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The bus stop is a stop where we wait for a bus but at the bus stop Marathi movie download but in this movie, it is a stop to meet someone. And then start their journey, I remember my college days my friends use to wait for me after college. Sometimes I use to wait for them, waiting was common but the stop was one that was the bus stop.

When we think of our college days dude they were amazing, those days were caring free where we use to think from the heart. Less logic and more emotions were the way we use to live but it is opposite more logic and fewer emotions. College means bunking lectures and attending lectures means a new crush or lover. College canteens where the most time we use to spend with friends, full time pass without any stress of getting a pass. And what college means something is missing right? College means first love, first break up, and drinks with your friends. We use to have stress but it was less because we have never met the outer world.

We use to feel like life goes, in the same way, the way we want but like movies, our life starts smoothly than some twist and turns, even we face some climax up and down where in start we feel like parents are villain, friends are our soul and love is forever. I know you agree with me in college most important and most close people are for us are our Dost and lover. We never forget our first love in life because you fall for someone blindly and express your love in every possible way, you just share everything which you never shared with your parents and your close friend.

You reveal your loving soft and real you side with that special person, you argue with them like anything but at the end of the day, that person is yours that person is never going to leave you that is the guarantee you have. Our parents say college love is an immature love but that love is innocent. Yes break up happens, reason can be anything cheating or arguments but a common reason in India for break up is Parents. To live your life again watch the Bus stop Marathi movie download, I am sure college life memories will make you happy again. You will remember your stops again and of course first crush and relationship.

You will also remember how your parents use to behave when you were in college. The most common behavior of parents is checking your mobile, describing your friend is not good, checking your room, and doubting you. They just irritate you like hell where were you? When you are coming? Where are you going and with whom you are going? For girls, there are questions like why you are wearing this cloth? What is your college timing? Who is that guy friend? And for them, every guy friend is your boyfriend.

Then like Bus stop Marathi movie download, they will spy on you or they will keep you in restrictions that’s what they do. You get terms and condition lists with proof that parents have done many things for you, they have provided everything you want and they have fulfilled you all wishes. So you have to accept the rules and regulations of parents because of this.

A most important rule for every teenager in India is not to fall in love and rule number two is never forget rule number one. If you will do that then you can’t use mobile, you can’t go out and you can’t meet your friends. Friends and mobile are the big villains for our parents. The relationship of parents, college, children’s, and Bus Stop Marathi movie download is a showcase in the movie.

Bus Stop Marathi movie download Cast

Bus Stop Marathi Movie download
Image – Bus stop Marathi Movie Download
  • Amrita Khanvilkar playing the role of Sharayu
  • Aniket Vishwas Rao is playing the role of Deven
  • Hemant Dhome playing the role of Kishor
  • Siddhart Chandekar playing the role of Vinit
  • Pooja Sawant playing the role of Anushka
  • Rasika Sunil playing the role of Maithili
  • Suyog Ghore playing the role of Sumedh

Akshaya Waghmare, Madhurv Deshpande, Avinash Narkar, Sanjay Mone, Sharad Ponkshe, Uday Tikekar, Vidyadhar Joshi, Manjhusha Godse, and adhashree atre this is the Marathi best cast working in this movie. A few cast from this movie also a small screen actor so if you are a fan of small screen actors you will be happy to watch a movie. The famous small screen celebrity Shanaia is in this Bus Stop Marathi movie download cast.

Bus Stop Marathi Movie download Trailer

Trailer – Bus stop Marathi Movie Download

Have you watch the Bus Stop Marathi download Trailer, you will fall in love with that trailer and if you are the parents you will get crazy to watch a movie and if you are a youngster you will also get crazy. The bus stop Marathi movie is relatable for both parents and children.

The trailer starts with someone’s Fathers voice who says that college is not a knowledge point for children’s it is a lovers point, once the daughter goes to college then she find love no matter how he looks or how he stays she finds that guy Hero but she will find her parents villains that what he says. Then there is khandvilkar entry seating in the auto-rickshaw opening her hair and feeling the air and she says I am not a BB material, I am 3B Material Brain, Beauty, and beauty with brain.

Next is Hemant who is weak in English says to him that this is a very expensive phone and his dad asks what he replies Ha Phone Mahagh aahe LOL!!! Next, you will see the examination hall where aniket says that if his Girlfriend will be with him he will win the competition. Then there is a pooja who is showing karate skill to aniket and say I will kick you and block your next Generation. There is another college student Rasika who says I also want a love who will love me and someone says hello to her.

Then come a sweet actor I like this actor Siddharth Chandekar who is explaining his friend that True love and all wen don’t come to know than one of his friends ask him then how will come to know Siddharth reply money wrap gift is love. There is a love triangle shown and scene come to Siddharth propose khandvelkar he gifts her I Phone she says no in starting then she accepts it. After that she is in the exam hall taking the paper from the backbencher then Siddharth sees khandvelkar with another guy and he gets disappointed.

Bus Stop Marathi Movie download
Image – Bus stop Marathi Movie Download

Then shown parents and children discussing something which is LOL!!! Then the next scene is more like laughing where in picnic bus someone’s dad says see boys of Romeo if any guy will misbehave with anyone’s daughter then they will kill that guy. Dad asks his daughter have you fallen in love and then come to a group of dad where they decide this time only they will win not their children’s.

There are a struggle and arguments shown between dad and the children. The trailer ends with laughter where the examiner tells everyone if anyone carrying a cheat copy with someone please give to me in return I will give you 500Rs, someone gets up and reply sir I have it LOL!!!

After reading this trailer you will be confused now what I am talking about, there is less name mention and few scenes are left incomplete, to completely understand the trailer you should visit Bus Stop Marathi movie download.

Why you should watch Bus stop Marathi Movie download

Bus Stop Marathi Movie download
Image – Bus stop Marathi Movie Download
  • Bus Stop movie download is a Family movie you can enjoy family time with your time where your parents will surely relate to the movie.
  • College student movie you will love the movie and you will start missing your college.
  • You are the one who likes romantic comedy movies this movie is only for you.
  • The cast in this movie is amazing I am sure one of the favorite cast is there in the movie so who don’t like to see their favorite actor or actress.
  • Worth watching and spending time on this movie. 
  • Sanskari people this movie is definitely for you. 
  • You are a college-going or you love college days you will enjoy this movie.

 Why you should not watch Bus Stop Marathi Movie download 

Bus Stop Marathi Movie download
Image – Bus stop Marathi Movie Download
  • Are you the one who likes thriller killer movie don’t watch Bus Stop Marathi Movie download. 
  • You love to watch sex movie, there is no sex in this movie. 
  • You get irritated with generation gap thoughts, it is difficult for you to accept the change or the behavior of parents then you will get disappointed. 
  • You are not a great fan of small television actors then you will be disappointed. 
  • You don’t believe in love and you are the book worm then chances are you will not like a movie.

Know the more about Bus stop Marathi Movie download

Bus Stop Marathi Movie download
Image – Bus stop Marathi Movie Download

Bus stop Marathi movie download is a Marathi movie released on 21 July 2017, the movie is directed and written by Sameer Hemant Joshi. It is a comedy romantic movie that revolves around college life and parents. College is a free space where students explore not only their knowledge but their life, they explore things like love, friendship, lot of laughter, break up, cheating, boldness, and much more but their parents get stress they have the stress of their children’s who will choose a wrong partner or they are worried about their children will choose a wrong way.

Especially most of the movies show bound between mother and their children’s this movie has shown a bond between Father and children, the father who shows less love but he cares for his son and daughter. Bus Stop is the movie about MBA students who are in the final year, the movie shows the daily struggle of college life and how they handle it. Aniket Vishwasrao, Amruta Khanvilkar, Pooja Sawant, Siddharth Chandekar, Hemant Dhome, and Rasika Sunil are the student in this movie and movie revolve around them and their fathers.

Pooja Sawant and Vishwas Rao have flashback memories of school, where she informed him she is going out for 5 years after that she will meet him but when she get admission in his college after coming back she change her behavior towards him and she doesn’t recognize him but he still loves her so he keeps trying to be in touch with her finally she accept his love but the problem start when pooja dad say no to her relationship and at the end she decides to leave dad and she gets married to Vishwas

Rasika fall in love and she confess this to dad first, her dad is open-minded he becomes happy and visits her college canteen where the boy she loves was waiting for her and her dad tells her to propose him and she proposes the guy in front of her father. Even the father becomes happy but later her boyfriend tries to force her to make love where she doesn’t agree with it and tell her dad that the guy she has chosen is not good after hearing her, her dad call him and tell him don’t try to contact her from now.

Khandvilkar is a bold carefree girl who doesn’t love she only uses her boyfriends for her purpose but chandekar is the one who falls in love with her even he has the same nature as her but he gifts her iPhone, she refuses at first but then she accepts it. 

Parents in the movie behave like kids but they treat their children’s like kids where one of the father in the movie insist her to drop to the college and on another day he sees his daughter wearing offs holder picture he considers her a shameless girl.  

From where to Bus Stop Marathi movie download 

Bus Stop Marathi Movie download
Image – Bus stop Marathi Movie Download

Excited to watch the movie and wonder where you will get this movie. In this quarantine, I bet you have watched all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and Marathi movies. Now watch Bus Stop Marathi Movie download and spend an amazing time. Watch this movie online on YouTube in parts, this movie is also on ShemarooMe, amazon prime, airtel stream, Jio cinema, and on Tata Sky Marathi.

On some online platform, it is free to watch and on some, you have to subscribe to the subscription you will not only watch one movie you will be able to watch another movie too.

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