Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download, So if you love to watch Bengali movies, then Gumnami won’t disappoint you at all. The 137 minutes long movie will keep you engaged right from the beginning till the end. Tum Mujhe Khoon do main Tumhe Azadi Dunga is a slogan which all of us have heard. The slogan is by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on whom the whole movie revolves. 

GUMNAMI BENGALI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Theories about the death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


So most of us know that the death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is still a mystery to date. There are three theories about the death of a great leader. Netaji was one of the most controversial political leaders. He gave the slogan Jai Hind. But his disappearance just before our independence still is questioned. 

Here is the Gumnami Bengali movie download there is a theory that says that Netaji died in a plane crash in Taihoku in 1945 which is now called Taiwan. But there are people who don’t believe this theory. Some say that he went abroad specifically to Russia where he was kept in a prison and tortured leading to his death.  others say he went Uttar Pradesh.

It is believed that Netaji went to Uttar Pradesh and lived theirs As Gumnami Baba. Hence the name of the movie Gumnami which focuses on the death and disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose. 

GUMNAMI BENGALI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Theory about the plane crash: first theory 


According to a report by John Figgess, Netaji died in Taihoku military hospital on August 18, 1945. According to the report, the great leader died of a heart attack caused by multiple burns and shock after the plane crash. The family members of Netaji believe the same. Then they opposed the movie Gumnami. After independence, the government of our country put forward three commissions to solve the mystery of Netaji’s death.

The first committee with Shah Nawaz Khan as Head also declared Netaji’s cause of death as the plane crash. Another Committee was appointed in 1970 to investigate Netaji’s case again. The Committee now headed by Justice G. D. Khosla again declared plane crash as the cause of death of Bose. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download.


In 1999 another Committee headed by Supreme Court judge Manoj Kumar Mukherjee was set to once again investigate the case. The report submitted in 2005 declared that there was no relation to a plane crash with Bose’s death. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download.

Then 2015, all the files on Netaji were made public by Mamta Banerjee on demand of family members and other people. Even now Prime Minister Narendra Modi declassified many files about Netaji but couldn’t find any proof that Netaji was still alive after 1945.


Now let us talk about the third theory on which the movie is based. It says that Bose lived after 1945 as Gumnami Baba in Uttar Pradesh, specifically in Faizabad District. He lived there as Bhagwanji, Gumnami Baba of Mahakal. According to this theory he died in 1985.owing to this theory in 2013 Up the government was ordered to set a committee and investigate the case.

The commission was headed by Justice Vishnu Sahai who submitted the report in 2019. but the report could not make a final decision if the unnamed sadhu was Bose himself. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download

A book titled Conundrum: Subhash Bose’s life after death is written by Anuj Dhar and Chandrachur Ghose. They are researchers of Netaji and have researched for 15 years to write the book. Here is Gumnami bengali movie download

They are supporters of the third theory of Gumnami Baba. They claim that Bose was alive after 1945.It is not sure if the movie Gumnami is inspired by the book or not. If it is so they haven’t claimed it in public. 

Movie Gumnami was criticized by family members of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who believe that he died in a plane crash. But Anuj Dhar and Chandrachur Ghose believe that the family is aware of the relation of Bose with Gumnami Baba but they have been threatened to speak anything in favor of it. Anuj Dhar and Chandrachur Ghose have their organization in Delhi named Mission Netaji. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download.

The organisation is also criticised by Bose’s family members. 

GUMNAMI BENGALI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: All about producers, directors, and editors 


Gumnami is a Bengali film released on 2nd October this year. The movie is directed by Srijit Mukherji. Producers of the movie Gumnami are Mahendra Soni, Shrikant Mohta, and Pranay Ranjan. The movie Gumnami is based on Mukherjee’s commission hearings. Screenplay and story of movie Gumnami are by Srijit Mukherji and Manish Patra.

The movie is edited by Pronoy Dasgupta and Manish Patra. Shree Venkatesh Films is the production company of the movie Gumnami. The movie was originally released in the Bengali language but you may watch the movie in Hindi as well. So who are the leading actors of the movie Gumnami? 

Prosenjit Chatterjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, and Tanusree Chakraborty are seen playing the lead role. Here is Gumnami bengali movie download

The music of the movie Gumnami is handled by Indraadip Dasgupta. Further the soundtrack of the movie is by I. N. A and D. L. Roy. 

GUMNAMI BENGALI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Cast of the movie Gumnami 


Let’s see who all are part of the movie? 

The lead role of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is very well played by Prosenjit Chatterjee. We also see him as Gumnami Baba in the movie. The role of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi is played by Surendra Ranjan. Sanjay Gurbaxani plays the role of Jawaharwala Nehru. As we have discussed earlier Chandrachur Dhar, the role is played by Anirban Bhattacharya. And that of Ronita Dhar by Tanusree Chakraborty.

Other featured roles include that of Shyamal Chakraborty, Prantik Banerjee, Pallavi Chatterjee, Shibashish Bandopadhyay, and many more. The role of an Ina soldier named Habibur Rehman is played by Satyam Bhattacharya. Further, Akshay Kapoor plays the role of Shrikant Sharma Kanha. And Biplab Dasgupta portrays the role of Mr. Paul. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download


The trailer of the movie Gumnami, Well the trailer of the movie was released on 8 September 2019. prior to this, a teaser came out on 15 August 2019. Following this movie released on 2 October 2019. Well, the date is the day we all celebrate it as Gandhi Jayanti. After a week or so the movie was released in Hindi as well. The trailer was released in both Hindi and Bengali languages on 15 August itself. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download

Here are the links to watch the trailer in both languages :

(Bengali language) 

(in Hindi) 


Controversy of the movie Gumnami 

The grand nephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose criticized the movie. He opposed the portrayal of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as Gumnami Baba. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download



Now let’s see the Story line of the movie:

The movie starts showing a congress conference with Subhash Chandra Bose as a part of it. But as we all know that Bose was not in favor of Gandhi’s way of nonviolence. So he resigns from INC. So what did he do? The courageous leader started his journey to the world in order to make allies. As discussed earlier, in 2003 Chandrachur Dhar was asked to investigate the case of his death, but what follows next? 

He was so engrossed in his work and his research about Netaji’s death, he didn’t take care of his wife. She then decides to get divorced. All this affected him very much mentally and he decided to quit the job. Further, he made a group of people who are assigned to work for the same cause. Everyone works to solve the mystery of death and the disappearance of Netaji. 

When the report was made and was released in 2005, it declared that there was no plane crash in made a statement that was against all odds. It said that Netaji had already planned his death and it was just fake news planned by him. INA Habibur Rehman was with him and Bose had asked him not to disclose the truth to anyone. 

But as we all know in court nothing is true until proved. So they too had to prove this. In order to prove there was a plane crash in 1945,they put forward certain papers. They asked why Bose used a six seater plane and not 12 seator one,when the latter was available. They said that no plane crash in 1945 was recorded. Further there was no record of any Japanese soldier in that year. Here is Gumnami bengali movie download

Looking at all this the judge was convinced but he raised a question that if he did not die in a plane crash then where did he disappear? 

To this they said that he went to Uttar Pradesh but did hide his identity. People were not able to see his face. They came to him to just listen to him. But is it possible that even a single individual did not recognise his voice? But that’s not the case.

Few people did recognize him by his voice. But they decided to keep quiet and not to tell anyone else. Leela Roy was quite close to Bose. She and her husband also did recognize him. As a result, they used to send him letters. According to their study, Gumnami Baba died in 1985. All this proved that there was no plane crash in 1985 and he did not die in it. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download

Following this in 2006, the report was discarded. This made Dhar quite angry and in anger, he burnt all his reports. He had worked hard for 3 years to get to that report which was now burned in a few seconds. But what’s inspiring is that his prior wife became his strength. She told him not to lose hope and continue the fight. She reminded him of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and asked him to get inspired by him.

He also continued to fight until justice was laden. We all should not forget that fighting is far more important than winning. So the mystery of Bose ‘s death and disappearance continues and the fight will continue until justice is served. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download

We also see subhash chandra Bose singing Subh Sukh Chain in the flashback. 



Let’s see what are people’ s reviews :

Nothing is fictional in the movie. Whatever is portrayed in the movie is all truth. Everything is presented in the right way. 

Netaji’s role has actually been lived by Chatterjee. He has strongly represented the role of Netaji. The way he walks talks and the way he makes people understand is all very impressive. How Dhar gets away from his wife due to his research is very well sketched. The camera work and cinematography are quite good.

The combination of black and white and the colored pictures is very well used. It seems very innovative. The Dubbed movie is also as good as the original one. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download

 The dialogues are well said. You won’t get to see the extended and unintended drama usually shown in other movies. The movie Gumnaami had a very low budget but still, the movie was worth watching. All the things including the set, jewelry, costume are in accordance with the time of 1945. The movie is highly recommendable. If the correct investigation was done by our government about his death and disappearance then it won’t have been a mystery to date.

The movie still leaves certain questions about his death. Mukherjee has talked to the point. All the things have been well researched and well detailed. The movie is based on facts. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download

The movie is hard hitting and has been made with a lot of hard work. 

GUMNAMI BENGALI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Why you should watch the movie Gumnaami?

Many facts are revealed in the film. And every Indian should be aware of all those facts. Hence it is recommended to watch the movie along with the whole family. And the way the movie is presented won’t bore you even if you don’t love to watch the movies based on history. As many facts come in front, our interest to continue the film increases further.

The movie can be watched by every individual of the family be it a child or elderly. Nothing of adult content is part of the movie. Only in one scene do we get to see Chandrachur Dhar and his wife be very close to each other in their bed. Otherwise, no sex, nudity, or any other adult content is part of the movie. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download. 

 There is no intimate scene in the movie. Also in this scene, Chandrachur Dhar is shown busy reading his own book. No violence or any other action forms part of the movie. In one scene we get to see Chandrachur Dhar closes himself in a room out of frustration. And in anger burns the entire room. There are no abusive words either in the film. So very easily you can watch the film with all the family members. It is suggested that you should watch the film. Here is Gumnami Bengali movie download. 

Here is the link to watch the movie:

But we recommend watching the movie on the streaming platform. 

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