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Good newwz movie watch online is one of the most popular hashtags trending on the internet. There is a use of a fan base for Bollywood movies all over the world. The Bollywood movie industry is considered to be the backbone of Indian cinema. The Bollywood film industry has contributed a lot of successful movies to Indian cinema what’s up Bollywood film industry is filled with a group of most talented Personalities.

There are lots of artists who have proven their excellence in acting through previous movies. Bollywood film stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, etc have a huge fan base not only in India but also all over the world. The movies starred by these versatile actors receive much attention. These are some of the versatile actors who have a lot of experience in this field. There are also some newcomers who have less experience but highly talented. Many versatile actors from the Bollywood film industry are really picky about the film and they manage to act in movies with different approaches or storylines.

Among these actors, Akshay Kumar selects his movies which have a variety of subjects. The good newwz is a movie starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor as lead which was released in 2019. This movie was a super hit and wholeheartedly welcomed by the audience. Watching this movie online is possible through Amazon prime video website or application which is an online video streaming platform.

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Good newwz movie watch online – GOOD Newwz REVIEW:

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Good newwz movie watch online provides information for people about the streaming of good Newwz movies. The good Newwz is a Bollywood comedy movie that was released in December 2019. Soon after the release itself, this film became a Superhit. This Bollywood comedy action movie was directed by Raj Mehta who was new to this film industry. Yash Mehta has successfully Maintain to start of his career as a Bollywood movie director through such a successful movie.

This movie is being jointly produced by Karan Johar and other producers. John Stewart Eduri is the man behind the mind-blowing music created in this comedy movie. The songs of this movie have been a global hit and accepted by the audience. The viewers also appreciated the sense of background music in this movie. Even though this is a comedy movie, the background score plays the main role which enhances the comedies as well as the serious scenes.

The camera is being handled by Vishnu Rao, who has been behind the camera for a number of all-time Bollywood hit movies like Aashiqui 2, Ek Villain, Half girlfriend, etc. He knows the best frame and angle to make a scene extraordinary. His talent is definitely something to be appreciated. Editing has been done by talented  Manish More who has done a wonderful job. All through the film, there aren’t any unwanted scenes or incomplete scenes. Every scene is perfectly shot and arranged.

This Hindi language comedy movie was being distributed by Zee Studios and released on December 27, 2019. The trailer of this movie was viral. The trailer had given clues to the big suspense in this comedy movie. The trailer of this movie is something that catches the eyes of the audience and creates a curiosity in their mind to know what happens next. This movie basically handles a serious subject that is being presented in a comic way. This movie also has the special appearance of Karan Johar, Badshah,  Harrdy Sandhu, and Sukhbir in the songs. 

Good newwz movie watch online – Storyline of Good Newwz:

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A Good newwz movie watch online is the perfect decision to be made by a movie lover. This comic movie would surely burst you into laugh from the very first scene to the last scene. But there are certain emotional scenes too which would definitely make you cry. Therefore this a movie that has to be seen through your heart. 

The movie starts by showing the busy life of modern couples Varun Batra (Akshay Kumar) and Deepti Batra (Kareena Kapoor Khan). They are leading a modern lifestyle and are dealing with white-collar jobs. They are successful in their career. But there is something missing in their life- Yes a baby! Even though Varun Batra is concerned about having a baby, his wife is the one who insists on having a baby due to social pressure. This movie portraits the common ailments suffered by an Indian couple from their family members.

Deepti Batra is trying every way to get pregnant in-order to escape from the family members. Each and every time they attend any family function, there would be instances that create Deepti Batra more focused on having a baby. This couple tries each and every method for a baby but nothing goes right. During a family get together, this couple comes to know about a famous fertility clinic that has promising hope. The family then gets convinced and decides to go consult that fertility center.

Varun Batra isn’t really comfortable going to that place and he shows that too. There, they meet the famous doctor and his wife played by Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra respectively. These doctors interact with this couple and elaborate on their procedures. At first, they are referred to check their fertility to see if there are any complications. Deepti Batra is happy to undergo any procedure to have a baby. But Varun Batra who was against the idea of visiting this doctor tries every method to avoid this process. Due to the pressure from Deepti Batra, Varun was convinced and decided to proceed with examinations.

Their fertility results are out and the doctor informs them to have an artificial fertilization method like IVF due to complications in natural conceiving. Varun Batra is totally against this and somehow Deepti Batra convinces Varun and gets it done. The procedure in this fertility clinic, which is a serious topic is presented with a hint of humor which will make the audience laugh. Finally, the procedure is finished and they are sent home to wait and see if this worked. This fertility clinic claims to have a higher success rate. But within a few days itself, they are called back by the doctor.

While they were at the hospital waiting for the consultation, they meet a Punjabi couple who they find to be weirdos. Their actions and character are exactly the opposite of that of Mr. and Mrs. Batra. The Punjabi couples are shown as loud as well as weird personalities when compared to Varun Batra and Deepti Batra. The time comes for consultation and the attendee calls out the name Mr. and Mrs. Batra. At this time both these couples go towards the attendee which means that both couples have the same last name.

They are both surprised to know this. They are even more surprised when both the couples are requested to consult the doctor at the same time. There arises some confusion among the couples but still, they go to the cabin of a doctor. The doctor greets them and asks each couple about what they feel. Both couples seem to be excited about their baby.

This is the time when the doctor reveals that chilling truth. He has a starting trouble and somehow manages to say that things went wrong from their side. The couples are still confused and the doctor says that there is a sperm mix up. This surprises both the couples and they get infuriated. But the Punjabi couples don’t understand the term said by a doctor and start simply blabbering. Now Varun Batra who is out of control explains it to the Punjabi couples. This makes the situation more serious. Actually, this is kind of a serious topic and situation which has been presented in a much lighter way by adding humor elements that worked.

Varun Batra can’t even tolerate the characters of Punjabi couples. At this time the doctor asks them to be calm and tries to solve it. He says that there is no chance for the occurrence of pregnancy, therefore there is nothing to be worried about. 

They somehow hold their emotion and waits to get pregnancy tested. Both the couples are home and they discuss about this medical fault. Varun Batra and Deepti Batra, who are modern couples understood the medical error clearly and they are worried. Varun Batra wanted a child of his blood and now this error has happened. Varun Batra couldn’t even think about having a baby who has the traits of that Punjabi man. Varun Batra keeps yelling at Deepti Batra for this error and the face of Punjabi man keeps irritating him. They even decide to have an abortion if things go wrong.

On the other hand, the Punjabi couples, who aren’t aware of this medical error eagerly wait for their baby. They are expecting their baby and wish to have a baby. The Punjabi family is not at all concerned about this mix-up and they plan for their baby. Therefore both the families are having opposite intentions, one family insists on getting the pregnancy aborted and the other wants the baby.

The Punjabi man tries to talk with Varun Batra over the phone but is being humiliated by Varun Batra about his weird character. Then comes the happy Newwz for both couples that they are about to be parents. This happy Newwz brings excessive joy to the Punjabi couple and a shock to Varun and Deepti Batra. Varun insists on having that baby aborted by somehow is being convinced to keep that baby. But the Punjabi couple wanted to keep an eye on their biological child and wanted to check whether the other couples take necessary care. Then they shift their home next to Varun Batra’s home and start checking out.

Each time the Punjabi couples try to mingle with them, they are being humiliated by Varun Batra. Varun considers their characters as weird. There are some touching scenes between Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kiara Advani which hits at the right place. 

Rest is something worth watching, which says the complications faced during pregnancy and the change of mind in Varun Batra after being exposed to premature babies born. The future of his biological baby is still a question that awakens his emotions. This changes the mindset Varun has towards the Punjabi couple as well as to their unborn child. There are several touching scenes that would rob the heart of the audience.

Finally, the movie ends with the birth of Varun Batra’s and Deepti Batra’s children, and both the couples become acquainted with each other regardless of their differences. Altogether this is a feel-good movie that would definitely bring some joy to your life. Online watching site good Newwz movie is only Amazon Prime Video.

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Good newwz movie watch online is the most trending hashtag on the net. Amazon prime video is an online video streaming platform that provides its services all over the world so, in order to avail the service of Amazon prime videos, the user has to subscribe to it by paying a subscription rate. They have some options on subscription plans, and users can choose the most suitable plan to get the service. For new users, they also offer a 30-day free trial offer. They are known for providing the best quality movie experience to their subscribers.

The subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time if they are not satisfied with the service or due to any other reasons. Amazon prime video is an online video streaming platform that is a user-friendly website. They even have applications that support Apple, Android, Windows phones.  The good Newwz is the latest Bollywood movie that was released in the year 2019. This is a comedy-drama which is being starred by versatile actor Akshay Kumar, beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan, talented singer as well as actor Diljit Dosanjh, and adorable Kiara Advani.

This movie was directed by Raj Mehta, who was a newcomer in the Film industry. His first directorial tribute good Newwz became a huge success. This shows the extreme talent hidden in this debutant director. Karan Johar is one of the producers of this comedy movie. This comedy movie of 2 hours 11 minutes has got enough jokes and definitely holds a good subject. This comedy movie is being streamed online on Amazon prime video in the Hindi language along with English subtitles. This makes people who don’t understand Hindi enjoy this movie too.

This movie is all about two couples who wish to have a baby and finally with the help of a doctor both the couples received the good Newwz. But a mistake has occurred, and how these couples react to this mistake is the story. The plot of this movie is available online, but it is really better to know the story through watching this movie this movie is definitely worth watching.Good newwz movie watch online is available online.

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