How to download Gandi Baat Web series? – 7 best websites to download

How to download Gandi Baat Web series is one of the questions that is coming up since the Web series has been released on Alt Balaji. The series came up 2 years back but its craze is raw and fresh among the people.

We are in between a Pandemic where most of the works have been stalled and people are at home restricted to go out and socialize.  One of the best to keep our selves  Entertained is through Binge-watching Web series and movies.

download Gandi Baat Web series
Image – Download Gandi Baat Web series

As we know the Cinema halls and theaters have been shut down for a while due to Covid-19 and folks are keeping themselves entertained by watching movies on OTT platforms like Hotstar,  Amazon Prime,  Netflix, ALTBalaji, and many more. The market of all the OTT platforms has increased tremendously. The prime reason for the elevated market would be the fact that all the movies are being released on the OTT platform due to Covid-19.

Web series are becoming popular Among the people. The major reason for the popularity of Web series is because they have something  Fresh all the time.  The plot is crisp and gripping unlike the typical and basic Bollywood movies and prolonged daily soaps. Web series have comparatively unique and better content that you can watch in the comfort of your own sweet home with popcorn or a cold drink. 

One of these Web series Is “Gandi Baat” which is made by Ekta Kapoor,  the queen of the daily soap.  The web series Has 4 seasons and 18 episodes. Gandi Baat is an adult web series (soft porn), which was released on ALTBalaji.  Altbalaji is an OTT platform that is owned by Balaji telefilms ltd. Let us see some of the ways through which you can watch Ekta Kapoor’s “Gandi Baat  “web series and let us also look into whether these ways can help you download Gandi Baat Web series –

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1. Take the subscription of Alt Balaji

The subscription of Altbalaji is 100 INR for 3 months and 300 INR for a year. If you take an Altbalaji subscription you can watch uninterrupted web series and movies uploaded in the platform. It is the most legal and safe way to Watch movies and Web series. Taking subscriptions and watching the series is the best way to watch the series in my opinion.

2. Jio cinema

As we know most of the Indian’s use Jio services,  the good news is,  for all the Jio customers the   Alt Balaji subscription comes for free.  You just have to log in to Jio cinema and you can Binge-watch all the Web series and movies On Alt Balaji free of cost.

3. Vodafone plays – 

All the Vodafone costumers can Watch Alt Balaji’s Gandi Baat for free.

4. Airtel TV – 

All the Airtel Costumers get Subscription for Alt Balaji and hence they Can watch the Gandi Baat web series.

5. Mx player –  

You can watch Gandi Baat and a lot more web series on the Mx player.  M x players stand as the most convenient platform to watch several movies and web series.

Every coin has two sides and so does this. Watching movies and Web series on these platforms have there own set of Advantages and Disadvantages –

The advantages of Watching movie or web series in these platforms are –

  1. Easy – The process of watching a movie on these platforms is very easy and handy. You just have to download the app and you get all the movies and web series that are offered by them.
  2. Legal – Though a lot of people prefer downloading movies and web series from  ‘not so legal ‘ platforms, getting a subscription stands as the best way through which you can watch all the movies and web series that you desire.

Download Gandi Baat Web series – The options given above are relevant and suitable but they have Few drawbacks

download Gandi Baat Web series
Image – Download Gandi Baat Web series

1.  The download option is not available

If you wish to download and see the Web series to avoid buffering and Internet connectivity issues, sadly,  that would not be possible on these platforms.

2. The quality is not up to the mark – 

You may watch the web series on the platforms that are mentioned above,  but the picture quality might be questionable.

3. A lot of ads –

These platforms are loaded with ads that might interrupt your happy watching session and none of us wants to be interrupted by ads in between a web series or a movie-watching session. 

The best way to get rid of all the drawbacks is to download Gandi Baat web series. Now the question pops that how to download Gandi Baat Web series for free. 

Why do people want to download Gandi Baat web series?

download Gandi Baat Web series
Image – Download Gandi Baat Web series

Now – a – days people prefer downloading web series because it helps to get rid of the buffering issues. It also makes the movie watching session delightful as there are no ads to interrupt. Nobody likes to pay for a subscription for watching movies and web series.

People re actively looking for other options through which you can download high-quality movies on your phone or pc. Here are some options through which you can Download Gandi Baat Web series.

How to download Gandi Baat Web series – Telegram

download Gandi Baat web series
Image – Download Gandi Baat Web series

Download Gandi Baat Web series or movies from Telegram is very trouble-free and straightforward. The steps to download Gandi Baat web series from Telegram are given below –

1. Download the app from play store –

The first step of the process requires you to download the Telegram app from play store,  It might take 3-5 minutes (depends on  your internet speed) 
Note- If you already have Telegram,  Skip this step and directly open the app.

2. Log in / sign in –

Once your telegram app is installed, login, or sign in to the app.

3. Search for a Channel  On Telegram –

Telegram has several channels that provide you with Bollywood movies and webseries,  choose anyone and open the channel.

4. Search for the movie –

There is a search box provided on Telegram, Click on the search button and write Gandi Baat web series.

5. Click on the result And start downloading  –

After searching,  you will get sever results click on the link and start downloading the Web series.

The advantage you will have if you Download Gandi Baat Web series On telegram.

1. No waste of money on subscription – You don’t have to pay any amount of money for a subscription when you can easily download web series From Telegram.
2. The picture quality is Top -notch – The quality of the Web series will be worthy and will you’re your web series watching session delightful.

The disadvantage you will face if you download Gandi Baat web series from telegram,  The drawbacks of Downloading Webseries Gandi Baat from Telegram are given below –

1. Time-consuming – telegram takes a lot of time to download a movie or a web series.
2. A lot of spam –  It is quite difficult to find a genuine channel and link.  There are a lot of fake channels on telegram.

How to download Web series Gandi Baat – Fimlyzilla

download Gandi Baat web series
Image – Download Gandi Baat Web series
  1. Website –  Open the website of on your search engine.
  2. Download movie – One you have opened the website Scroll down to find the ‘ download movies’ Section.
  3. Hindi Web series – Click on the ‘download movie’ tab and look for the Hindi Web series.
  4. Alphabetical search box –Scroll down to the bottom, You will find an alphabetical driven search box.
  5. Alphabet of your choice –Tap on the  alphabet  “ G“ [ G for Gandi baat ]
  6. The search result will display all the web series that starts with the  alphabet
  7. You will get the latest season’s of Gandi Baat, You can choose whichever season you want to download.
  8. Tap on whichever season of Gandi Baat you want to download.
  9. Ignore the Flashy Pop-ups that say ‘ download ’, those contain viruses and can be harmful to your Mobile phone of pc.
  10.  Select the server -Then the download server will show up, select any of the servers as per your preference.
  11. As soon as you select and tap on the server of your choice the download will begin.
  12. It will take a while to download after the file is downloaded you can find it on the downloaded files of your phone or pc.
  13. Enjoy watching ‘ Gandi Baat’ series of the best picture and sound quality.

Advantages you will if you download the Gandi Baat web series from Fimlyzilla.

  1. No need to waste money on subscriptions – If you download Gandi Baat Webseries from Fimlyzilla you do away with all the expenses that you have to pay for getting an Alt Balaji subscription.
  2. You can watch the web series Gandi Baat non interrupted – There will be no adds or buffering to interrupt your watching session. You can watch the web series very peacefully.
  3. High quality – The picture quality of the Web series will be smooth and gripping. Your experience of watching sessions will be elevated with good sound and picture quality.

Disadvantages you will face if you download the Gandi Baat web series from Fimyzilla.

  1. Flashy pop-ups that display “ download “ are there to fool people. If someone clicks on the flashy pop op of “Download’’, their phone or pc can get infected by the virus. 
  2. It can be confusing – The process of downloading from Filmzilla can be confusing for few folks as there are loads of link and navigations.
  3. A lot of spam – The website is quite shady, It contains a lot of spam and false links.
  4. Time-consuming – The process of download might take a lot of time, It completely depends on your internet speed.

Download Gandi Baat Web series – FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

  1. Is ‘gandi baat’ an adult web series?

    Yes , Alt Balaji’s Gandi baat is an adult web series . It is made only for the people who are above the age group  of 18 years hence it is illegal for people below age of 18 to watch this web – series.

  2. How many seasons of Gandi Baat are there?

    There are a total of 4 seasons of web series ‘Gandi Baat’.

  3. How to download Gandi Baat Web series?

    The process of downloading Gandi Baat web series are mentioned above, kindly follow the steps and download the web series.

  4. Is Alt Balaji subscription free?

    Alt Balaji subscription is free on some platforms like Mx player, Jio cinema, airtel tv, and much more. The authentic Alt Balaji subscription costs 100 INR for 3 months and 300 INR for 1 year.

  5. How to get rid of the ads in Alt Balaji?

    To get rid of the ads in Alt Balaji or any other platform you will have to get the subscription of the Platform.

  6. Is the Gandi Baat web series a must-watch?

    That totally depends on your preference, if you are someone who likes movies and web series with adult content then go for it. There is no restriction in watching this we series until you are above the age group of 18 years.

The steps to watch or download Gandi Baat web series are mentioned above in detail. Each option has its own set of pros and cons. It is always advisable to watch movies or web series from the original platform rather than watching or downloading it from any other platform or web site.

Following a rational method will protect you from several spams and at the same time, the process is extremely simplified and untangled. Look carefully into the pros and cons of each option and choose what suits you best. Enjoy your binge movie and web series watching session and pass your time by escaping boredom. 

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