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Getting bored in lockdown? And wish to see a Superhit movie. Forensic is a good option. Download Malayalam movie, Forensic. 

If you love to watch Malayalam movies then here I have another Superhit movie for all of you to watch. The movie is titled Forensic. The movie was released this year itself. Well, the movie is there on Netflix if you have a subscription for that you may watch there.

But if you don’t have a Netflix subscription you need not to worry. Here I will provide all the necessary details about the movie Forensic. Further, you will get the link here from which you can download a Forensic movie for free. forensic Malayalam movie download



There are many people who like to watch South movies. Malayalam movies are also one of them. If you don’t know the language you may also see a Dubbed movie. But before that let’s see what all Malayalam Superhit movies have been released in the past. Kappela, Vikrithi, Uyare, Athiran, Varane Avashyamund are some of them. And of course the movie Forensic. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 

FORENSIC MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD – Psycho-thriller movies in Malayalam 


If you love movies based on serial killers and psycho-thriller movies then forensic is for you. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. Let’s see what all good psycho-thriller movies have been released in the past. These include The Thriller, Athiran, Arikil Oral, Memories, Drishyam, and Manichitrathazhu. There are many other psycho-thriller movies and IMDb rated 6.6/10 Malayalam movie Forensic is also based on similar lines with many twists and turns. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 


The trailer of the movie was released on 13 February 2020.If you wish to see the official trailer of the movie, here is the link:

The movie was released on 28 February 2029.Furthet, the movie was made available on Netflix on 7 June 2020.

So, get forensic malayalam movie download. 



Well the lead role of psycho killer movie Forensic is played by Tovino Thomas and Mamta Mohandas. 

Tovino Thomas plays the role of Samuel John. He is portrayed as a medico-legal advisor and works in a forensic lab. Mamta Mohandas plays the role of Rithika Xavier. She is an IPS and had two children.

You will see a psychological doctor in the film named Dr. Alphonse Kurian. He plays a very significant role in the movie and he might be the serial killer. The role is played by Giju John. Another role of Dr. Jaya Kumar Menon is played by Pratap Pothan.

We will see a forensic intern named Shikha. Her role is played by Reba Monica John. She works deliberately to solve the mystery along with Samuel. The role of SP Abdul Wahad is played by Renji Panicker. He is shown being retired. We will see Ubaid Ahmed who dies later in the movie.

The role is played by Dhanesh Anand. Thamanna Pramod plays the role of Nayana and Navya, children of Rithika. There are other roles of various victims and their families. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download



In the beginning of the movie, we see a chicken shop. Meat is cutting. There is a boy standing nearby and is seeing all this. The boy has come along with his dad to buy meat. 

The boy stores the head and other body parts of animals in various jars. He keeps those jars under his bed. 

But when his father gets to know about all this, the father beats his son. Son grows like this, being beaten several times by his father. But once he grows, he kills his father and buries his dead body. This was a scene from the past. Remember this scene as this will help you understand the climax. The climax is much related to it. Further, you will find in the end that someone shown here is only the culprit. Let’s see further what happens. So get, forensic Malayalam movie download

FORENSIC MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD – The kidnapping of various girls starts. 

Now the next scene is of the present time. A small girl is kidnapped from a dance school. Next day police find the body in a dump yard. The case is investigated by ACP Rithika. She informs her senior that in this case, the girl died due to a knife being penetrated near the girl’s heart.

The very deep cut has been found. Senior asks Rithika to solve the case without allowing the media to know anything. For her help, he assigns John Samuel. John Samuel is a medical-legal advisor. John Samuel is the younger brother of Rithika’s husband who works in a forensic lab. 

In the next scene, we get to see that John Samuel tells his brother about the case. He informs him that he is going to work with Rithika in this case. He starts his investigation. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 

In the next scene we get to see Shikha who along with John Samuel is investigating the case. Both of them go to meet a psychological doctor named Alphonse. 

We get to see Rithika’s daughter named Nayana there. She takes her counselling from the doctor. 

So, get forensic Malayalam movie download


Another day another girl is kidnapped from the water park. Then John Samuel tells Rithika that the criminal has taken the help of a 4 feet tunnel to dispose of the body but the criminal was not able to climb the 5 feet tall wall. This means that the killer is a child. But Rithika denies. She says to John that such stories of a Hollywood film do not run in India.

To this John tells Rithika that the youngest serial killer of the world is Amarjeet, who belongs to Bihar, India. He was just eight years of age and he had cut the heads of three people. But Rithika disagrees and goes from there. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download

In the next scene, we see John Samuel and Shikha. John Samuel tells Shikha that Rithika is the wife of his brother. But because of the carelessness of Rithika, they lost their second child. It had been 6 years since she was part of our family. 


Retired sp Abdul comes to get some DNA tests. He comes to John in relation to Rithika’s first case of the Burma colony. The case is still unsolved. So what happened? In the Burma colony, 3 girls were kidnapped and murdered. And it was investigated that this all was done by a serial killer.when they investigated they found a girl in the school van. She was kidnapped.

They arrested the driver of the bus Ubaid Ahmad but a similar murder happened a few days after. And at that time Ahmad was in jail. When the blood sample from the crime scene was tested with the DNA of Ahmad it did not match. and Ahmad was released free. Further, sp kept Ahmad as his driver because he could not find any other job. But the case was unsolved and the killer was still living. 

Next day police get an eye witness who tells Rithika that he had seen a small boy carrying a girl. A sketch is made according to that eye witness. 

Now what will happen.? Will the small boy be caught and Story will end? Maybe not.. Let’s see.. So, get forensic malayalam movie download

FORENSIC MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD – A child named Ruban investigated. 

Then the sketch is taken to Dr. Alfonse by John. He says that the child was named Ruban and a few years back he came to another Doctor for counseling. John Samuel goes to Dr. Jaya Kumar Menon and asks him. The doctor tells him that Ruban had psychopath behavior. And one day he injured the doctor on his hand with a knife and ran away. Since then he has not seen him.

So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. Another day one more girl is kidnapped from the hospital. On investigation, John finds a chocolate wrapper in the dustbin of the hospital. He checks the wrapper in his forensic lab, he gets the fingerprint of a girl who was kidnapped and another person. He gets to know that the fingerprint is not that of Ruban but of someone else’s. This means Ruban is not the culprit. Someone else is. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 

FORENSIC MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD – Burma Colony case is investigated again

In the next scene, we get to see Ruban carrying a girl and taking her to a van in a jungle. And after some time we get to see Nayana bringing the girl out of the van. What was Nayana doing there? In the next scene, Shikha tells John Samuel that the chocolate wrapper and the DNA of a killer related to the Burma colony case match. Meaning that both crimes are committed by the same person. Who is the one? So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 

Now John Samuel, Shikha, and sp sir go to the same place where bodies of the Burma case were identified. Searching from the ground radar they find 5 skeletons. 4 of them are children and one that of a boy. In the next scene, we get to see Ruban and a blue car. Ruban is controlled by a person sitting in the car. There is a wireless device in Ruban’s ear and through that the unknown person controls Ruban. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download.

FORENSIC MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD – DNA test conducted of suspected hospital members

Next day John Samuel tells her that he has made a list of 50-70 people and they will have to take a DNA test. He believes that the culprit is one of them. With the help of Dr Alphonse, people undergo a DNA test. Unfortunately, they don’t get any DNA matches.ACP Rithika arrests Ruban from a church. And asks him if he is the killer of all these girls. To this Ruban replies that the Devil has done its work. And confessed that he has done all this. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 

And he starts doing weird things as if there is some problem in his ears. Rithika tells John that Ruban is the culprit and he has accepted it. And he has confessed. But when John sees his confession footage he sees a hearing aid in the ears of Ruban. He thinks that it was due to hearing aid which was making him act weird. Further, he thinks that the killer is controlling him through this aid and it’s the killer who is Controlling to say all these things. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download


John Samuel goes to Ruban to meet him. But by then Ruban had cut his hand and died. Due to Ruban’s death, Rithika is scolded by her seniors. And John Samuel takes permission from Rithika to take Nayana along with him to his house. 

First, she refused. But later she agrees. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. The next day another kidnapping of a girl happens. The girl is the daughter of an inspector that works along with Rithika. Shikha tells John Samuel that when she checked the CCTV of the police station on the day of Ruban’s death of Ruban, she found a blue car in front of the station.

John Samuel sees a similar car in front of his house. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. As he sees this, Ahmad hits him from behind and kidnaps him. He takes him to the jungle and packs him in a van. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 


He shows him the same CCTV footage in which he gets to see Nayana coming out of a van along with a girl.she is not Nayana but Navya. Navya was the girl who was lost due to Rithika’s carelessness. Then there occurs a fight between John Samuel and Ubaid Ahmad. Then someone coming from a blue car shoots Ahmad. John Samuel follows that man in a yellow van. Rithika finds another girl in that yellow van and thinks John Samuel has only kidnapped her. So, get forensic Malayalam movie download. 

But John Samuel runs. In next Seen we get to see the killer and Navya. But the killer’s face is not revealed. 

Now who is the culprit? So, get forensic Malayalam movie download


So here is the most important part. The link to download the movie. 

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