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Have you watched it? Chal Mera putt movie Download, if not then you should watch this movie. In this quarantine, I am sure you have watched so many movies and there is a day in your life you have to search for a movie to watch because you have watched almost all the movies Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood. Now when you search for a movie and every movie you like is you have watched it, getting bore? And no more interested in web series because it takes more than 5 hours.

You want to watch movies because it ends in 3 hours and then you are ready to do work because work from home is going on. I can understand your situation due to lockdown you have got used to entertainment, food, sleep, and late-night work routine which is a bit unbreakable. Life without entertainment is like our cutting chai without sugar. Chill guys we live in India where there are many states and languages are there, so there are movies of different states available to start watching it. 

Oh yes, now you will say language is a problem??? But dude our common language is Hindi which is mixed with other languages so I think it’s not that much difficult to understand the movie and we Indians are experts in DUM SHARA!!!LOL!!! I mean we can understand half the movie by the action. So no tension you can enjoy any movie now, dude you guys love Punjabi songs.

And you understand and enjoy it, you get connected too. Then there is no chance that you will not understand Chal Mera putt movie Download is a Punjabi movie.

Chal Mera putt movie Download
Image – Chal Mera putt movie Download

Who doesn’t love Punjab, I love Punjab and Punjabi too. They are the ones who live their life fullest. The most amazing thing is their weddings they have drinks and non-veg in it which is the most exciting thing. Punjabi girls are amazing not only their looks but their personality is bold which makes most of the guys crazy.

You will see the bold Punjabi girl in Chal Mera putt movie Download and I am sure you will enjoy the character. Boys are also not less smart in Punjab their personality seem aggressive but their heart is true and loving. Punjabi families seem cool and open-minded where they try to live every moment of life. Most of the Punjabi are settled out of India in other countries.

Everyone has a craze to go out of India, I am the one in it. Everyone dreams to go out at least once in their life, and most of them try but few of them go, the rest of them fail. But never giving up attitude always make us fly and one day our dream comes true. But there is real life start, we come to know the reality of our capability. But wait we are Indians, who never change their nature wherever we go.

You will get to know this in Chal Mera putt movie Download. After going out when we meet someone Indian there we feel like home there but when that Indian not treat well, we come to know humanity. But we Indians have humanity and most of the time we help others, and when we live with another Indian in another country. That Indian feels like a home, we Indians are funny and we never leave our ethics anywhere.

Living in our home like a king is easy no matter our home is small or big but we have to stay like a servant when we live in someone else home no matter how big or small their home is. Yes, when we live in another country we have to live according to their rules and regulation which are not bad enough but as we belong to different culture its get hard to accept or follow the rules but after some time we accept it that’s the different thing. Without planning visiting another country is similar to unexpected calamities.

You will feel this while Chal Mera putt movie Download, usually no one goes without a plan but sometimes plans change in another country. One thing I love about Indians is no matter how they are aggressive or funny but they live in unity. We love living in a group that makes us feel stronger no matter how weak we are, sometimes our unity makes others rethink about us because it is rare to see. And when we come together to work on something we just nail that work, no doubt we get successful in it. Sometimes we fail too but, HarKar jeetne wale ko Indians kehte hai!!! 

Love in India is not less and lovers are also not less, but a genuine love does anything for the partner they love. Not only for a lover but we can do anything for our parents no doubt our parents can make the whole world up and down for us. I know our parents always scold us but they support us financially very strongly and blindly. They have one motto to make us smile and to fulfill our dreams by working hard or by taking loans you will watch this in Chal Mera putt movie DownloadOur parents are an angel on the earth and when that angles cry it feels like hell. 

This is my second Punjabi movie in this epidemic period and to be honest, some words of Punjabi were difficult for me to understand but I enjoyed the movie. Punjabi vibes are amazing feel like they are always on a high level of happiness and they spread love happiness wherever they go because of their loving nature.

Their love stories are the mixture of crazy with a twist and of course with happiness which adds salt and sugar o the movie. Movies without love stories are boring and of course, songs add more spice to the movie. Punjabi songs direct touch the heart if it’s a sad song our eyes stat speaking and if it is a love happy song our heart starts beating on the beats and lips starts smiling. Pollywood movies are never boring to watch so you should watch Chal Mera movie Download.

Story of Chal Mera putt movie Download

Chal Mera putt movie Download
Image – Chal Mera putt movie Download

Are you the one who got bore and now you are searching for a comedy movie then start watching Pollywood movie Chal Mera putt movie Download is one of the hit movies. This movie will not only make you laugh but also encourage you to live a life.

The movie is released in Punjab in 2019 and Janjot Singh the director of the movie. Grillz network, Omjee star studios, and Rhythm Boyz Entertainment are the co-produces of the movie.

Rakesh Dhawan has written the film. In Birmingham, principal photography started in May 2019, and in June 2019 ended. Some part of the movie is shot into Lahore and some part of the movie is shot in Punjab.

The sequel of this movie is released in 2020 on an online platform and director same Janjot Singh. 

The star cast of the movie Chal Mera putt are-

Chal Mera putt movie Download
Image – Chal Mera putt movie Download
  • Agha Majhid played the character as Tavrej Father
  • Prabhjot Kaur played the character as Chacha’s Daughter
  • Raj Dhaliwal played the character as Butta’s wife
  • Seema Kaushal played the character as Chachi
  • Akram Udas played the character as Butta khan
  • Rup Khatkar played the character as Bal
  • Nasir Chinyoti played the character as Tabrez Waseem
  • Simi chahai played the character as Swaran Kaur
  • Nimrat Khaira worked in one song of the movie
  • Sanju Solanki played the character as a Billa’s Father
  • Gurshabad played the character as Balwinder Singh 
  • Hardeep Gill played the character as Bikar Chacha
  • Iftikhar Thakur played the character as Chaudary Shamsher
  • Amrinder Grill played the character as Jaswinder Singh 

The plot of Chal Mera putt movie Download

Chal Mera putt movie Download
Image – Chal Mera putt movie Download

To earn money for the family who lives in India, these three people are working illegally in Birmingham, the United Kingdom and they are Bikkar, Billa, and Jinder.

These three are working in multiple jobs but they have fear and they are in danger because of the raid of Immigration agents. Jinder becomes the friend with savy and Bala who have moved recently to the UK and stay next-door. From Pakistan, two people come to the UK intending to make money and they are Tavrej and Butta who stay with Chaudhary Shamsher.

One day the apartment gets vacant of billa, Bikkar, and Jinder because they thought the police is going to arrest them so they were vacant the apartment in hurry. Shamsher is looking for more roommates and billa, bikkar, and jinder are looking for the new house to stay.

They meet Shamsher and ask is there any place to live and Shamsher take them at his home where they stay together. Jinder and Billa end up in the lock-up because of a misunderstanding but all friends make a plan to help each other and together they solve the problem.

As we know Indian movies are ban in Pakistan but still, the Pakistan sensor movie board pass this movie without rejecting it to release in Pakistan theatre 

Why you should Chal Mera putt movie Download

Chal Mera putt movie Download
Image – Chal Mera putt movie Download
  • There are new artists in the movie.
  • New artists are from Pakistan but you will feel no difference in language.
  • While watching the movie you will feel like you are watching a Punjabi movie, don’t give a thought that Pakistani artist means you will get vibes of Pakistan.
  • Loved the concept of director, I mean by signing Pakistani artist director shown us that we are one and we are humans we don’t have any difference.
  • There are Punjabi artists too so you should watch the movie for them.
  • The movie is a comedy you will laugh the whole time but at the same time, they have given a nice message too. It is a movie so up and downs are shown.
  • The movie is Hit the box office and movie ratings a five.
  • There is a love story with comedy so you will enjoy it.
  • The acting of every artist is amazing.
  • Different story and something new to watch.
  • Family movie.

Why you should not Chal Mera putt movie Download

Chal Mera putt movie Download
Image – Chal Mera putt movie Download

I have not noticed any negative point in this movie because it is something different and content is unique too. The reason I listed below might stop you from watching the movie which I don’t believe in but some belief.

  • You are the strong follower of Hinduism and you hate Pakistan from the root of the heart you should not watch movies.
  • The one who can’t imagine the concept of two countries is working together this movie is not for you because half of the time you will try to point out the mistake of Pakistani artists which is a waste of time.
  • This movie is not a thriller, killer, mysterious movie so you only prefer to watch this type of movie then don’t watch the movie.
  • No sex scene or I can say no sex is in the movie so sex lovers you will get disappointed. 

Chal Mera putt movie Download name of the movie itself a big message and it tell us that no matter what’s the situation in life you have to face it and you have to push yourself to get out of that situation. It’s like there is so much struggle in life you have to push yourself to get a better life or to destroy the struggle.

The easy example I can give you is of waking up in the morning, you wake up because you have to go to the office no matter how sleepy you are you get ready and go to the office – this is called pushing yourself, encouraging yourself to work. In the whole movie, you will get this message.

Apart from the movie, the movement director and artist have given the message to both countries India and Pakistan that we are together and we are like two bodies one soul. We are human and humanity matters to us. The message of love between two countries and destroying the hate from the audience heart

From where to Chal Mera putt movie download

The movie is available on the online platform, it is only available on amazon prime Video and Netflix And the second sequel is available on amazon prime video and nowhere else, Remember a few videos have options for downloading.

  • Download the Amazon Prime app.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Search the video you want and play the video or click on it.
  • There will be a download button that means symbol there click on it.

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