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De De Pyaar De full Movie download is available now don’t forget to check it. Love is the emotion that can’t be defined because everyone has their definition of love. I don’t know who said this “Love is in Air” but if you fall in love you start believing in it because you feel it. And the air is for everyone and of course, love is too.

Air and love don’t know the religious difference, Cast culture difference, and Age difference. You don’t decide to fall in love, you fall in love naturally. Your heart either skips the beat or beat faster, your eyes don’t wink they start staring and your facial expression remains blank with a sweet smile. This is how love is defined by Bollywood or this just happens when you have a crush in front of you. Most of them fall in love at an earlier age I have seen couples who are lovers from childhood.

You have also couples around you who fell in love in college or office or you can relate with yourself if your committed, dear single you have more chances to fall in love. If you will ask me what love is then for me love is a responsibility you take by accepting pros and cons, you commit to each other that no matter what you will stay with each other in rough and good time. You not only commit this to your partner but also you commit to yourself.

It doesn’t matter your breakup or you just move on what matters is love remains in the corner of your heart agree with me no one can replace that corner. Possibilities are you have move on but few pieces you carry your love sometimes your eye flow because of it. Singles for you guys it feels like philosophy but lovers I can surely say you miss that love for a second while reading it. Love doesn’t come with age, this is what you will feel while watching De De Pyaar De Full movie download and you will feel the pain too.

Yes, Love is Love it can happen anytime, anywhere with anyone of any age, there is no limit for love. Love is limitless, you can’t control Love, what you can do is go with the flow but dude we don’t get everything so smoothly. Yes in starting everything seems amazing but slowly you have to take responsibilities.

It’s like drinking alcohol you love it in starting after that Nasha Hota hai or fir jab Nasha utaar jaata hai to fir khayaal aata hai Q Hotaa Hai Pyaar? Love comes with tears and heartache so dear single thodha sumbhalke, kahi tumhe Pyaar na hojaye. To be honest, when you will watch De De Pyaar De Full Movie Download there are two chances either you will fall in love without fear or you will not fall in love because of fear.

The trailer of De De Pyaar De Full Movie Download

De De Pyaar De Full movie download
Image – De De Pyaar De full Movie download

The trailer of De De Pyaar De Full movie Download, trailer always reveals the few parts of the story but not a whole movie. Don’t worry even I am not going to reveal the whole trailer here.

You got the movie I am talking about De De Pyaar De Full Movie download, I recall one old song when I heard this movie name the first time but this is the new movie of Ajay Devgan, I would like to talk about Trailer First. At the starting of the trailer, Ajay Devgan was explaining to his friend about his first meet up and flirt then come to the scene of Ayesha where she says she doesn’t remember anything about last night but she enjoyed her last night.

Then came a scene where Ajay Devgan is again with his friend seems like a psychologist at the end of the scene there is a bit comedy. The dialogues use by Ayesha is amazing LINE Mare Ho her expression I loved it then their scene between Ayesha and Ajay Devgan and how they fell in love with each other again Ajay Devgan is with a friend telling about dating Ayesha, here too his friend have a nice dialogue. I loved the dialogue of Ajay Devgan which was on Saif and Kareena.

After this Ajay Devgan crazy family is shown and through their communication feels like the family members are not in the mood of welcoming Ayesha and Ajay Devgan where there is an entry of his ex-wife Manju and then the scene is Ajay Devgan son ask him about Ayesha what was his reaction you have to watch that out in trailer of De De Pyaar De full movie download

You will see Ayesha got taunted by Ajay father and then you will get to see what happens when the ex-wife starts getting jealous then come dance and party and trailer ends with a discussion between Ayesha and Manju seating in the car Ajay is driving a car but discussion leads to a cold argument.

Let me tell you about the discussion was about the old car and new car. To know dialogues, who is Ajay Devgan’s friend? And what was the spicy conversation in the car to know all this you watch De De Pyaar De full movie download?

What the exact story of De De Pyaar De full movie download

De De Pyaar De Full movie download
Image – De De Pyaar De full Movie download

De De Pyaar De full movie download is realized on 17 May 2019, Movie is directed by Akvi Ali and the writers are Surabhi Bhavnagar, Luv Rajan, and Tarun Jain. Where the whole movie revolves around Ajay Devgan playing the role of Aashish, Tabu is playing the role of Manju who is Aashish ex-wife.

Javed Jaffrey is playing the role of Samir Khanna who is a psychologist, and RakulKul Preet Singh playing the role of Ayesha who is Ajay Devgan girlfriend. This the main one other casts also play an important role in De De Pyaar De full movie download.

Aashish is 50 years old who is a non-Indian, he is a businessman in London and he is settled there. Ayesha is 26 years old who posed as a stripper, she was in Aashish friend’s bachelor’s party. After this Aashish and Ayesha start dating and they fall in love with each other and end up with a serious relationship where they start living together.

Aashish Friend who is psychologist Samir Khanna and another friend at first Samir said that you both are with each other to full fill each other needs this not a relationship but in the end, he got to convince that Aashish and Ayesha are really in love with each other. Ayesha gets to know about Aashish, he reveals that he has his family in India and he got separated from his ex-wife Manju and children along the back.

Because of this reality, Ayesha and Aashish’s relationship got disturbed but it was true love, you know true love never gets a part in the same way their relationship got balance and they plan to meet his family.

Ashish family is settled in Manali India, he visits his parents’ house with Ayesha to convince them for marriage. There is the tension again Aashish sees his wife Manju and his children’s Ishita and Ishaan living with his mother and father. His daughter Ishita got irritated when he sees him and then there are much confusion and lie created Aashish is introduced as Manju brother to future in law because Ishita is getting married and for the Aashish family Ayesha is his secretory.

Ishita ready don’t like her father but now she started hating his secretory Ayesha because she saw them together and she shouted at them. After this everyone’s truth is revealed Aashish accepts that Ayesha is not his secretory she is his girlfriend, he wants to get married to her that’s the reason he bought Ayesha to India to get Marriage approval.

And Ishita reveals the truth to her husband atul that Aashish is not her mom’s brother he is her Father. Here Ishita face problem in marriage Atul and his family say no to Marriage. Now all blame comes on Aashish but Manju defends him and then Manju sleeps with Aashish that night where Manju opens up her all sorrows and he tries to counsel her.

The next morning Ayesha comes to know that Manju was with Aashish last night, there she loses her temper and shouts on Manju. Ayesha asks her that if you got cheated by your husband just because of another woman how will you react to it. On this statement, Ayesha hears the worst truth from Manju that she is his first wife who is not yet divorced.

By knowing the truth that Manju and Aashish are still not separated legally she pack her bags and go back to London. After that Aashish convinces atul to get married to his daughter Ishita and he agrees. Ishita started loving her father then there was a family function where Manju notice that Aashish is missing Ayesha he is not happy without her he can’t stay without her.

After the marriage of Ishita, Manju file for a Divorce, and she travel to London to meet Ayesha. She meets Ayesha and convinces her to forgive Aashish she shows the Divorce paper to Ayesha and tells her that Aashish love and he is not happy without her. And here there is a happy ending in De De Pyaar De Full Movie Download, Ayesha and Aashish get back together in a relationship where they discuss to meet Ayesha family to get approval for Marriage.

Dialogues and Songs of the De De Pyaar De full Movie Download

De De Pyaar De Full movie download
Image – De De Pyaar De full Movie download
  • Songs of the De De Pyaar De Full movie download is amazing, I just love all songs they are lovely.
  • Hauli Hauli is the song where you see there is a cold war going between Ayesha and Manju which entertain you.
  • Vaddi Sharabhi is the song where you see Ayesha in traditional saree but with her amazing carefree Andaz holding an alcohol bottle. Her dance and of course song just make you crazy, she drinks alcohol in between is pretty cool.
  • Tu Mila To Hai Na is the song will make you fall in love again, It is in my repeating list of Song Player.
  • Chale aana is the heart touching song, you will start missing your ex or love of your life.
  • Dil Royi Jaaye is the song will make you cry it is so emotional you will love it if you are the sad song lover
  • Mukhda Ve is again a melodious song where we feel like they are talking about themselves and you will see again a jealous women’s Manju and Ayesha.
  • I will tell you which dialogue I loved first is Koi Kisi Ke Bina nhi Marta, aadat ki Baat hai – Tumhari Bhi chut jayegi meri bhi chut jayegi. This is the dialogue of Aashish which touches the heart but it is deep.
  • Line Mare ho dialogue of Ayesha, the way she said nailed my heart.

De De Pyaar De Leave these messages for the audience, this is what I think. We Indians need our family approval for marriage first no doubt however the relationship is. This movie gives us a mind-changing message that Love doesn’t have an age limit and everyone has the right to fall in love.

There are other messages too about family and society how they react when they come to know about the age gap between lovers, I can say it is almost a generation gap. India is a place where they give importance to traditional sayings and society without giving a thought for emotions, they understand emotions later but first, they think logically. It takes courage to love someone and to stay one to fight against for love.

Enjoy the De De Pyaar De movie with friends and lover, chances are relatives and family will get disappointed just because they will not able to accept it. There will be some open-minded will love to accept the bitter truth. The choice is yours, you want to enjoy the movie with whom. I know you want to watch this movie now but the question is where is the movie available? De De Pyaar De Full Movie Download is available on HotStar only no other online platform has this movie. 

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