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A girlfriend Marathi movie free download website is just the thing to shake you out of your summer blues. Hands down or on the screen, whichever way you prefer it.

A good funny, bittersweet love story is just like a delicious plate of chicken biryani- you never really can say no to it. And metaphors aside, a well written and well-directed movie is always bound to be a sure shot hit with everybody. And that is why we present to you ‘Girlfriend’. A Marathi movie, directed by Upendra Sidhaye, produced by Pratisaad Production and Triple Ace Entertainment houses, starring Amey Wagh and Sai Tamhankar. 

Now that the movie is settled, sit down with your tub of popcorns and…but wait, then comes the most important question, where do you watch the movie?
If you have decided to contribute to the Indian economy and go watch the movie in your nearby cinema theatres, that is all good. But if you fall on the other side, then this page is all about you. Because we have brought to you the top Girlfriend Marathi movie free download websites on the web so that you do not have to go through all that trouble yourself. 

 Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – A Rundown

Before committing yourself to all that, let us have a look at this wonder of a movie, Girlfriend. This Marathi romantic comedy talks about love and relationships in these days of a digital age. A young, professional graphics designer named Nachiket Pradhan, fondly called Nachya, has become the proclaimed loner in his friends’ circle.

When most of his friends are having their second kid, Nachya has never even been in a relationship in his whole life. The situation is so extreme that his parents, and even his boss, have started suspecting that he might be playing for the other team. To top it off his birthday falls on the exact same day that is also known as the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. 

To prove to his heterosexual self to his family and friends he embarks on an expedition to get himself a girlfriend. But for someone like Nachya, who has never strayed away from his bachelor life, will it be so easy. Surprisingly and to the shock of everyone around him, Nachya pulls it off easily…in a single day, to be exact.

And the sudden shift of his relationship status brings about joy and happiness that Nachya has never experienced before. However, there is already trouble brewing on paradise; with everyone surrounding Nachya with questions and doubts, there is assured to be some strain on the new couple, but is that all of it? 

A witty and sweet take on a love story, Girlfriend is the perfect choice for a relaxing movie option.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – Cast and Crew

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

Just like you need the right ingredients to prepare a delicious plate of chicken biryani, similarly, the right actors are required to make a well-written script come alive on the silver screen. And the casting couch for this movie too has been meticulous with their search.

The two main protagonists of the show Nachiket Pradhan and Alisha Nerurkar have been beautifully played by Amey Wagh and Sai Tamhankar respectively. Amey, who proved his worth in his previous success in another Marathi movie Muramba, is the perfect choice for the nerdy and socially awkward Nachya. Sai, whose work in the critically acclaimed Hindi movie, Love Sonia, is indicative of her talent, has donned on the skin of the beautiful and quirky Alisha. 

The supporting cast should not be forgotten as well. They, for sure, pulled in their punches in the movie. Kavita Lad and Yatin Karyekar as the loving yet supporting mom and dad of the desolate hero are a delight. While they are anxious about their son, they also remind him that they have his back at all times and the two veteran actors are amazing at their acts.
Sagar Deshmukh as the overbearing boss and Uday Nene, Rasika Sunil and Suyog Gorhe who sure add the ‘friend’ in the ‘girlfriend’ are fun to watch alongside Nachya.

The musical and entertaining soundtrack composed by Saurabh, Jasraj, and Hrishikesh is worth mentioning too. Overall the eclectic musical numbers add the much-needed garnish to the movie.

Top 10 Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website 

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, then open your gadgets and devices and have a go at this. However, if you are one of those who have searched and searched on the information highway i.e. the internet, for a downloading site and are now probably tired of it and are about to abandon all hope, you have finally reached the right place.

Given a range of options of different resolutions to choose from, without any more further ado, let us get down with the top 10 Girlfriend Marathi movie free download websites on the web.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website –

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

Nachiket Pradhan, familiarly known as Nachya, stumbles his way through life and ultimately finds someone to share his life with. And when he finally gets what he had been wishing for all this time, does it end smoothly or do the bumps on the road prove to be a bigger problem than imagined. Watch Nachya’s hilariously funny efforts and the rumble that ensues on 

Umoviz is a very popular site that adds new movies to its list frequently. It is also a very easy site to navigate through. When you click the given link and the page loads, scroll down. There are two ways of downloading the movie- you can either download it through the direct link or download the torrent file via Utorrent. 

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website –

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

Much to the disappointment of family and friends, Nachya, or Nachiket Pradhan, is unable to land himself into a relationship. And when he is finally able to do so, does everything go smoothly? Watch the loving adventure of Nachya on
A very simple and easy to use blogging page that gives you the link to download the girlfriend Marathi movie at 720p resolution. Click on it and life is good again.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website –

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

When Nachiket Pradhan finds the love of his life in Alisha, a girl who currently lives in the United States of America, everyone is surprised. Some are happy and some are suspicious. Which group of people ultimately have the last laugh. Watch and find out for yourself at

9xmovies is a very efficient website for downloading any movies. It has an extensive catalog that classifies the movies according to the alphabetical order. Along with that, it also provides you with quite a few pictures of the movie, cast members, etc. 9xmovies has a torrent downloading link and a direct downloading link. It also has a few high-speed links. Make a choice and click on it.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website –

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

One fine sunny morning, Nachiket Pradhan, lovingly referred to as Nachya announces that he is in a relationship. Though not everyone is happy about it, it is definitely is shocking news. With so much of congratulations and advice, amidst all the noise, will Nachya’s relationship be okay? Watch the story unravel in front of your eyes at

A relatively humble page that provides the user with two mirror links for downloading the movie. Come at the bottom of the page and you will find the following links, click on it and wait for the downloading to be over.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website –

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

Upendra Sidhaye’s debut film, Girlfriend, is sure to be a fun watch with your family and friends. And if you too, like Nachya, are suffering from the woes of living a bachelor’s life while your colleagues and college friends have already become parents, this is a must-see movie for you. Watch how to handle the pressures of singlehood and come out victorious in the end on

Techgyan has collected forth all the knowledge of the web and provided you with two direct downloading links, one with a space of 400 MB and one with 600MB. See what your hard drive needs and act accordingly.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – filmy wap

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” This question keeps plaguing Nachiket Pradhan, a promising graphics designer, wherever he goes. With parents, friends, and colleagues constantly making him feel lonely. Moreover, with most of his peers already becoming parents or leading a very colorful life, Nachya is already fed up with his life. Seeing no other choice, he has decided to get a girlfriend for himself, and he will not be leaving any stone unturned. Watch Nachya’s journey from a gloomy bachelor to a happy boyfriend at filmy wap. 

Filmy Wap provides you with the choice of selecting your preferred resolution, 320p, 720p, and even 1080p. A free movie and that too of the highest quality, you have the world at your hands here. Scroll down below and click on the provided direct links for the movie and then relax.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – filmy zilla

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

Having your birthday on Valentine’s Day definitely has its pros. But for Nachya, that is unfortunately not the case. So much so that his friends have started to keep their distance from him. With a very intense blow on his self-personality, he undertakes the seemingly impossible task of procuring a girlfriend for himself. And lo and behold, he does actually succeed. But something smells fishy and Nachya seems to be worried. Watch this movie with your special someone and find out what finally happens with Nachya’s girlfriend at filmy Zilla.

A website providing a direct link to the 137 minutes of running time of Girlfriend. A very popular site that keeps itself updated with new releases. Find the links for downloading the movie, click on it, and wait till it is over.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – Movie Kida Club

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

The adorable yet under confident Nachiket Pradhan, also known as Nachya is in a relationship with the fun-loving, breezy, and wild-spirited Alisha. Everything is going off smoothly, but still, something seems to be off. While Nachya’s friends and family agree that they have a sweet chemistry, their spider senses are tingling. Watch to see whether opposites attract or if there is some underlying mystery beneath it at Movie Kida Club.

Movie Kida Club presents you with three separate downloading links for the movie for three separate resolutions- 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Click on the given links and just wait till the movie is downloaded. As simple as that. 

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – Marathi unlimited

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

With a single click on his keyboard, Nachiket Pradhan, commonly known as Nachya to his peers, is about to have his life turned upside down. A perpetual bachelor like him announcing the start of a sudden relationship is sure to raise some eyebrows or some bets. Watch and find out how Nachya manages all the new and emerging attention at Marathi Unlimited.

A very common and widespread Marathi downloading site, Marathi Unlimited stays true to its name. Click on the given links and download the movie easily.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – Marathi MKV

Image – Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook did bring about a strong wind in the land of love. Being in a relationship became the new ‘it’ thing, with everyone wanting a piece of this attention. But Nachya, sadly, gets the short end of the stick, who seems to have been cursed with bachelorhood. At last, becoming overburdened and tired of his sad fate, he decides to take his life (and relationship) in his own hands. Watch how he does that at Marathi MKV.

Another very simple site to navigate through, this website contains direct links, thus avoiding you all the hassle of an intermediary channel. Scroll down and you will find the downloading link for 720p resolution of the movie.

Now finally get that bowl of popcorn, add a big glass of your favourite soft drink on the menu, sit down on the most comfortable chair in the house and watch.

Girlfriend Marathi movie free download website – Best 10 websites
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