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Are you looking for a 2020 trending movie? Dwitiyo Purush full movie download is in trend people are lobbing this movie, you haven’t checked it out? No worries you are on an absolutely on right site. Here you will get Dwitiyo Purush whole details, I know in his quarantine you will be busy in watching web series and other movies and chances are you have almost watch most of the trendy movie and now you’re looking for a new movie that will entertain you fully.

Are you getting bore by watching Bollywood movies and want to watch different thriller movies then try Dwitiyo Purush you will fall in love with it and you will recommend it to others. Never watch Bengali movies and don’t know the language no worries subtitles are available, wait doesn’t jump on Dwitiyo Purush full movie download. You need to know one thing before watching Dwitiyo Purush that is this full movie is a sequel of Baishe Srabon.

Yes, you thought right dear you have to watch Baishe Srabon full movie before watching Dwitiyo purush to enjoy the movie. Happy now you have two movies to watch and I bet if you are a thriller story lover you will not get bore. If you are Bengali or you know the Bengali language then you will enjoy the movie more no doubt non-Bengali will love too, who don’t love to watch different stories and especially thriller stories. Grab your snacks, drink, and water to watch the movie, wait not now know more about it and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Excited to know more about Dwitiyo Purush full movie download?

Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie download
Image – Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie Download

In Dwitiyo Purush full movie download, Sirjit Mukherji is the director of Dwitiyo Purush and Shree Venkatesh is the producer of the movie. Baishe Srabon was released on 2011, this movie is a sequel of it. Dwitiyo purush full movie is released in 2020 on 23 January. The cast of the movies are 

  • Raima Sen she played the role as Amrita Mukherjee
  • Parambatra Chatterjee played a role as a DCDD Abhijit and Khoka
  • Srijit Mukherjee is in a cameo
  • Babul Supriyo played a role as a Pranab Chowdhury Elder Brother of Prabir Roy Chowdhury)
  • Soham Maitra played a role as Paltan 
  • Kamaleswar Mukherjee played a role as a Police Commissioner 
  • Subhhra Sourav Das played the role as an as Gora
  • Anirban Bhattacharya played a role as a Paltan
  • Ridhima Ghosh played the role as an Ankita
  • Gaurav Chakrabarty played the role as a Rajat
  • OronnOnil played a role as a Paltan’s friend
  • Prosenjit Chatterjee as DCP Prabir Roy Chowdhury

Parambatra Chatterjee in Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie download

Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie download
Image – Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie Download

Indian actor Parambatra Chatterjee started his career from Bengali television and films. He worked in Bollywood movie kahaani which was released in 2012 with vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqi, He also worked in vidya Balan debut film Bhalo Theko movie which was released in 2003. 

Parambatra Chatterjee plays the role of Abhijeet in the Dwitiyo movie so as an Abhijeet there is a transformation shown in him as compared to the last movie Baishe Srabon. In this movie, Abhijeet is shown mature and calmer, more focused on work where he is the narrator’s this movie, his whole world is his work and nothing exists in his life apart from work he has a partner Amrita. 

Ramiya Sen in Dwitiyo Purush Full movie download 

Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie download
Image – Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie Download

Ramiya Sen is an Indian actress who started her career in Hindi and Bengali Films. She worked in Hindi film Godmother which was successful, she was an actress of 99.9 FM, Kuch Dil Ne Kaha, Teen Paati, and Many other Hindi Films she acted in. she worked in Bengali films like Meach Mishti & More, Reunion, Sitara, and many other Bengali films she did.

Ramiya Sen is playing the role of Amrita in Dwitiyo Purush full movie download, she is playing the role of Wife and her husband’s name is Abhijeet who is busy in his work, following his duty and have so much pressure on him.

As a wife, she needs attention like a loving partner in this movie she didn’t get. In the movie it is shown Abhijeet and Amrita trying to adjust to each other, trying their best to make their relationship work. So their relationship work or not you will get to know when you will watch this interesting movie.

Srijit Mukherji film director of Dwitiyo Purush full movie download 

Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie download
Image – Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie Download

Srijit Mukherji is a screenwriter and director of Bengali Indian Films. The first film directed by him was Autograph in 2010 it got success, his film Jaatishwar got four national Awards in 61National Films Awards in 2014. Srijit Mukherji got the Best original Screenplay Award and Best Director Award because of his sixth film Chotushkone in India’s 62National Films Awards.

In 2017 Hindi Movie Begum Jaan of Vidya Balan was a remake of his directed film Rajkahani. In 2018 he won the Best Bengali Film Award at Indian National Films Awards for Ek Je Chhilo Raja. Srijit Mukherji’s majority of films get hits on the box office who would like to miss his 2020 movie Dwitiyo Purush were its first part which was released in 2011 was hit and won the many hearts. 

Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie download quick story

Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie download

Dwitiyo Purush Full movie download is the sequel of the 2011 Movie Baishe Srabon which was outstanding, for Dwitiyo Purush it is impossible to match the level of Baishe Srabon because Baishe Srabon is the different high-level film. Its screenplay, songs, performances were on top-notch meeting that level was difficult. Before watching the film, of course, I have watched the trailer and to be honest, Trailer just impressed me to watch Dwitiyo purush.

After 9 years sequel is release this kept me curious and the dialogue used in the trailer made me excited to watch the movie, “I’m a Director And You Are The Audience Watch Whatever I Show You Quietly” (dialogues are spoken in Bengali) This dialogue not only won my heart but also convince me to watch the Dwitiya Purush Full movie download. 

There is always a different level of feel when you watch the movie in which language is relatable, you know the swag used in it same happens with this movie you will enjoy that swag but you will not understand it. Subtitles are available so chill I am sure you will enjoy. I will recommend watching Baishe Srabon first because Dwitiyo purush is an extended story of it, it is linked to it and most of the characters are carried forward.

You can say it’s like bhaubhali you have to watch the first bhaubhali to understand the story of bhaubhali2, Parambatra Chatterjee played his character amazingly and well impressive acting.

The movie starts from the year 1993 in china town scene is of past where so many gangsters were there everywhere in that there was a teenage gang, that gang name was khoka. He wants to rule the Kolkata that’s the reason he kills others, gangster leader. Khokha killing style and pattern is different in Dwitiya Purush Full movie download, I will not reveal it to you have to watch it.

Then scene shift to a present-day 2019 where is the main actor Parambatra Chatterjee as Abhijeet is a police inspector his superior call him in the cabin and tell him the whole story of Khokha and his killing pattern. He tells Abhijeet that recently one gang leader got murder and the police department has doubt that the leader is killed by Khokha so he gives responsibility to Abhijeet to investigate before another murder takes place. Abhijeet takes responsibility and police officer Rajat becomes an assistant to him for investigation.

They both leave for an investigation on murder spot where they come to know how Khokha killed him after that Abhijeet come to know that Khokha past investigation files are missing he doubts that someone who is on the higher post from the police department has erased the teenage photo of him is also missing. Then Abhijeet calls his friend to office who is journalist his name is Shurjo where he asks shurjo to give him old murder footage of Khokha.

Due to relationship issues with wife amrita, Abhijeet starts living with Rajat as a roommate where they both spend time investigating by watching Khokha videos. Where Abhijeet finds one thing common that Gora the one who is a close friend of Khokha. Abhijeet and Rajat meet Gora and ask him about Khokha where he says that he doesn’t know where he is, I have left gangster life and I’m running this hotel. Abhijeet and Rajat ask him to inform them if Khokha comes to meet him and then they leave from there where they get news another murder has taken place and the style of murder is the same, pressure on Abhijeet has been increased now.

Superior of Abhijeet call him and tell him to visit an office where he yells at him and says are you waiting for 3rd murder now. Abhijeet doubts his wife amrita has an affair with his journalist friend Shurjo so he visits his house where amrita was watching their wedding video and he comes to know that his wife loves him and she can’t cheat him. There he says sorry and promises her that he will not disappoint her.

Due to patch up, Abhijeet comes at his home to live with his wife amrita. Rajat has a girlfriend too, Abhijeet and his wife this four become good friends and spend most of the time together. After happiness, sorrow knows the door there is a bit twist Khokha traps Rajat and kills him.

This the biggest twist in Dwitiyo Purush full movie download. By seeing dead Rajat, Abhijeet shattered down and cries like his brother is no more. Rajat’s girlfriend gets mentally disturbed by knowing her boyfriend is no more. After this incident, Abhijeet plans a trap by using Gora and reach to Khokha but here is again a twist he didn’t get Khokha. Then who did he trap? Where is Khokha? And the most important question that arises in mind is who Khokha is in Dwitiya Purush Full movie download

Here I leave you without answering this question, it is not that I have told you a whole Movie. But the Soul of the movie is still in suspense, there are many twists and turns that you have to explore by watching the Dwitiyo Purush Full Movie.

Pros and Cons of Dwitiyo Purush full movie

Less or more every movie has pros and cons let’s see what pros and cons Dwitiya Purush movie have.

Pros of Dwitiya Purush Full Movie

  • Family Movie, you can watch with your family
  • Adult Movie which has romance, you can go with friends to watch 
  • Amazing Screenplay, songs and acting with a thrilling story worth spending money on

Cons of Dwitiya Purush full Movie

  • Sex lovers this movie is not for you there are no nude scene and long sex 
  • Children’s can get affect by some scene, the movie shows the murder scene and language use is too raw which is not good for children’s 
  •  If you are light-hearted and sensitive don’t watch the movie 
  •  The one who loves too much romance and comedy but not v thrilling suspense movie this movie is not for you

From where to watch Dwitiya Purush Full movie 

Now you want to watch Dwitiya Movie which revolves around Khokha and at the end there is an amazing unexpected twist which will give clarity of the Movie name and I would like to same Movie name is perfect and the story stick to it very closely which we come to know at the end and I’m sure you are now curious and excited to watch the movie and for that, of course, you have to Dwitiya Purush full movie download.

Dwitiya purush this killer movie is available on Hoichoi. Currently, it is not available on Hot Star, amazon prime, Voot or any other platforms.

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