2018 on Zee TV. The serial is produced by Zuby Kochchar and Dheeraj Kumar. The lead role is played by Adnan Khan as Kabir and Eisha Singh as Zara Kabir Ahmad. It is a drama and romance based series. Zara and Kabeer belong to the same religion but interpret the Quran in their own unique way.

The serial tries to portray the true interpretation of a religion and how we can make it a part of our daily lives. While Kabeer follows the traditional code of conduct, Eisha interprets the Quran in a practical way. How life will take a turn when these two people will fall in love and get married to each other is how the story goes further. After the show takes a one year leap you will be introduced to a new  Zara, Tunisha. What will happen when the old Zara also comes after some time? Will the old Zara and Kabeer reunite? 

 List of zee tv serial: Vishnu puran

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Vishnu Puran is directed by Ravi Chopra and produced by BR Chopra. Vishnu Purana was first telecasted in the year 2000. The leading role is played by Nitesh Bhardwaj as Vishnu and Vaidehi Amrute as Lakshmi. The story is about ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The 126 episodes were first aired on Zee TV and later on Dd National. 

Due to coronavirus pandemic, Zee tv started re-airing the episodes to inspire and entertain viewers during the lockdown. The title song of Vishnu Purana was sung by the great singer Shankar Mahadevan. Each story of Vishnu Puran teaches a lesson about mankind and if you love mythology this might be a must-watch for you.

Makers of the show have thoroughly studied the epics to make one of the best mythological shows. Most of us know only 2 avatars of Hari that are Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. This serial will dive you in other incarnations and instill positivity within you. 

List of zee tv serial: India’s  best dramebaaz

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It is a reality show for children between the ages of 4-15 years. Indian’s best dramebaaz is produced by Essel productions. It is a talent search program and focuses on the skill of acting among children. It is unlike Sa Re Ga Ma and DID where children’s talent for singing and dance is searched. 3 seasons have been telecasted till now. The show was judged by Anurag Basu in the first season.

Other judges of the 2nd and 3rd season include Sajid khan, Vivek Oberoi, and Sonali Bendre. On the day of the premiere, the producers of the show distributed sweets in the maternal ward to the family of newborn babies. This show will bring you loads of laughter and you will surely enjoy watching it. You will be amazed to watch the talent of these little kids. Anurag Basu says that the show revives his childhood while judging it. 

List of zee tv serial: Pavitra Rishta

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Pavitra Rishta is produced by Ekta Kapoor and was telecasted from 2009 to 2014 on Zee TV. .The serial is based on a Tamil serial Thirumathi Selvam. The story is about the love story of Ankita Lokhande as Archana and Sushant Singh Rajput as Manav Deshmukh. Manav is a mechanic by profession and Archana is not a highly educated girl. Archana ‘s mother wants her to get married to a person who is well qualified in studies.

So how Manav and Archana fall in love and how they deal with all ups and downs of their life is what the story is all about. Pavitra Rishta is a love story of two ordinary people which was soon converted to off-screen love and was not just confined to on-screen. The serial has gained much more popularity after the death of lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The serial is worth watching and will definitely connect the viewers. 

It is the story of all relationships like mother daughter, husband wife, brother sister and many such relations. 

List of zee tv serial: Jodha Akbar 

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Jodha Akbar produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor is a historical drama serial. It premiered in 2013 on zee TV. The leading role is played by Rajat Tokas as Akbar and Paridhi Sharma as Jodha. The serial Jodha Akbar is one of the expensive serials telecasted with luxurious sets, costumes, and jewelry. The story revolves around the political marriage of Jodha and Akbar and how they instill love in their relationship to an extent that it affected the fate of India. The serial portrayed Akbar’s ruling policy and how he enlarged his kingdom.

The chemistry of parijat(Paridhi and Rajat) is fantastic and you will love to watch how they tease and love each other. The war sequences will also win your heart. Another good point of Jodha Akbar serial is the songs that you get to hear in the show. Jodha is portrayed as a bold lady and remains a source of inspiration for many viewers. The love story of a Rajput princess and a Mughal emperor is worth watching. The show not only depicts the personal life of Akbar but also you will get to know many facts of his reign. 

List of zee tv serial : Guddan- tumse na ho payega

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The serial released its premiere in September 2018 on zee tv. The drama and romance based show are produced by Ved Raj. We must have all heard in our lives that u can not do this particular task. But if we decide to do it wholeheartedly we can easily prove those people wrong. The same story is that of Guddan, a role played by actress Kannika Mann. 

Guddan is a bold and sweet 20-year-old girl who makes a lot of mistakes. People always say to her Tumse na ho payega. But she does that work with full dedication and proves them wrong.

Till 2019 people found the serial to be a light-hearted romantic comedy. But after June 2019, the show becomes more crime thriller based. The acting of Kanika is amazing and it will be a  treat to watch her. Kannika ‘s life takes a turn when she is married to an old man and becomes the youngest mother in law. How she handles her three daughters-in-law will definitely be a source of great inspiring entertainment for the viewers.

List of zee tv serial – 10 Best zee tv serial ( All Shows)
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