Best web series on amazon prime India – Top 5 Web series

We regularly search for best web series on Amazon prime India. 

Well, the demand for web series is continuing to rise. In earlier times only foreign web series were available. But now there are so many OTT platforms that provide with Indian web series. Amazon is one such platform where many Web series is streamed. These web series are very much liked by people. So here I have a glimpse of the best web series on amazon prime, India. 


No one can deny the craze Netflix, Amazon, and other YouTube Web series have on the presenting generation. Let’s not forget how enthusiastic we were for the upcoming seasons of Mirzapur. The dawn of Netflix and amazon prime played a chief role in making web series a new emerging source of entertainment.

While most of us might be bored of watching the same melodrama shown on Indian television for years and desired for the new content. Something which is innovative and divergent. Well, these top web series in India solve the desired purpose. The advent of top web series in India has brought fresh and unorthodox content which is very much liked by the users nowadays.

Top Web series in India are a great source of entertainment and inspiration. But the idea behind such off-center content is that these websites are not censored. Yes, freedom from censorship is what inspires the creators to show the world the reality to which users relate very easily.

We all are aware of the difference of opinions between the censors and the creators. While the creators believe that they just show the mirror of reality the creators think other ways. Since most of the webspace is occupied by youth, most of the top web series in India are relatable to them.


 What’s more interesting to know is that these top web series in India have gained much more popularity than before in the lockdown period. People restricted to their homes surrounded by boredom entertain themselves by watching these top web series in India.

If we make a list of top Web series in India the list will go on. So here I am not going to provide you the complete list of the top web series in India you will love to watch but a glimpse of 5 top web series on Amazon prime India which gained popularity within a short time.


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So, Made in heaven, one of the top web series in India is based on so-called glamorous weddings. So this one of the top web series in India was launched on women’s day by two wise women Rima Kagdi and Zoya Akhtar. It shows the ugly side of rich families and their show-off. It also portrays how easily girls get lured for money and their gold-digging attitude. 

OK, so this adult web series and I’d definitely one of the top Web series in India which is full of twists, turns, and surprises. Tara Khanna(Shobitha Dhulipala) and Arjun Mathur(Karan Mehra) are wedding planners and run an agency called’ made in heaven’ meaning we all have heard in our lives. Couples are made by God in heaven. But that’s not what this top web series in India shows.

The story revolves around how they face the problems of their career while struggling with their own personal problems. Every episode tries to accomplish the fact that the duo is not made in heaven rather here on the earth itself just like any other transaction is made on earth. It portrays the dark side beneath the glimpse and glamour of weddings we all think of.

It makes us feel how important it is to accept not only others but also ourselves. Every dialogue does justice to the scene. Trailer looking similar to band baaja barat movie, this web series, one of the top web series in India is a collection of hidden social dark topics.


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Another top Web series on amazon prime India is Mirzapur. It is another top Web series on amazon prime India for those who are fond of crime thrillers

So if you are a Gangs of Wasseypur lover, it is a must-watch as it is set on similar lines with similar actors and plot. The story revolves around violence, guns, and no doubt abusive words. But that is being set in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh which is depicted to be ruled by the mafia and is responsible for the crime. 

So this top Web series in India is a crime thriller based and amazon original. Mirzapur is often compared with Netflix’s sacred games. This top web series in India succeeds in creating that atmosphere of tension that what’s going to happen next.. Will it be another fight or what. So there is a dialogue in this one of the top web series on Amazon prime India which says Neta ho. Gunde Palo. Lekin Gunde Bano nhi.

Though this dialogue is said for someone else by Pankaj Tripathi who appears to be Kalin bhaiya ., but it clearly defines his character. Though in the middle this one of the top Web series in India, after 4 episodes you may feel that it is quite slow it prepares you for the ultimate climax that will definitely win your heart. But what’s the truth?

Though the truth is that Uttar Pradesh has a low crime percentage per capita and has the biggest police power on the planet. Let us not forget the fact that up is the third most secure state to live in India.


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Patal Lok is a newly launched top web series in India. Anushka Sharma’s produced amazon Web series is said to give a strong hit to Netflix’s sacred games. We all know that OTT(over the top) media services are full of crime thrillers and the arrival of every new crime thriller compel us to think that what’s new is going to happen in this. So what’s new in Patal Lok, one of the top Web series on Amazon prime India?

This story revolves around a police officer who investigates the case wherein the life of a renowned TV journalist is threatened by 4 criminals. Hathiram, the role played by Jaydeep Ahlavat is worth appreciating. He is portrayed to be just like a cricketer who is capable enough but never given an opportunity to show his talent. So he takes this case as his golden chance to outgrow his ability and outshine. So he starts investigating more about these four criminals. So this one of the top web series in India will take you deep to the knowledge of how criminals are born.

So what’s the ideology of hathiram? He divides the world among three Lok: one Swagelok called heaven where rich people live. Second is dharti lok, the earth where people like him live and the third is patal lok, dark netherworld where insects thrive. And he is posted in this patal lok.

This, one of the top Web series on amazon prime India also sketches the corruption and other malpractices in the society. As the story goes on it becomes more dark and gripping. So will Hathiram be able to prove his family to be a hero or would he be able to overcome the obstacles? Will he be able to handle the case easily? 


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IMDB rates the series as 8.3/10. Lakhon Mein Ek is a web series that you will definitely relate to if you are preparing for IIT in the present or have prepared for it in the past. This will revive all those memories of your coaching days. While the movie revolves around a boy named Aakash who gets admission in the IIT coaching institute.

The name of the coaching institute is Genius Infinity coaching center. The Web series is created by Biswa Kalyan Rath. The premier was released on 13 October 2017. The series has a second part also. Season 2 was released on 12 April 2019. The second season portrays a female doctor and her fight with the government with respect to her campaign. 

So season one focuses more on how students are pressured by their parents to be an engineer or to have a profession of their choice. The same is the story with Aakash whose father ‘s wish is to make him an engineer and to accomplish his dream sends him to Vishakhapatnam and is admitted to Genius infinity coaching center. But what about his interest? He likes to do mimicry and make videos for the same. Since he got 55% in his tenth standard he is put to a D section where students similar to him are taught. 

What will happen now when he befriends Chudail and Bakri. 

Now let’s see a bit of the story of season 2. It is about a doctor named Shreya. So she is transferred to a village named Sitlapur. She starts a cataract campaign there.

But what all difficulties she faced in her campaign is what the story is all about. Neither the village members believe in the government’s health care facilities nor she has a good team to help her. Moreover, she finds that supplies are all interwoven with politics. How will she conduct a camp in this situation? 

To know the story further watch the series lakhon mein ek, one of the top web series on amazon prime, India


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If you love the thriller genre then this Web series is definitely for you. IMDb rates the series as 8.4/10. The series was released on 26 January 2018 on Amazon prime video. Well, the series’ new season is launched recently. The title of the second season is Breathe: INTO the shadows. The sequel was released on July 10, 2020. well, many comparisons are made between Breathe and Hollywood series breaking bad. Breathe was the first Indian web series launched on Amazon that was based on crime and thriller. 

Let us talk about the first season. The lead roles are played by R. Madhvan and Amit Sadh. It has 8 episodes. So the plot of the first season only asks one question from its viewers. How far can you go and what can you do for your loved ones. In the series Sapna Pabbi, Neena Kulkarni and Shriswara are also featured. Madhavan plays the role of Danny and Amit Sadh plays the role of Kabir Sawant. 

What all of them do for their son and daughter is what is portrayed in the series. 

The second season has a leading actor as Abhishek Bachchan. Other actors include Amit Sadh and Nitya Menen. So in season 2, Abhishek Bachchan plays the role of Avinash who is a psychiatrist by profession and is married to Abha who is a chef by profession.

They have a daughter named Siya who is a juvenile diabetic. So she has to be given insulin shots. Now what happens is one day she is kidnapped or in other words, she is missing. Sometime later the parents are able to contact the kidnapper who asks them to do some murders in order to have their child back. So all the story revolves around them. 

To know further what happens in the series watch the Breath, one of the top web series streamed on Amazon prime India. 

So enjoy these 5 top web series on amazon prime India and have happy a watching! 

Best web series on amazon prime India – Top 5 Web series
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