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Best Indian Idol Winner List 2020 { Season 1 to 11 Updated }

Indian Idol Winner List of the show has existed to be one of the most popularly asked questions on the internet. We can say that Indian Idol is the show that has managed to entertain the audience for ages now. Indian Idol is a show that has gained a lot of popularity and praise. The show Indian Idol was first televised on sony tv on 28 October 2004.

It is incredibly amusing how Indian Idol maintained its vogue and trend. India is known to be a place of culture, where the art of music has been appreciated for a long time. The concept of Indian Idol is to hunt for talent all over India. This show provides a platform for people to show care about their musical talent. In this show, a lot of budding talents show up to perform and compete with one another.

It has been 16 years since the show of Indian Idol unfolded, and today they have a great number of audiences. It is delightful to see people from different cultural and financial background to come across on one stage to compete and perform. This show has a unique concept of unity, this show judges the participants solely based on their singing talent, irrespective of where they originate from.

The show of Indian Idol has produced several fantastically talented singers to the world. The show of Indian Idol had offered a platform where talented singers get the recognition and fame that they deserve. The winners of Indian Idol savor several perks that make all the hard work pay off well. There have been 12 seasons of Indian Idol with almost 273 episodes in Total. Do you want to know about the Indian Idol winner list?, is yes, stick to this article to see the Indian Idol Winner list. Indian Idol Winner List.

Indian Idol Winner list –

Season Year  Indian Idol Winner list
12004 to 2005 Abhijeet Sawant
2 2005 to 2006 Sandeep Acharya
3 2007 Prashant Tamang
42008 to 2009Sourabhee Debbarma
52010 Sreerama Chandra Mynampati
62012Vipul Mehta
72013 Anjana Padmanabhan
82015 Ananya Nanda
92016 to 2017LV Revanth
102018 Salman Ali
112019 to 2020Sunny Hindustani

*Let us now look into each season Indian Idol Winner in Detail.

1. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 1 [2004 to 2005].

Season 1 of Indian Idol which was held during the year 2005 was won by Abhijeet Sawant. The runner up of the first season of Indian Idol was Amit Sana. Abhijeet was also the first runner up of JO jeeta Wohi Superstar. Abhijeet was born on 7 October 1981, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Abhijeet Sawant was had mastered in Pop music. His first album named, Aapka Abhijeet Sawant was released during 2005. One of his most popular song named, Aashiq Banaya aapne was also released during the same year[2005 ]. Abhijeet Sawant’s most liked album named, Junoon was released during 2007.

Apart from this, Abhijeet Sawant also did his debut in the movie lottery during the year of 2007. Abhijeet Sawant has worked as a playback singer in many films like Tees Maar Khan[song name-Happy ending and Dhisoom[Song name-Sau Tarah ke Rog]. He has also sung Hume Tumse Pyar Kitna and Rangreza.

2. Indian Idol winner list – Season 2 [2005 to 2006].

Season 2 of Indian Idol which was held during 2005 was won by Sandeep Acharya. He was basically from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Several songs were sung by Sandeep Acharya, some of them are,’Mere Sath Sara Jahan’, ‘Woh Paheli Baar’, Intezaar, Teri Ankhiyon ne, and Oh Ladki.

Sandeep Acharya also appeared in a romantic drama named, Kaise Yeh Pyaar Hai. Unfortunately, Sandeep Acharya met with an accident On 15th December 2013, and could no work any further.

3. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 3 [2007]

Season 3 of Indian Idol which was held during 2007 and was won by Prashant Tamang. The first runner up of Indian Idol Season 2 was Amit Paul[Belonged to Shillong, India]. 

He was born in Darjeeling, West Bengal. Prashant Tamang has specialized in pop music. Prashant Tamang made an album named Dhanyawaad. Prashant Tamang sang for several Nepali Films, one of those was Himmat 2.  Apart from being a stunning singer, he is also a bewildering actor in Kathmandu. 

4. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 4 [2008].

Season 4 of Indian Idol which was held during the year of 2008 and was won by Sourabhee Debbarma.  Season 4 of Indian Idol also is cherished because it was the first time when India Idol had a female winner. The first runner up of season 4 of Indian Idol was Kapil Thapa. 

Sourabhee Debbarma was born in 1985 in Agartala which is in Tripura, India. The most interesting fact about Sourabhee Debbarma is that she tried to sing a song hanging upside down, she also holds a Guinness world record for the same. Sourabhee Debbarma is a playback singer and actress by profession. 

5. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 5 [2009 ].

Season 5 of Indian Idol which was held during the year of 2009 and was won by Sreerama Chandra Mynampati . The first runner up of Indian Idol season 5 was Rakesh Maini[ Belonged to Mumbai, India]. Sreerama Chandra belongs to Hyderabad. After winning Indian Idol season 5, Sreerama Chandra entered into the Bollywood music industry.

He has sung two songs for the movie ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’, which were, Madhubala and Ishq risk, Both the songs from the movie mere brother ki Dulhan were blockbusters. He also has sung a song in the movie, ‘yeh jawani hai diwani’, which was ‘Subhanallah’.

6. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 6 [2012].

Season 6 of Indian Idol which was held during the year 2012 and was won by Vipul Mehta. The first runner up of season 6 of Indian Idol was Amit Kumar. He is from Amritsar, Punjab, India.

Vipul Mehta is a professional playback singer. Vipul Mehta mastered in Classical singing at the tender age of 8. He was also a finalist in the Voice of India. Vipul Mehta’s Debut album was ‘hello namaste Sat Sri Akal. He also sang ‘Roowaan mein’ during 2012.

7 . Indian Idol Winner list – Season 7 [2013].

Season 7 of Indian Idol which was held during the year of 2013 and was won by Anjana Padmanabhan. The runner of up Season 7 was Debanjana Karmakar. 

8. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 8 [2015].

Season 8 of Indian Idol which was held during 2015 and was won by Ananya Nanda. The runner up of Season 8 was Nahid Afrin[ Belonged to Assam].

Ananya Nanda is the winner of season 8 Indian Idol and she belongs to Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India. After she won the title of Indian Idol, she came up with her first album, which was ‘Muasam Mastana’. She sang in the movie, ‘MS Dhoni, the untold story. She also participated in Rising star [ She was in the top 5 contestants].

9. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 9 [2016-2017].

Season 9 of Indian Idol which was held during 2016 and was won by LV Revanth. The runner up of season 9 of Indian Idol was Khuda Bakh[ He belonged to Punjab, India].

LV Revanth was born on 10 Feb 1990 and was famous for his popular Telegu songs. LV Revanth’s was Bollywood debut was from the song ‘Sabe bada kalakar’. He sang the song Telisiney and Oopiri for the popular movie, Arjun Reddy. He has won several awards for his extraordinary singing talent, Namely, Maa Music Awards. IIfA, Super singer, and Big FM.

10. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 10 [2018].

Season 10 of Indian Idol which was held during 2018 and was won by Salman Ali. The runner up of season 10 of Indian Idol was Ankush Bhardwaj [He belonged to Shimla, India].

Salman Ali is a playback singer who belongs to Haryana. He also participated in SA RE GA MA PA season 11, He was a runner up. He gave his voice for a Television serial, Chandragupta Maurya. 

11. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 11 [2019 – 2020].

Season 11 of Indian Idol which was held during 2019 and was won by Sunny Hindustani. The runner up of season 11 was Rohit Shyam Raut [ He belonged from Latur, Maharashtra, India].

Sunny Hindustani hailed from Amarpura, Bhatinda, India. He has mastered in Sufi music. His playback debut was when he sang ‘Rom Rom’ [ Film-The body]. 

Why Indian Idol is a great platform for singers? 

Indian Idol is one of the great platforms for singers who are looking for exposure. Indian Idol is a platform that will give you a reality check. In the show Indian Idol, some people come from each corner of the country. It is a great feeling to have companions from different parts of the country.

This show teaches you the idea of team spirit and unity, the person has to do away with all negative feelings of jealousy and envy, it is always advised to appreciate others and learn from them.

The show of Indian Idol gives you a platform from where you Can gain fame and publicity, people will start to know you more and better, it is always a great feeling to have a fan following, and a group of people who admire your talent. A show like Indian Idol can also give you astonishing breaks, you will be performing in front of the judges[ some times music directors], and if they like your work, they might even offer you to sing for them in a particular album or a movie as a playback singer.

Indian Idol is also a platform that allows you to make your talent, your carrier, the platform allows you to work under different banners and earn a living.

FAQ- Frequently asked questions related to the Indian Idol Winner list.

  1. Who was the first runner up of the first season of Indian Idol?

    The first runner up of Indian Idol season one was Amit Sana.

  2. In which season Neha Kakkar appeared in Indian Idol?

    Neha Kakkar participated in Indian Idol season two.

  3. Who is the winner of Indian Idol season 11?

    The winner of Indian Idol Season 11 is Sunny Hindustani.

  4. Who was the winner of Indian Idol Season 1?

    The winner of India Idol season 1 was Abhijeet Sawant.


The Indian Idol winner list consists of all those talented singers who strived hard each day to win this title. The platform of Indian Idol has never failed to appreciate young budding talents. Reality shows like Indian Idol provide people with opportunities. Shows like Indian Idol gives people hope of accomplishing anything that they dream of.

There was a time when people appreciated those individuals who score well in exams, a talent like singing was greatly degraded by the people. Nobody appreciated performing arts, as they thought it has no carrier in it. Platforms like Indian Idol have succeeded to break this stereotype about performing arts. It has proven that even singing can be pursued as a carrier and can One can develop a sustainable income from it. Apart from supporting great talents, It also manages to entertain the audience of India.

TV Serial Song Download website – 6 Best Sites to download

Is TV Serial Song Download The Most Trending Thing Now?

TV Serials are drama that entertains us daily, serial characters make their place in everyone’s heart easily and Serial song touches the heart. Then begin the search of TV Serial Song Download. Yes, the first thought pops up in your mind is Women’s watch TV Serials a lot. Ya, I agree women’s watch TV Serials a lot from housewife to working every woman watch the TV Serials and most of them try TV Serial Song download, the reason is clear they love the song.

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TV Serial Song Download Talks 

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

TV Serial Song Download play important role in recalling the TV Serial no matter it is old or new, people remember it and then they remember the serial story. It’s difficult to remember the whole song but one-two lines are enough to remember which TV serial it was. Let’s take a recent example when we heard heartbreaking news of Sushant Singh Rajput, most of them recalled how his journey started and I bet you not only know the name of the serial but also you remember the bit-serial song of “Pavitra Rishta”.

Not only this whenever you hear a name of a famous TV serial celebrity you start recalling the TV Serial Song like Star Plus celebrity Divyanka Tripathi her serial “Yeh Hai Mobhabbatien” song “Dil Kahi rukta Nhi – Chalta hi Jai Tere Or” Nowadays it is easy if you don’t remember songs you quickly search TV Serial Song Download and get the song you want.

Most of us are addicted to TV Serials agree to it, if you miss the episode it is not that you can’t sleep but you can watch TV Serials anywhere any time and I am sure in this lockdown you have watched the whole episodes again, TV Serials all episodes were telecasted on television in this quarantine due to lockdown shooting was close.

I remember when I use to travel by Mumbai local, most of the ladies use to watch TV Serials on mobile. Some of them used to TV Serials Song Download, this is how to train a journey used to be and I am sure most of them listen to songs, read books, watch TV serials or movies depends how long the journey is and what you like during to do during journey.  

Indian TV Serial Song Download

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

I Know I have discus about Indian TV Serial Song Download but I think I have talked less about it. As we know India has so many different cultures, languages, religions, and States. According to it, we have so many TV Serials and TV Channels of different languages base on different cultures and religions. It is easy to watch our language TV Serials of course on television and on our mobiles too.

In India Hindi is a common language spoken and understood by everyone so Hindi TV Serials are commonly watched by most of them, no doubt Hindi serials are famous too. Don’t know about other language serials but Hindi serials have some list that runs long lasting more than 2years, this TV serials and their characters are so interesting that we are watching it from so many years as we love to see our favorite actors and actress daily. And every song related to them we like it and we love to have TV Serial Song download.

Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Mythology, and many other reality shows are available to watch. One of the TV Serial I remember which is still in everyone hearts that is Mahabharat and Ramayan, there are others too but these two shows still touch the heart and audience remember their theme songs. Most of them downloaded Title song and Krishna Basuri music of Mahabharat TV Serial, I have personally watched and downloaded this music.

Luv-Kush sung Ramayan in front of their father Ram is one the song from Ramayan TV Serial Song download by the audience. Not only has this in this quarantine most of them show their singing talent by singing this Ramayan song with guitar or dual on YouTube channel. Some Mythological TV Serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat are dubbed in other languages and are telecasted.

I have noticed one thing the TV serials related to mythological stories their song and show both get hit, the theme music of TV Serial Naagin is hit everyone knows its music and I am sure after reading this at the back of your mind music started. If you are the mythological story lover who believes in deities like me then you remember the mythological TV Serial telecast on Colors TV channel that was Mahakali, of course, I recalled serial song “Shiv Shakti se hi purna hai” use when Shiv Shakti use to be together.

List of Channels and TV Serial Song Download

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Channels that entertain us by telecasting TV Serials every day, Know more about it. How many TV Serial Channel you remember? I’m sure 2-3 Channels, it’s not your fault you watch only 2-3 Channels only. There is 18 TV serials channel that entertains us.

Here is the list of TV Channels that telecast TV Serials.

  1. Colors TV
  2. Sony Entertainment Television
  3. &TV
  4. DD Bharti
  5. Shemaroo TV
  6. Star Plus
  7. Zee TV
  8. Star Utsav
  9. Zee Anmol
  10. Sony Pal
  11. Sahara One
  12. DD Retro
  13. Jeet Prime 
  14. Dangal TV
  15. DD Bharti
  16. Star Bharat
  17. Colors Rishtey 
  18. DD National

Above mention TV channels are available in a different language too, for example, Zee Marathi, Colors Marathi, etc. They telecast different serials on it. You would like to know about the TV Serial channels that no longer in the market to entertain us. There are 14 TV Channel who tried to be in-market to entertain us but they are shut now.

List of the Shut Channels

  1. Zee Smile
  2. Sky 5
  3. Star One
  4. Life ok
  5. Discovery Jeet
  6. Metro Gold
  7. Imagine TV
  8. Indavision
  9. Zindagi
  10. AXN
  11. Real
  12. Zee Next
  13. 9x
  14. Big magic

After the list of channels, you would like to know the list of TV Serials Song telecasted on television which left marks on our memories. I know we most of the time remember Bollywood songs but this is the TV serials Songs which we still remember. As we know most of the serials are based on reality and others are based on Saas Bahu Serial.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Indian TV Serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” telecasted on Star Plus on 12th January 2009, it is a fourth longest-running TV serial. Hina Khan played the role of Akshara the devotional song of Krishna sung by her “Oh Kanha Murli ki Madhur Suna Do Taan” in serial is famous, It has cross 2Million Views on Youtube. And another song played on every occasion and functions in the serial “Dil Se Bandhi Ek Dor” is almost famous. Shivangi Joshi is leading the show now, she is playing the role of Naira, and the new song of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” – Oh More Saiyaa is the TV Serial song currently winning the heart of everyone. 

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Indian TV Serial Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the famous romantic serial telecasted on Sony TV on 29th November 2016, though it was not a long-lasting serial which broke the heart of many fans especially mine this TV serials songs melted everyone’s heart.

I bet if you are single you would like to fall in love after listening to these songs. And song name is “Pehli Dafa Hai”, there is another song that will touch your heart if you had a breakup especially because of your family that song is “Kaun Jane Zindagi Mein Kya Ho” TV show is led by Shaheer Shaik he is playing the role of DEV son of Supriya Pilgaonkar (Ishwari) and Erica Fernanda’s playing role of sona who falls in love with Dev. 

Satyamev Jayate

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Satyamev Jayate is an Indian Reality TV series of Amir Khan its title Track is full of Patriotism and nationalism evoke the soul of every Indian and I feel proud of being Indian. This show shows the reality of India especially issues of women that go through emotionally, mentally, and physically, Not only that this show shows cast issues, Child labor, Dowry, etc. Songs sung after every episode by Sona Mohapatra are encouraging and let you think about it. One of the songs I like is “Bekhauff” Do hear this song you will get encourage girls and guys you will come to know what women’s go through. This Famous show was telecasted on Star Plus on 6th May 2012.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Yeh Hai Mohabbatien is one of the famous long-lasting Indian serials that won so many hearts. Divyanka Tripathi played the role of an Ishita, Karan Patel played the role of a Raman Bhala, and Aditi Bhatia played the role of a Ruhi this led the show. And of course, after reading the name Yeh Hai Mohabbatein you recalled the TV Serial Song that is “Dil Kahi Rokta Hi Nhi”  

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyar Ke

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyar Ke is one of the famous romantic Indian TV Serial Launched on 18 March 2019 on Star Plus. Rhea Sharma playing the role of Mishti and Shaheer Shekh is playing the role of Abir they both are leading the show. TV serial Songs are of course amazing in it. Dono Milke Chalte Hai Na listens to this song with your partner I am sure you will love to cuddle.


Image – TV Serial Song Download website

How can I forget one of the famous thrilling crazy but romantic serial telecasted on Sony TV on 11 October 2016 Jenifer Winget plays the role of Maya, Kushal plays the role of Arjun and Aneri Vajani play the role of Saanj. It seems like it is a love triangle where Maya loves Arjun crazily she can do anything for him. The story makes you crazy but the songs of this Beyhadh TV Serial song will make you crazier and the song is Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai. 

Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 

Image – TV Serial Song Download website

Remaking old songs, movies and Serials are in Trend, some are getting hit and some are getting flop. In the trend of remaking how will be TV Serials will remain back, the famous TV Serial Kausauti Zindagi Ki has to be recreated and like an old version new version is also winning the heart and TV serial song is catching the heart of audiences. It was launched on 25 September 2018, Erica Fernanda’s play role of Prerna and Parth Samthaan plays the role of Anurag.

Details of TV serial song download

 Now you are excited to download TV serial songs, it is in trend to keep TV serial songs as what’s app status, ringtone, and to listen to the song. This TV serial song downloads are available on YouTube, Shopify, Github, pagalword, and on Now enjoy your favorite TV Serial Song at any time any. TV Serials are also available on Hotstar, Zee5, and voot.

TV Serial Song Download Website NameLink
BestwapClick here
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AllserialsongsClick here
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Zee5Click here

Zee Bangla Serial List 2020 – Best Zee Bangla Tv Serial Lists, Day and Timings

Zee Bangla Serial List is a great way to christen your new television set. The Zee Network has never stopped providing its loyal consumer base with quality content. Zee Bangla, one of the most-watched counterparts of this network is well known for this and brings out a couple of original shows every other year. From shows about women empowerment to unique romantic stories to relatable reality shows, Zee Bangla has done it all. In fact, these shows are so loved that many of them are later dubbed into other languages and dialects. 

SERIAL NO.Zee Bangla Serial List 2020 NameTIMINGSDAYS
1RANNAGHAR4:30PM TO 5:OOPMMonday to Saturday
2DIDI NUMER ONE5:00PM TO 6:00PMMonday to Saturday
3ALO CHHAYA6:00PM TO 6:30PMMonday to Saturday
4RANI RASHMONI6:30PM TO 7:00PMMonday to Saturday
5KRISHNAKOLI7:00PM TO 7:30PMMonday to Saturday
6JAMUNA DHAKI7:30PM TO 8:00PMMonday to Saturday
7NETAJI8:00PM TO 8:30PMMonday to Saturday
8KADAMBINI8:30PM TO 9:00PMMonday to Saturday
9PHIRKI9:00PM TO 9:30PMMonday to Saturday
10KI KORE BOLBO TOMAY9:30PM TO 10:00PMMonday to Saturday
11JOY BABA LOKNATH10:00PM TO 11:00PMMonday to Saturday
12SOUDAMMINIR SANSAR10:30PM TO 11:00PMMonday to Saturday
13DADAGIRI9:30PM TO 11:00PMFriday to Saturday

Here is the Zee Bangla Serial List that you need to be watching today.

Zee Bangla serial list – Alo Chhaya

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

First aired on 2nd September 2019, this zee tv serial revolves around the lives of two sisters, Alo and Chhaya, played by the young actors Debadrita Basu and Oindrilla Bose. These cousin sisters who come from different backgrounds and have ambitions of their own- Alo is a somewhat neglected girl and Chhaya is the pampered one- are raised together and share a sturdy attachment of friendship.

With a time jump from their young counterparts, they grow up to be college students, studying two distinctly different subjects. However, there is a catch and that is that the studious and intelligent Alo and the playful and happy Chhaya have swapped their lives and are now basically living double identities – one in front of their family, and the other in front of the rest of the world. But will their cover stay put up for long? And when that happens will the two sisters who grew up together be able to keep their bond as sturdy as it was before?

Their moments of ups and downs and how they face these and remain united together make it a delightful evening watch. So, remember to catch this zee Bangla serial at 6 pm every day.

Zee Bangla serial list – Krishnakoli

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

A Tent Cinema production that premiered in June 2018 and remains a very much popular serial even today. It is about a dark-skinned woman, named ‘Shyama’ who stays immersed in praying to her god Krishna and goes about singing his divine tales. With her family already steeped in piles of debt from a dubious moneylender who forces Shyama to be the voice behind her unmelodious daughter; she gets trapped in a vicious plot and is married off to a guy from a rich family. Will they accept her? And will she ever be able to pursue her singing career independently? And most importantly, will her enemies and adversaries ever let her stay happy and peaceful in her life?  

This Bengali soap opera drama on zee tv tackles a very important issue of today’s age, the growing hostility, and antagonism towards dark-skinned people in this country. ‘Krishnakoli’ takes up a modern approach to this problem with Tiyasha Roy in the main female lead, who sets out to show the world how skin color should never deter someone from the happiness and opportunities in life, accompanied by Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil, the main male lead.

Tune in everyday at 7:00 pm to find the answers to your questions.

Zee Bangla serial list – Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

A very recent addition in the zee tv serial list that premiered on December 16, 2019. The story is about a budding fashion designer, Radhika who is played by Swastika Dutta who gets betrayed and duped by her soon-to-be husband. She eventually starts developing a close bond with Karna, the owner of an apparel company, and the male lead played by Krushal Ahuja.

But Radhika’s bad days are far from over. Actually, they have not yet begun. While her supposedly dead husband is trying his best to run away with his girlfriend with as much money as he can get his hands on; her aunt’s son, Joy, is pursuing her doggedly for the money and riches that he dreams of. Stuck between greedy and selfish people, can Radhika getaway to finally find a safe haven in her boss? And will Karna be able to get Radhika to safety before she gets drowned in misery

This zee tv romantic drama has already earned a special place for the Zee Bangla audience, and it is very easy to see why it is so. With stellar performances from the cast members and lovely musical track numbers to go along with it, catch upon on the fun every day at 9:30 pm.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Soudaminir Sansar

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Shouldered on the two young and talented leads, Sushmili and Adhiraj Ganguly, who play the beautiful and lively Soudamini, and the stubborn and mischievous Shankar respectively have made this zee tv serial an interesting and a fun watch. The story revolves around Soudamini who gets married to Shankar and then has to manage her chaotic household to bring peace to these always fighting family members.

When the young and pretty Soudamini enters her mess of an in-laws family, she understands that she has a lot of work to do. With the blessings of her grandfather and Shankar at her side, she pledges to make the ever fighting house into a loving and peaceful home. Though most neighbors and villagers deem it to be an impossible task, the patient and the kind girl makes huge progress in completing her promise.

Slowly but surely, she carves out a place for herself in everybody’s heart. Making sure that no one goes hungry, that the place never runs out of food, and most importantly that no one fights. But that doesn’t mean everyone in the home like her and to what ends will they go to make sure that Soudamini is kicked out of the house?

Catch this funny, hilarious and yet heart warming show at 10:30 pm everyday – the perfect time for the whole family to enjoy it with their dinner.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Rani Rashmoni is a revolutionary figure of Bengal as well as the Indian Sub-continent, especially as a role model for young women everywhere. That is what this serial has tried its best at portraying – the zeal and strength of a young woman in a highly patriarchal society- and succeeds quite well too. Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni is a period drama series that airs weekdays at Zee Bangla. Taking its name from the titular character, the great Rani herself, played by a Ditipriya Roy, the actress has received both, a commercial hit and critical acclaim.

The show that started on 24th July 2017, just completed its 1000th episode a few days back and is running successfully. Depicting the story and growth of an 11-year-old girl, named Rani to the famous Rani Rashmoni of Bengal. Her strong spiritual connection with the heavenly spirits and her inner courage and valor with which she even stands against the brutality of the East India Company with astounding results.

In an age where widows were burned alive, she took steps forward in ensuring that widows have the right to marry again, a blasphemy in 19th century Bengal. But at the core of everything, she remains a humble and kind-hearted lady who takes care of the poor and marginalized sections of society, hence the epithet ‘Karunamoyee’ which means ‘Kind Hearted’ in Bengali.

With a nostalgic set, amazing performances from the cast, and supporting members, no doubt that this show still remains one of the most-watched shows on Zee Bangla. Watch the queen reign at 6:30 pm every evening.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Jamuna Dhaki

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Zee Bangla knows its women empowerment and so the two lead actors Swati Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as her romantic interest are all set to set the TRP ratings high this summer. Revolving around the story of a poor but very beautiful village girl, Jamuna, whose aim in life is to be a successful Dhaki or drummer. Dhakis are the ones who get everyone in the Durga Puja pandals dancing on their toes and this tough, sweaty yet entertaining industry is mostly dominated by men.

But Jamuna wants to be a trailblazer and carve out her own path. When her father, Ganga, falls sick while beating the Dhaki for an aristocratic Bengali joint family, Jamuna takes in the ropes, much to the disappointment of everyone around her. Because the family is extremely conservative in their views and do not appreciate a woman’s freedom much. Especially the patriarch of the family vehemently opposes it, being a man who along with his late father didn’t even allow his now aged mother to be a liberal woman.

But his well educated and liberal-minded son returns from abroad take one look at her and falls hopelessly in love. Will their relationship get acknowledged? Will he stand by her side? Will Jamuna Dhaki achieve her dream?

Get the answers to your questions on zee bangla at 7:30 pm every day. 

Zee Bangla Serial List – Kadambini

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

A show about the first female doctor in the entire of the South Asian regions, Kadambini. Ushashi Roy plays this pioneering woman known and reputed in the field of the medical journey as well as for being a beacon of light for women in the patriarchal 20th century Bengal. With her progressive and liberal-minded husband, Dwarakanath Ganguly, by her side, she reaches new heights and peaks of her life.

Her journey from a curious young woman of Sambalpur to the first-ever woman medical practitioner of the subcontinent, this zee Bangla serial is a must-watch for history enthusiasts.

Catch this radical woman in action at 8:30pm everyday.

Zee Bangla Serial List – Phirki

Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

The life of the transgender community and the struggles and hardships that they are bound to face every single day is, by now, quite well known to us. Yet this is one of the sections of society that most people fear and hate the most. This is a story of Lakshmi, a transgender woman disowned by her family and her adoptive daughter, Phirki who will go against all odds to bring justice to her mother and everyone suffering the same fate as her.

With Arjaa Banerjee and Sampriti Poddar in the main roles, this show has included many transgenders in their supporting cast who portray their best in emphasizing the shame and hardships that their community has to live through.

Watch this zee bangla serial at 9:00pm everyday.


Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Produced by Subhanakar Chattopadhyay Rannaghar is a Bengali cookery show which was premiered in the year 2005. This was primarily hosted by Sudipa Chatterjee upto to march 2018 which was then transferred to the well-known Bengali actress Aparajita Auddy. In- between some episodes of this cookery show have also been hosted by some of the famous personalities like Actress Sonali Chowdhury, Manali Dey, and Sneha Bhowmik.

It gained its popularity and love due to its wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes ranging from traditional Bengali cuisines to appetizing new recipes. Here every day a person is invited to cook an innovative or traditional dish and show the method to everyone. Apart from this many eminent personalities of Bengal like Raja Narayan Deb, Usha Uthup, and many more and professional chefs who are well known for their delicious food making skills are also invited who help the audience by showing the preparation of delicious dishes with new and innovative skills.

Due to this neverending love from the audience, it marks itself as one running Bengali serial to date and third longest-running Indian television series.


Image – Zee Bangla Serial List 2020

Dadagiri UNLIMITED is a Bengali language quiz show produced by Subhankar Chattopadhyay. which was started in the year 2009. This show is hosted by the former captain and left-handed batsman of the Indian cricket team presently the President of BCCI Sourav Ganguly often called ‘Maharaj’ in Bengal. The contestants are selected by a selection round that occurs in every district of West Bengal. Each episode is divided into six rounds. 

Zee Bangla Serial List 2020 – Let’s have a quick overview of the round to be played:

  1. TOSS ROUND: This is the first non-elimination round played between six contested selected from 23 districts and one contestant from Team India. 
  2. POWERPLAY ROUND: In this round, each contestant needs to answer a question here they can score upto 12 points.
  3. COVER DRIVE ROUND: This is an elimination based round where each participant is subjected to a video clip or some audio and then questions ranging from one to four are asked from the given audio or video clip. 
  4. GOOGLY/DOOSRA ROUND: The name already gives you some idea about the round. Here each contestant had to face a riddle or a difficult puzzle. 
  5. SLOG OVER ROUND: The remaining three candidates fight this elimination based round where they need to answer 12 questions by pressing buzzers faster than others. the unanswered questions go to the Runners’s bench.
  6. BAPI BARI JAA: This is the final round where the remaining two contestants go for a head-on fight for the title by answering questions from six different subjects as per their choice.

The round ends and the contestant with the highest runs wins the game.  

 Other Zee Bangla Serial List to Enjoy:

  • Joy Baba Lokenath

Portraying the life and death of the great spiritual and social reformer of Bengal, fondly remembered as Lokenath Baba

  • Netaji

About one of the most memorable and controversial freedom fighters of the country who fought against the oppressive British rule, Subhash Chandra Bose, or as we remember him as Netaji.

  • Didi No. 1

A fun and entertaining reality show where 4 participants have and the host, Rachna Banerjee have the time of their lives with interesting games and quizzes.

Zee Telugu serial list 2020 – Serials Timing Today (Updated)

Here in this article, I have a zee Telugu serial list for all of you to watch. Zee TV has been the Best entertainment platform. The channel offers content in many languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and many more. It provides not only serials but also movies. Each serial has a unique storyline and you will get access to the watch spectrum of the genre on Zee TV.

But in today’s world when we are confined with time limits, Zee TV has brought Zee5, an official online streaming platform where you can watch your favorite show on your own terms. The high-quality content provided by Zee TV is running successfully. Zee TV is an Indian cable which is operated by zee entertainment enterprises. So here is a zee Telugu serial list you will love to watch. 

Zee Telugu is a channel owned by zee entertainment enterprises. The channel is in Telugu language and is liked by all age groups. The channel has a slogan as Aarambham Okka Aduguthone which means that everything begins with a single step. So here is a zee Telugu serial list you will love to watch. 

So what programs are broadcaster and at what time? 

Serial NameTime
Maate Mantramu12:30 PM
Rakta Sambandam1:00 PM
Gundamma Katha1:30 PM
Ninne Pelladatha2:00 PM
Thoorpu Padamara2.30 PM
Ganga Manga3:00 PM
6:00 PM
Attarintulu Akka Chellulu6:30 PM
Radhamma Kuthuru7:00 PM
Rama Sakkani Seetha7:30 PM
No 1kodalu8:00 PM
Trinayani8:30 PM

Maate Mantramu is aired at 12:30 pm. The show runs for half an hour followed by Rakta Sambandam at 1 PM. Then, Gundamma Katha is aired at 1.30 pm followed by Ninne Pelladatha at 2 PM. Then, Thoorpu Padamara is aired at 2.30 pm followed by Ganga Manga at 3 PM. Then at 6 pm 

Bangaru gajulu is aired followed by Attarintulu Akka Chellulu at 6.30 pm. Then, Radhamma Kuthuru is aired at 7 PM followed by Rama Sakkani Seetha at 7.30 pm. At 8 pm No 1kodalu is broadcasted and at 8:30 pm Trinayani is broadcasted. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

The above listed programs run from Monday to Saturday. 

Serial nameTime
Prema entha madhuram9:00 PM
Kalyana vaibhogam9:30 PM
Suryakantham10:00 PM
Srikaram Shubhakaram7.30 AM
Omkaram8:00 AM
Bathuku Jataka Bandi11:30 AM
Koncham Touchlu unte Chepta Season 4 9:00 PM (Saturday)
Adhirindhi9:00 PM (Sunday)

So what are the programs that run from Monday to Friday? Here is the list with their timings. Prema entha madhuram is aired at 9 PM followed by Kalyana vaibhogam at 9.30 pm. Then at 10 pm, Suryakantham is broadcasted. 

Some spiritual shows are also aired in zee telugu at the morning time. Thus include Srikaram Shubhakaram aired at 7.30 AM followed by Omkaram at 8 AM. 

At 11:30 AM a show named Bathuku Jataka Bandi is hosted by Roja Selvamani. The show is based on family issues. 

Then we have certain reality shows that are aired on weekends. Koncham Touchlu unte Chepta Season 4 is hosted at 9 PM By Pradeep Machiraju on Saturday. Further 

Local Gangs is also hosted by Pradeep Machiraju. Another show named Adhirindhi is hosted by Ravi. The show is broadcasted on Sunday at 9 pm. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 


The show had its premiere on Zee telugu channel on 9th December. 

No.1 Kodalu focuses on the relationship of a mother in law and daughter in law. The show is broadcasted from Monday to Saturday at 8 pm on the Zee Telugu channel. The lead role is played by Susha Chandran. The Storyline of the show is quite interesting along with a good cast. 

Sudha Chandran is a dancer and an actress but she has returned to the Telugu shows after a long time. So what is the story all about. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

The story is about two girls named Vagdevi and Saraswathi. Both the girls are of different personalities. On one hand, where Vagdevi is a well-educated girl and holds a business, on the other hand, Saraswati is illiterate.

Saraswati being the daughter in law of Vagdevi tries to explain to her the importance of love in our lives. Further, Vagdevi thinks that education is a must for a person to have a good life. But Saraswati tries to explain to her that real happiness lies in relationships that are tied by love. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

So who all will be seen in the show? 

You will get to see Sudha Chandran as Vagdevi. The role of Saraswati is played by Madhumitha. Another popular cast is also included in the show including Jai Dhanush, Rithi, Sakshi, Shiva, Suresh Kranthi, and Chalapathi Raja. 

Moreover, we saw Sudha Chandran last in a reality television show. She was a judge in that show. 

If you wish to see the show on television then the show is aired on the Zee Telugu channel at 8 p. M. But if you wish to see the show online at your own comfort, you may watch the serial at the zee 5 website and application. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list

ZEE TELUGU SERIAL LIST – Radhamma Kuthuru 

Well, the show Radhamma Kuthuru has completed its 200 episodes. Radhamma Kuthuru is a popular television show premiered on Zee Telugu channel. Radhamma Kuthuru is one of those shows who have begun broadcasting after lockdown. Recently, congratulating the show for its 200 years, Zee Telugu uploaded a special video showing the best scenes of the shoe to date. The lead roles of the show are played by Meghna Raami, Deepti Manne, and Gokul. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

So what is the story all about? 

The story is about the love of two people who have different personalities. Their names are Akshara and Aravind. Radhamma is the mother of three daughters including Akshara. She is an independent mother as her husband left her because of her failure to give birth to a son. She also faced many ups and downs in her life but successfully raised her three daughters. She is a patient mother and runs a hotel to raise her daughters. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

Aravind on the other hand belongs from a well off family. He can’t go against his mother’s will. But what will happen when she falls in love with a middle-class family’s girl named Akshara. The chemistry of Akshara and Arvinda is what makes the show very popular. People love their on-screen love. The show portrays the mysteries faced by Akshara while she studies and prepares to become an IAS officer. She aspires to become an IAS officer to regain her mother’s lost pride. Further, they will be helped financially. 

The role of Akshara is played by Deepti Manne and the role of Arvind is played by Gokul. The role of Radhamma is played by Aarti. The show gives a very simple message that every relationship demands a bit of sacrifice. If you wish to watch the show on television, it is aired at 7 p. M. From Monday to Friday on Zee Telugu channel. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 


Well, IMDb rates the show as 6.7/10. This new show broadcasted on Zee Telugu channel focuses more on marriage and relationships. The product of the show is Sarveshwar Reddy.if you wish to watch the show, the show is aired at 8:30 p. M. So the show Maate Manthramu focuses on how two people of different personalities are bonded by love.

The lead role is played by a simple girl belonging to a middle-class family named Vasudhra. She has a stepsister named Satya. Both Satya and her grandmother don’t treat Vasundhra well. This makes her life quite difficult. But later on, she gets married to Vamsi Krishna.

Vamsi Krishna is an arrogant person and has grown into a wealthy family. He has a younger brother named Abhiram. Abhiram is quite mature and gets married to Satya. Now what, Vasudhra tries to make her husband Vamsi Krishna a better human being. 

The role of Vamsi Krishna is played by Ali Reza and that of Vasundhara is played by Pallavi. Aarya plays the role of Abhiram and Manasa plays the role of Satya. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

ZEE TELUGU SERIAL LIST – Kalyana Vaibhogam

IMDB rates the show as 7.7/10. Kalyana Vaibhogam is liked by 83% of Google users. The show is the story of a girl who is happy to get married in a wealthy family but the family is being cursed. You will see two girls of opposite personalities namely Nithya and Manga. On one hand, Manga is an innocent girl who lives in a village whereas Nithya is an arrogant girl. Meghna plays both the role of a protagonist as well as an antagonist. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

The show has good comedy. The chemistry of VJ Sunny and Meghna Lokesh is quite liked by the viewers. The show premiered in 2017. We see a dual role of Meghna in the show. The show is aired at 9:30 pm on Zee Telugu channel. 

Meghna plays the role of Nithya Srinivas as well as Mangathayaru. Now she is married to the Suryadevara family. What happens next forms the other part of the show. The show has won an award of category best TV show on Zee Telugu. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 


The show Trinayani premiered on 4 March 2019.77% of Google users have lived the show Trinayani. Starring actors of Trinayani include Shruti Das and Gourab Roy Chowdhury. The show is aired at 8:30 pm at the Zee Telugu channel. The show is about the story of Trinayani who has the power to foresee the future. She makes each and every effort to protect the people around her from the upcoming damage. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

The show is created by Shree Venkatesh Films. This supernatural based TV show was originally released in the Bengali language. The major part of the show is produced in Kolkata. The show is also Dubbed in Bhojpuri. And if you wish to see in Bhojpuri then the show is aired on Big Ganga Channel. 

ZEE TELUGU SERIAL LIST- Bathuku Jataka Bandi

Well, Bathuku Jataka Bandi is liked by Google users. The show is a talk show which was hosted by actress Sumalatha in its first season. The show is directed by Suresh Surapaneni. Further, the second season premiered on 6 July 2015 is hosted by Jeevitha Rajshekar. The show has reunited more than 50 families. This shows pride in psychological aid to many families and individuals.

The show has solved many problems of various couples and has brought them together again. The show is aired at 12 noon from Monday to Friday. The host Jeevitha believes that life is short and living with harmony plays a significant role in our lives. We should set aside negative emotions like anger, ego, and anxiety. This is what she tries to explain to other families. The show helps many individuals to solve Their family disputes. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 


To date, the show has completed its 1500 episodes. You can watch the show from Monday to Saturday on the Zee Telugu channel. The show is scheduled to be broadcasted at 6 p. M. 

The producer of the show Muddha Mandaram is Annapurna studios. If you don’t know Telugu still then you can watch the show. The show is remade in other languages too including Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. Okay, so what is the story all about? So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

Akhilandeshwari is a mother of Deva. Deva is her eldest son. She is a strong-willed family. What will happen when Deva falls in love with the household maid named Parvati?

The show premiered 6 years back. The role of Parvati is played by Thanuja and that of Deva by Pawan Sa. Haritha plays the role of Deva’s stubborn mother Akhilandeshwari. 

ZEE TELUGU SERIAL LIST – Varudhini Parinayam

Well, the show is the story of Varudhini, the role played by Krishna Chaitanya. Varudhini’s mother has a dream that all her 4 daughters including Varudhini should be happily married. She has a small catering business while his husband is a bus conductor. Varudhini wants to help her family in all possible ways. So enjoy watching the shows of Zee Telugu serial list. 

What people frequently ask about the Zee Telugu serial list:

  1. Which serial is the most popular serial in Zee Telugu serial list? 

    The most popular serials of Zee Telugu include Nenu Local, Taxiwala and Duvvada Jagannadham. 

  2. Who are the most popular actors on Zee Telugu serial list? 

    BEST actors of the Zee Telugu channel include Radhika, Devayani, Pradeep and Naman Shaw.

  3. What are the best drama series aired on Zee Telugu serial list? 

    Taxiwala, Omkaram, Nenu Local are some of the best drama shows aired on Zee Telugu Channel. They have gained considerable viewership over time. 

  4. Out of all the shows aired on Zee Telugu channel, which forms the topmost of the list and are good to watch? 

    out of all the shows aired on Zee Telugu channel, some shows are definitely very good and come on top of the Zee Telugu serial list. These include Akkcachellellu, Mudda Mandram, Surya Anshan, and Kalyana Vaibhogam.

List of zee tv serial – 10 Best zee tv serial ( All Shows)

Zee TV has been the Best entertainment platform. The channel offers content in many languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and many more. It provides not only serials but also movies. Each serial has a unique storyline and you will get an access to the watch spectrum of the genre on Zee TV.

But in today’s world when we are confined with time limits, Zee TV has brought Zee5, an official online streaming platform where you can watch your favorite show on your own terms. The high-quality content provided by Zee TV is running successfully. Zee TV is an Indian cable which is operated by zee entertainment enterprises. So here is the list of 10 zee tv serials you will love to watch. 

 List of zee tv serial: Kukum bhagya

Image – List of zee tv serial

Ekta Kapoor produced the famous serial Kumkum bhagya is running very well. The premier was released on 15 April 2014. The lead roles are played by Sriti Jha as Pragya and Shabir Ahluwalia as Abhishek Mehra. Abhishek known as Abhi is a rockstar and Pragya is a humble and hard-working teacher.

Sarla is the mother of Pragya who runs a marriage hall and hopes to both of her daughters being happily married. But the two sisters have their own dreams and aspirations. The love story of Pragya and Abhi is very well portrayed. The show is telecasted on weekdays and you will definitely love the chemistry of Abhi and Pragya. So watch Kumkum bhagya, one the top of the list of zee tv serials. 

 List of zee tv serial: Kundli  bhagya 

Image – List of zee tv serial

The Premier of Kundli bhagya was released on 12 July 2017 on Zee TV. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Babaji telefilms. The lead roles of Indian romantic drama include Dheeraj Dhooper as Karan, Shraddha Arya as Preeta, Manit Joura as Rishabh, and Anjum Fakih as Srishty. The show is a spin-off of Kumkum bhagya and is a serial for those who are bored with overstretched love stories of Abhi and Pragya. Srishty and Preeta are long lost sisters of Pragya. 

The serial starts in a flask back where the father of two sisters asks them to go to Mumbai where their mother and other 2 sisters live. Preeta and srishty are of opposite nature. While Preeta is a modest and shy kind of girl, Srishty is outspoken. Preeta is quite emotional to leave her city while Srishty is excited to explore the new city. In Mumbai, they get to meet the other two boys Karan and Rishabh. Karan and Rishabh are friends of Abhi.

And similar to the two sisters they are opposite poles. Karan is a cricketer and Rishabh is Abhi’s manager. Karan is quite arrogant while Rishabh is cool and calm. A love triangle is surely formed between Karan, Rishabh, and Preeta. Preeta is a physiotherapist. Rishabh starts liking her while Karan has a mixed kind of relationship with Preeta. He sometimes hates her and sometimes loves her. So to explore their lives watch Kundli bhagya on Zee TV. 

 List of zee tv serial: Kaleerein

Image – List of zee tv serial

Kaleerein released its premiere on 5 February 2018 on zee tv. Leading actors of the serial are Arjit Taneja and Aditi Sharma. Nikhil and Sohanna Sinha produced the serial ‘Kaleerein’. It is a Hindi romantic drama. It is a story of a young and courageous girl named Meera Dhingra. Meera wants to live her life on her own terms. She tries to be herself in search of her perfect groom.

The story is actually about the training of girls given before marriage so that they can become a perfect wife. Since Punjabi culture is shown in the serial, most of the shooting of the show is done in Punjab. The chemistry between the two stars is what connects the viewer. Will Meera be able to find a perfect groom for herself who will accept the way she is?

Meera’s mother wants her daughter to be an ideal wife and in order to fulfill her desire, she forces Meera to join Soni Kudi Academy. Meera on the other hand loves to play Kabaddi and does not want to be well-groomed for her future husband. She believes that she could marry only that person who loves her the way she is. 

List of zee tv serial: Bhabhi  Ji Ghar par hai

Image – List of zee tv serial

The premier was released on 2 March 2015. the serial is an Indian sitcom. The story is about two neighboring couples who are attracted to each other’s wives. How they try to impress them is what forms the crux of the show. The serial is produced by Binaifer Kohli and is inspired by an older Hindi sitcom titled Shrimaan Srimati. So the Tiwari and Mishra have their homes in opposite directions of the street.

Tiwari’s reside in the house no 6 while Mishras in the house no 9. Most of the show is directed inside the house. Nearby there is a tea stall named Gupta tea center where the discussions of how their lives are going on usually take place. While impressing each other wives Mr. Mishra and Mr. Tiwari land everyone in many problems. 

Manmohan Tiwari is an undergarments businessman and his wife is a naive housewife. On the other hand, Mr. Mishra is currently unemployed and handles the home chores and his wife is quite modern and runs grooming classes. She hates her husband being unemployed and quite lazy. The serial is full of entertainment and is viewed by many people. Watch bhabhi Ji Ghar hai on zee tv. 

List of zee tv serial: Ishq subha allah

Image – List of zee tv serial

The premier was released on 14 March 2018 on Zee TV. The serial is produced by Zuby Kochchar and Dheeraj Kumar. The lead role is played by Adnan Khan as Kabir and Eisha Singh as Zara Kabir Ahmad. It is a drama and romance based series. Zara and Kabeer belong to the same religion but interpret the Quran in their own unique way.

The serial tries to portray the true interpretation of a religion and how we can make it a part of our daily lives. While Kabeer follows the traditional code of conduct, Eisha interprets the Quran in a practical way. How life will take a turn when these two people will fall in love and get married to each other is how the story goes further. After the show takes a one year leap you will be introduced to a new  Zara, Tunisha. What will happen when the old Zara also comes after some time? Will the old Zara and Kabeer reunite? 

 List of zee tv serial: Vishnu puran

Image – List of zee tv serial

Vishnu Puran is directed by Ravi Chopra and produced by BR Chopra. Vishnu Purana was first telecasted in the year 2000. The leading role is played by Nitesh Bhardwaj as Vishnu and Vaidehi Amrute as Lakshmi. The story is about ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The 126 episodes were first aired on Zee TV and later on Dd National. 

Due to coronavirus pandemic, Zee tv started re-airing the episodes to inspire and entertain viewers during the lockdown. The title song of Vishnu Purana was sung by the great singer Shankar Mahadevan. Each story of Vishnu Puran teaches a lesson about mankind and if you love mythology this might be a must-watch for you.

Makers of the show have thoroughly studied the epics to make one of the best mythological shows. Most of us know only 2 avatars of Hari that are Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. This serial will dive you in other incarnations and instill positivity within you. 

List of zee tv serial: India’s  best dramebaaz

Image – List of zee tv serial

It is a reality show for children between the ages of 4-15 years. Indian’s best dramebaaz is produced by Essel productions. It is a talent search program and focuses on the skill of acting among children. It is unlike Sa Re Ga Ma and DID where children’s talent for singing and dance is searched. 3 seasons have been telecasted till now. The show was judged by Anurag Basu in the first season.

Other judges of the 2nd and 3rd season include Sajid khan, Vivek Oberoi, and Sonali Bendre. On the day of the premiere, the producers of the show distributed sweets in the maternal ward to the family of newborn babies. This show will bring you loads of laughter and you will surely enjoy watching it. You will be amazed to watch the talent of these little kids. Anurag Basu says that the show revives his childhood while judging it. 

List of zee tv serial: Pavitra Rishta

Image – List of zee tv serial

Pavitra Rishta is produced by Ekta Kapoor and was telecasted from 2009 to 2014 on Zee TV. .The serial is based on a Tamil serial Thirumathi Selvam. The story is about the love story of Ankita Lokhande as Archana and Sushant Singh Rajput as Manav Deshmukh. Manav is a mechanic by profession and Archana is not a highly educated girl. Archana ‘s mother wants her to get married to a person who is well qualified in studies.

So how Manav and Archana fall in love and how they deal with all ups and downs of their life is what the story is all about. Pavitra Rishta is a love story of two ordinary people which was soon converted to off-screen love and was not just confined to on-screen. The serial has gained much more popularity after the death of lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The serial is worth watching and will definitely connect the viewers. 

It is the story of all relationships like mother daughter, husband wife, brother sister and many such relations. 

List of zee tv serial: Jodha Akbar 

Image – List of zee tv serial

Jodha Akbar produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor is a historical drama serial. It premiered in 2013 on zee TV. The leading role is played by Rajat Tokas as Akbar and Paridhi Sharma as Jodha. The serial Jodha Akbar is one of the expensive serials telecasted with luxurious sets, costumes, and jewelry. The story revolves around the political marriage of Jodha and Akbar and how they instill love in their relationship to an extent that it affected the fate of India. The serial portrayed Akbar’s ruling policy and how he enlarged his kingdom.

The chemistry of parijat(Paridhi and Rajat) is fantastic and you will love to watch how they tease and love each other. The war sequences will also win your heart. Another good point of Jodha Akbar serial is the songs that you get to hear in the show. Jodha is portrayed as a bold lady and remains a source of inspiration for many viewers. The love story of a Rajput princess and a Mughal emperor is worth watching. The show not only depicts the personal life of Akbar but also you will get to know many facts of his reign. 

List of zee tv serial : Guddan- tumse na ho payega

Image – List of zee tv serial

The serial released its premiere in September 2018 on zee tv. The drama and romance based show are produced by Ved Raj. We must have all heard in our lives that u can not do this particular task. But if we decide to do it wholeheartedly we can easily prove those people wrong. The same story is that of Guddan, a role played by actress Kannika Mann. 

Guddan is a bold and sweet 20-year-old girl who makes a lot of mistakes. People always say to her Tumse na ho payega. But she does that work with full dedication and proves them wrong.

Till 2019 people found the serial to be a light-hearted romantic comedy. But after June 2019, the show becomes more crime thriller based. The acting of Kanika is amazing and it will be a  treat to watch her. Kannika ‘s life takes a turn when she is married to an old man and becomes the youngest mother in law. How she handles her three daughters-in-law will definitely be a source of great inspiring entertainment for the viewers.

Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

According to the study conducted there has been more than a 1,416 percent increase in online searches related to the actor Sushant Singh Rajput after his demise on June 14, 2020. People are now much more interested to know about him than ever before. They search for both his personal and career life and what forced him to take such a step.

Sushant and Ankita’s great love story – Pavitra Rishta

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

People are now more aware of the love story of Co actors of Ekta Kapoor’s show Pavitra Rishta wherein Sushant played the role of Manav, a mechanic and Ankita Lokhande who played the role of Archana, Manav’s wife. They were loved for their wonderful chemistry seen on screen which did not take much time to be a part of their real-life also.

The story revolves about their true love which not only was limited to on-screen but also off-screen. Both met during the shooting of the serial. Now it is not hard to believe for all of us that fight is the first step to love. The same did happen for this couple. They both were of opposite character but as science also mentions the opposite attracts each other, the same was true for this duo. In the initial days of the shooting, they kept on fighting with each other and did not even wish to have eye contact.

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

But who knew that this khatti mithi fight will result in such a true relationship which was nurtured by their love until 6 years. Sushant being of shy nature loved to watch movies alone on a laptop in breaks of shooting.

On the other hand unlike known Archana of Pavitra Rishta Ankita was an extrovert and liked to sit with others chit-chatting during breaks. As the serial name, Pavitra Rishta means true love was not only a part of on-screen but also off-screen. As time flew, they both started loving each other more and more continuing their relationship for 6 years. 6 years is not at all a short time period but we would be very happy if it was extended to a further long period.

It takes a lot to maintain that love which is unconditional and which can not be described in words. Sushant being of shy nature found it hard to express his feelings initially but the proposal he made on the national television screen of jhalak dikhlaja was an overwhelming one. This video of the proposal is going viral on Google than ever before. And listening to it will not only make you realize the intense relationship between Ankita and Anita’s Gugu as she calls but also brings tears to your eyes seeing their true love.

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

Though there had been a bigger fight between them which everyone named it as break up. But is it right to give a name of break up to it? There are very few people who try to maintain their friendship after their breakup. It is said that those who make it happen are actually who truly understand and define love.

They never complained about anything bad about each other even after they were separated out. They still loved each other from the core of their heart and never wished anything ill for each other after their fight. When there were rumors about their break up Ankita cleared all rumors by saying “I don’t know why everyone’s speculating that our six-year relationship has ended and that we are no longer together. It’s unnecessary and uncalled for.” Ankita there with Sushant as always, She loves Sushant Singh Rajput unconditionally.

These rumors are completely baseless and are in bad taste”. What is usually seen is that after two people who used to love each other are separated, they start saying ill about the other after their separation. But we shall not forget that true love never ever dies. Ankita loved Sushant deeply and the same did Sushant. Their close friend Sandip sigh rightly said that they were both made for each other.

Image – Sushant and Ankita’s great love story

Reminiscing the past he overwhelmingly mentions Ankita to be his girlfriend, his wife, his mother, and his best friend forever. Everyone believes that if he would have let Ankita stay with him, Ankita would not even let him go in depression. She could have saved her. She wanted to go to his funeral but because of the minimum number of attendees, she could not go there. She was there with him in all ups and downs and did everything to bring a smile on his face.

When they both were together they enjoyed every moment with each other. They used to go at night and have tasty gol gappas. She hasn’t removed his name from the nameplate of the house. Before his death, Sushant missed Ankita a lot and thought that it was his mistake that he left her. He realized that the love she gave to him no one can ever give him back. They were clearly made for each other and loved to the moon and back. 

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