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Take breathe and watch the Breathe web series download because each breath of you is going to stop while watching the web series. If you are the one who has not watched this web series you should watch it on your risk, just kidding! Chill it is not a horror story but it is more horror than a horror story. The name of the web series its self is different but when I came across this name the first thought was it will be something related to the respiratory system or there will be something related to death.

Breathe web series download
Breathe web series download Credit – Amazon Prime

Both thoughts are right but there is something more in this web series that is while watching it your every breath will stop and mind will think what next? Let’s talk who is your breath? Breathe means lives and mine breathe is my dad I can do anything for him, what about you who is your breath??? It can be your wife, girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, or the whole family.

Of course no doubt you can do anything for them because we love them, we can leave our bad habits for them or some of them leave their life partner because they love their family a lot we can’t go against them or loved one. No, don’t do a mistake of thinking that the Breathe web series download is a romantic love story.

Breathe web series download is a bit different how? Let me tell you. You always watch movies, series, or drama where in India always there is a story of an important woman and that woman is mom. Most of the stories revolve around MOM who can do anything for her family and especially for children, she can fight any battle just for her children’s happiness or just to save her children.

In this stories, dads always seem like Villain or I can say they are always shown as aggressive unsupportive that leads to dad as a villain but in all this drama somewhere the soft heart and caring dad is never shown who love their child unconditionally, the dad who work the whole day to fulfill the needs of their child. Don’t think now that I am a Daddy’s Princess who is writing all these sweet things about dad, I am just talking something which is the fact. Let’s skip debate mom’s boy, chill dude I am just kidding! So hope you got a bit hint that the Breathes web series download is all about.

Yes as I said that this web series is all about family and family members who can do anything for their loved once, not only this the man who seems villain can do anything for his child. You are right that man is Dad. Breathe web series download has shown that side of dad, which we have never thought of. So guys hold your breath for a while when you will start watching this web series because you will see an unexpected side of a man of course who is the father of one son.

The son is breathing of the father and for sons breathe that father who was a good man suddenly change and that change is shocking. This recalls me about a coin that has two sides, similarly, everything has two sides. The positive and negative side which is also present in humans, every story has two sides.

I can say even I have two sides of mine and you have too. It depends on the situation which side we reveal at that moment like in front of our family we behave differently and in front of friends, our behavior is different. How to decide which side of you is good and which one is you, difficult to decide right?You reveal yourself according to the situation that’s the truth so again we can’t decide it’s good or bad because change is human nature.

We can’t react to everything calmly this is what I came to know in the Breathe web series download, but we have to sort out the things smartly rather than aggressively. That will provide you more solution, I know in a moment we do what we feel like to do no matters it is right or wrong we do it and after getting results we come to know that we did was wrong.

I sound confusing? Or still not getting what I am talking about? Wondering suddenly I started talking about the bad and good side of the human, which is not relatable. I can understand but when you will watch the series you will get clear what I was talking about so stop getting confused, stay tuned to know about the “Breathe” web series.

I am sure when you will start watching web series you will hold breathe but at the end of the web series, you will start taking breathe properly. Trust me guys whatever I have mentioned is there in web series but there is more than that, so be more curious to watch the series. I am sure in this quarantine this is one of the best series you have ever watched and let me tell you guys, it’s worth spending time because the content is absolutely thriller and unrespectable which we have never watched before.

I know there are other American web series available but I am talking about India web series no doubt there are many web series content available online which is worth watching but this series is like a bomb. Not only this the message they have tried to give through this web series is something different or I can say the way of giving the message to the audience is different.

Poster and Trailer of Breathe web series download

Breathe web series download 1 min
Breathe web series download Credit – Amazon Prime

No doubt the whole story is different, have you seen the poster of the Breathe web series download a little boy image in a middle bit less highlighted and a lead actor face from both sides staring each other, I mean staring face is shown which is highlighted. After seeing that poster I felt like the person face which is shown from both sides is like challenging himself for a little boy, that what I felt after seeing the poster.

I will talk about the cast before talking about the trailer, so star cast are-

  • Kali Prakash Mukherjee playing the character as Shankar Patil.
  • Urmila Kantikar playing the character as Margaret Mascarenhas.
  • Shriswara playing the character of Dr. Aruna Sharma.
  • Atharva Vishwakarma playing the character of Josh Mascarenhas.
  • Sapna Pabbi playing the character as Ria Ganguly.
  • R. Madhavan playing the character of Denzil Mascarenhas.
  • Jayshree Venketaramanan playing the character as Anita.
  • Madura Naik playing the character as Shaina.
  • Shrikant Yadav playing the character of Malwankar.
  • Hrishikesh Joshi playing the character as Inspector Prakash Kamble.
  • Neena Kulkarni playing the character as Juliet Mascarenhas.
  • Amit Sadh playing the character as Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant.
Breathe web series download Credit – Amazon Prime

Trailer is the best way to guess the story of any movie or web series because we get to know half of the story in the trailer. Because of the trailer, we decide whether to watch the web series or not, trailers are the first thing to convince us to watch the series so, to be an honest trailer of the Breathe web series download convince me to watch the whole series it was so interesting. I will not explain to you the whole trailer because suspense will make you watch the series.

The trailer starts with a man in the bathtub and the dialogue is “there is just one rule to save the loved ones, that bloody there is no rule” you will get to see a small boy in between and then a man in a pool killing someone. Next is a happy family with the little boy who is happy because of his birthday party and clicks of birthday party and then comes to a hospital where a little birthday boy with an oxygen mask is admitted, why he is in the hospital?

What happens to him? You have to watch the series for it. Then in the next scene, his dad asks the doctor how many days are remaining? Then there is a flashback of a little girl playing with a gun and gun drop. Who is she? What is the story of her?

What is the connection between the birthday boy and a little girl? Then come to a little boy’s father planning something, searching something on the internet, and capturing the photo. Sleeping beside his son and dialogue is “when parents come to know that his child future is at stake then he can be anything for his child – If required he can be animal or monster”.

This dialogue made me think what exactly the lead character means little boy father is going to do??? And why he is going to do? What’s the major problem? Then comes a scene of the accident and then enters an inspector whose dialogue is “To kill a criminal sometimes, you have to become one” Than his investigation is shown in the trailer where he meets a criminal but he was not sure that person is a criminal or not. Will the inspector will able to reach the criminal? Who is the criminal?

As I said earlier coin has two sides so everything happens for reason, nothing happens without reason so in the Breathe web series download criminal has his own story which made him a criminal. Sometimes criminal is a normal innocent person but the situations come in his life he does everything to get out of that situation by finding solutions, But the process of finding solution makes that person criminal because he choose an illegal way to find the solution and at the end get trap into something call Karma.

And what makes him do the crime is his emotional heart which is connected to a loved one, the bond which should not break and keep that loved one in life person can go on any level and can get into the crime that’s what the Breathe web series download show us.

More about the Breathe web series download

The trailer is interesting, right? I am sure now you are curious to know what happens next and what’s the end of the series? To be honest I am not going to reveal the story or plot of this web series. Mayank Sharma is the director of the web series and the story revolves around Neena Kulkarni, R.Madhavan, Hrishikesh Joshi, Sapna Pabbi, Amit Sadh, and Atharva Vishwakarma. Episodes of this web series are 8 and each episode is of 80 minutes, 26 January 2018 “Breathe” web series was launched on the online platform.

This web series sequel series is launch in July 2020, Series is starring Abhishek Bachchan and the web series name is “Breathe – Into the shadow” it has 12 episodes each episode is of 45 minutes. The story of this web series revolves around the doctor, his little daughter is kidnapped by someone who is called maskman. To get his daughter back doctor killed the maskman, now who is maskman? How a doctor kills him??? Is his daughter alive and safe? This is the question that arises so you have to watch this web series to get the answer to it.

Breathe web series download – Why you should watch the “Breathe” web series?

Breathe web series download
Breathe web series download Credit – Amazon Prime
  • Web series don’t have mellow drama in it, it is straight to the point.
  • It is a killer crime drama, you will love it.
  • Every episode has suspense at the end which keeps you curious to watch the next episode.
  • Every time you will think what next? Your mind will not stop thinking and questioning.
  • Actors have given justice to the character, amazing performance.
  • Dialogues will not make you laugh, they will make you think.
  • This is a full thriller web series with a lot of seriousness, so you are the one who loves serious movies to go for it.
  • Family web series, you can watch with your family. Due to murder scenes avoid watching it with children.
  • Have a great message.

Breathe web series download – Why not watch the “Breathe” web series?

Breathe web series download
Breathe web series download Credit – Amazon Prime
  • If you love romantic love stories this web series is not for you.
  • If you are the only fan of comedy stories and you watch web series only to laugh than you will get disappointed, this not a comedy web series.
  • Sex lovers, you will get disappointed because no sex scene is available in this series.
  • This series is all about mind and genuine heart connection, there is no physical attraction scene.
  • After a few episodes, you will feel like the story is stuck and it is going slow chances are you will get bore.
  • One flashback is shown much time, so point comes where we start getting irritated with that flashback.

Breathe web series download have shown the struggle of the father to keep his son alive, here is the message parents can do anything for their child. The most important message is “donate organs” to save someone’s life, there are many people out there who need the organs which are rarely available.

And many die just because they don’t get an organ and another message is love can make you kill someone to keep that person in your life. Respect their father because he loves you unconditionally and can do anything for you. Dual personality is revealed in the story which tells us everyone has a dual personality.

Breathe web series download – How can the Breathe web series download?

Excited to watch the web series? Where you can watch the Breathe web series? Web series is available on Amazon prime video and chances are low you will get this series anywhere else –

  • Download Amazon Prime app
  • Log in to your account
  • Search the video you want and play the video or click on it
  • There will be a download button means symbol there click on it

Remember a few videos have options of downloading.

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