Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie (2019) – Best Reviews in 2021

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie is one of the most recent & loved movies from the Tollywood industry. A movie is a sort of entertainment which makes a person enjoy their life to the fullest. Whenever a person is feeling bored, one can watch movies, TV shows & can surf on the internet. The Big Screen that is the film industry &  movies is a big factor to enjoy your life. Movies are the best way to pass your time even when no one is there with us.

No need to wait for someone, just switch on the TV & start exploring the different shows which might be broadcasted at that time. One such movie which was premiered recently on Television is Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie which is way too much popular. It is one of the best Tollywood movies in India. Due to its popularity, it was released early on Television so that viewers who were unable to watch this movie on the OTT platform can also have a chance to enjoy this blockbuster movie which will make their day & is the perfect movie to invest in in your time as well as money. 

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie – Introduction: 

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie have been originally released in the Malayalam language on 15 November 2019 in India, 21 November 2019 in the United Arab Emirates, 21 November 2019 in Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar, and on 29 November 2019 in the United States of America. It is considered as an action thriller film with a money heist plot involved too. It was premiered for the first time as Hindi dubbed on 27 December 2020. It has a running time of almost 3 hours I.e 160 minutes.

If you will ask me to give a short description of a movie in 2 words then I would say, Tom & Jerry. Just like the cartoon show Tom & Jerry, Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie is about a Thief & Cop; In Tom & Jerry, we all know how much attempts Tom to catch Jerry in the same way in the movie we will see how Jack, the thief wants to steal black money from some very high profile persons so that people can see their real corrupted faces & to stop him, Daniel, the cop chases after him & wants to catch him at any cost.

This thriller to see who will win & who will surrender first will be a treat to watch especially the Hindi dubbed version called Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie. Jack & Daniel Hindi dubbed movie was made by Shibu Thameens, he was the producer of that movie & produces the film by their Thameens Films Production house.

The film is star-studded, grabbing the lead roles by Dileep and Arjun Sarja with some famous supporting actors like Anju Kurian, Suresh Krishna & Saiju Kurup. The movie’s soul, its background score is composed by Shaan Rahman & Gopi Sundar who are responsible for its popularity since the background music plays a vital role to reach the heart of the audience. Its songs, Ee Vazhi, Aarambambo, Evide Thirayum, as well as the trailer give an overview of its spectacular songs & music. The movie has done a business of $ 90, 663 at the worldwide market. 

We all know that Hindi is a language which is spoken by most of the persons in India, to watch a movie which is original of a different language but escaping that barrier with the dubbed version, one can enjoy all sorts of movies be it is of any language. Hindi siders can watch Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie smoothly & comfortably with the Hindi version. Though it was not that popular initially hence has an IMDB rating of only 4.4 but it is loved by its audiences who have watched it on Television & are the reason for its immense popularity in the Hindi version of the movie, Jack & Daniel too. 

The Main stars to make Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie presentable are not just the actors which plays a role but the people who made it from behind the scenes so that we can enjoy it on the big screen. The men behind the plot of the movie, the writer of the movie S.L. Puram Jayasurya who was not just a writer but the director of the movie too. S.L. Puram Jayasurya was the person who directed this movie by giving their all so that the actors can evoke the characters in the minds of the viewers.

The Cinematography part of the movie was under Shivakumar Vijayan while the Editor of the movie, who deleted & replaced some scenes is Johnkutty. 

The entire cast of  Jack & Daniel Hindi dubbed movie is as mentioned below: 

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie
Image – Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie
  1. Starting with the Superstar Dileep who plays the character of Jackson aka. Jack Mathew is serving as an ex- NSG commando in the movie.
  2. Arjun Sarja plays the role of Daniel Alexander and is an IPS officer.
  3. Anju Kurian playing the role of Susmitha who also serves as the IPS officer.
  4. Ashokan plays the role of SI Hari in the movie.
  5. Saiju Kurup has played the role of DYSP Philipose.
  6. Innocent who plays the role of Home minister Koyapparamban.
  7. The chief minister role was played by Janardhanan.
  8. Devan plays the role of R.K. Nair in the movie.
  9. Suresh Krishna has played the role of Jerald Mathew.
  10. Sadiq acts the character of Ramettan.
  11. G. Suresh Kumar as a  DGP in the movie.
  12. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy was the wife of Jerard.
  13. A cameo role played by Riyaj Khan as a businessman in the movie.
  14. Appa Haja plays the character of Hisbullah.
  15. Juby Ninan is the club master.
  16. Majeed plays the role of the City Police Commissioner in the movie.
  17. Peter Hein is a cameo in his own character.
  18. Chali Pala is one of the politicians.
  19. Ponnamma Babu as Padma Shenoy in the movie.
  20. Subbalakshmi plays the role of Muthassi in the movie.
  21. Balachandran Chullikkadu as Krishnettan, & many more characters of the movie whose presence makes Jack & Daniel Hindi dubbed movie even more enjoyable & interesting to watch with family & friends. 

Plot History of the Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie is as follows: 

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie
Image – Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie

Arjun Sarja who is playing the role of Daniel Alexander, an IPS officer who is famous for his intelligence to capture criminals was given a task in the movie. His task was to catch the thief who has robbed many places collecting almost 1700 crores of black money from reputed business administrators & well-known people of the society in only within one & a half year. While investigating the case, Daniel realized that the robber who he has to capture is none other than Jack a businessman whose role was played by Dileep.

Jack was a businessman in the eyes of the people in the day time but a thief who robs black money from powerful people at the night time. The only issue that Daniel faces is the victims who were robbed on their money never report it to the police since all the money that is robbed is illegal.  To get up to Jack, Daniel devises a plan to capture Jack. He called his colleague, IPS officer Susmitha, played by Anju Kurian as an undercover person.

She was given the identity of a Photographer to keep an eye on Jack. Jack & Susmitha meet up in Goa, initially, Susmitha was only entertaining him for the sake of investigation & getting some useful information out of him but afterward, she started falling in love with him. On the other hand, Jack already knew about Susmitha’s identity as a police officer but still act as if he was clueless about her identity & only know of her as a photographer.

As the days passed, Jack opens up to Susmitha & told her his past experience & the reason why he is robbing the black money from such people. In between, a thrilling confrontation takes place between Daniel & Jack, it was the turning point of the movie. The main part of the movie starts from this point,  its thrilling action, the cat & mouse chase begins from here & made their viewers see the movie till the end. 

Review offered by the critics about Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie is as given below: 

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie
Image – Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie

It is exactly like a vintage drama movie involving a good cop & a thief with a hidden motive at the end which Mark’s the all to famous Malayalam plot of cat & mouse chase. Jack & Daniel fits into that genre perfectly which was originally made so famous due to some very popular movies of Sathyam Anthikad- SN Swamy combo like Kalikkalam & Joshiy- Sachy. 

JACK played by Dileep has acted as a thief numerous times on the big screen so watching him in the character of Jack was nothing new & doesn’t offer many souls to the movie. The character of Daniel played by the superstar of Tollywood Arjun was quite beautifully written. The female lead, Sushmita played by Anju Kurian almost has a zero presence in the movie.

The biggest factor to make this movie an enjoyable one was Saiju Kurup & Ashokan was the much-needed X-factor of the movie who makes the audiences have a fit of laughter with their superb jokes timed with the best expressions & acting skills. The cameo played by Peter Hein thought was unnecessary but looked good in the movie. The soul of the movie was its action sequence all the action scenes were superbly directed although they defy logic especially physics but still an enjoyable movie at the end of the day. 

Review of a local viewer who has seen Jack & Daniel Hindi dubbed movie & wanted to express his views as: 

Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie
Image – Jack and Daniel Hindi Dubbed Movie

According to that anonymous person, it is an entertaining movie with the very popular style of Dileep’s acting with its originality & humor. It gases a motive for our society regarding the Indian army. Many citizens of our country do not respect our army & soldiers. This movie will give an insight regarding that matter too. So, it is a must-watch Masala movie that can be seen by viewers belonging to any age. 

So according to me, you should at least watch this movie once to decide whether it is good or bad not going on the reviews given by the people since the way you view something is different than the other. So it is you yourselves who will decide whether you want to watch Jack and Daniel’s Hindi dubbed movie or not. If you do want to watch it then it is available on Amazon prime video. 

Amazon prime video is an online platform where you can watch movies before it is premiered on television. It is a platform where producers release their movies & web series so that it can be enjoyed by people even though they are not visiting the Cineplex or theatres. It requires a subscription plan to view the programs for the rest of the month or year.

Amazon Prime is also such a platform that gives a 1 month free trial period to its users so that they can watch the programs which are available here & then will decide whether they want to invest in the future in it or not. Jack & Daniel Hindi dubbed movie can only be watched in theaters & on Television but if you are a die-hard fan of Arjun & Dileep, I will recommend you to watch it on Amazon Prime in the Malayalam language itself with the English subtitles. Some persons might think it as a boring movie with the same plot exploited again, but it is a totally a paisa vasool movie. 

So  I would say do watch Jack and Daniel Hindi dubbed movie to enjoy 160 minutes with nothing but the thrill of who will win in the end, what will happen & much more. It is available on Amazon Prime so install it now & start your 1-month free subscription with the beginning from this movie. 

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