Best thriller movies in Hindi – Top 6 Movies You should watch

What are the best thriller movies in Hindi? This is what people search on Google when they wish to watch their favorite genre, thriller based movies. The craze of the thriller genre has been high as always. Were the thriller based movies liked earlier also? The answer is yes. The great captivating thriller movies of earlier times include Khamosh(1986), Ittefaq(1969), Khoj (1989), Mera Saaya (1966) and the list goes on. These are some of the best thriller and suspense based movies in Hindi of the 90s.

Thriller movies are greatly liked by people because they are full of entertainment and suspense. There is always an environment of what is going to happen next in the movie.

The thriller genre is often combined with the horror genre as both of them create fear among the users synergistically. There are many English thriller movies that make your jaw drop. Some of them include Joker(2019), Parasite(2019), Lost Bullet (2020), and many more. New upcoming thriller movies are a psychopath and serial killer based movies usually. 

In Coronavirus pandemic where people are restricted to their homes engage themselves in a lot of inspiring entertainment and thriller movies .

Thriller is that fictitious genre that creates a sense of suspense in the viewers and keeps them occupied throughout. It includes many other sub-genres like an action thriller, comedy-thriller, conspiracy thriller, crime thriller, and many more.  So here is the List of 10 best thriller movies in Hindi. Let’s explore a few of them. 

  • Kahaani
  • Drishyam 
  • Ugly 
  • A Wednesday 
  • Badla
  • Talaash
  • Special 26 
  • Samay
  • Andhadhun
  • 404: Error not found 


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The best Hindi thriller movie released is Kahani. Kahani meaning a story was released in 2012. What an amazing mystery thriller it is. The 2-hour film will keep you engaged right from the beginning till the end. The movie is directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The acknowledged actors of film include

Vidya Balan who plays the role Vidya Bagchi, a 7 month pregnant woman,Nawazuddin siddiqui as Mr khan,

Parambrata Chatterjee as inspector Satoki ‘Rana’ Sinha. Both Rana and Khan help Vidya Bagchi in her relentless search for her husband. The movie starts with the gas incident that happened 2 years back in Kolkata. After 2 years Vidya Bagchi came to Kolkata from London during Durga puja. Being 7 months pregnant it was not an easy job for her.

But she was determined to find her husband for the sake of her baby even at the stake of her own life. She questions everybody about her husband but gets refusal in return every time. She realizes that it is not what it seems. Everyone tries to convince her that his husband doesn’t exist. Vidya claims that her husband Arnab Bagchi went to Kolkata for an assignment by NDC(National Data Centre). Agnes D’Mello, the head of the human resource department told Vidya that a similar person named Milan Daabji used to work here earlier. So is there any connection between Milan Dabji and Arnab Bagchi?

Will Vidya be able to find her husband? Will Agnes D’ Mello be a great help to Vidya? Will Vidya who is threatened for her life be able to survive? All this will be clear after watching this seemingly simple yet complicated movie. She is known as Female Aamir Khan in the film industry and has not just acted but lived the role. So watch Kahaani, one of the best thriller movies in Hindi. 


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One of the best thriller movies released in 2015 is Drishyam.  Drishyam is the remake of Jeetu Joseph’s Malayalam film. 

The movie is directed by Nishikant Kamat. The talented stars of the movie include Ajay Devgn, Tabu, and Shriya Saran. Ajay Devgn plays the role of Vijay Sagaonkar who is the owner of a mirage cable network. Shriya Saran plays the role of Vijay’s wife named Nandini Sagaonkar. Vijay and Nandini have two daughters named Anju and Anu.

The family is settled in Goa. Anju, an adopted kid who studies in 12th standard, goes to a summer camp where a hidden camera records her video in the bathroom. The culprit Sameer then threatens the girl that if she won’t fulfill his sexual requirement he will leak that MMS. Nandini gets to know all this and begs him to leave her daughter alone. But he refuses. Anju then takes the lead pipe and hits Sameer. Sameer is highly injured and dies on the spot. 

Sameer is the son of Inspector General of Goa Police, Meera Deshmukh. The role is played by Tabu who comes in search of his missing child to Vijay’s house after the investigation.

Vijay has an interest in watching movies and is famous for helping others by the knowledge he gains from watching them. So Will the knowledge of movies help him to save his own family? What will Vijays’s family do with Sameer’s body? Will Meera be able to know the truth? Every fold of all these questions will be unfolded until the climax of the movie. So watch one of the best thriller movie in Hindi: Drishyam


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The movie written and directed by Anurag Kashyap was released in 2013 and is one of the best thriller Hindi movies to watch. As the title of the movie is Ugly, the whole movie is dark and ugly from the starting till the end. The movie grips you right from the beginning and loss of attention even for a minute will make it difficult to understand.

As the movie is quite confusing, the writers have tried hard to keep it as simple as they can. So the main actors of the film include Rahul Bhatt who plays the role of Rahul Kapoor, a struggling actor. Ronit Roy is a fantastic actor and plays the role of Shoumik Bose, a busy police officer. Tejaswini Kolhapure plays the role of Shalini Bose. 

So the suspense thriller based movie Ugly is about a girl named Kali who is being kidnapped. The role of Kali is played by Anshika Srivastava. In this thriller based movie, everyone accuses one other of kidnapping the girl. The biological father, Rahul claims the stepfather to be the culprit and vice versa. Shalini is also claimed for the kidnapping. They receive so many random calls that it becomes very difficult to solve the case. So who actually kidnapped her. Who is Kali? How, why and by whom is she kidnapped? Is she safe? Shalini does her acting so well and is shown drunk in many scenes of the film.

All the answers to the questions will be received at the end of the movie. The film play is quite engaging and the dialogues are well written. The fast screenplay will keep you engaged right from the beginning. So watch Ugly, one of the best thriller movies in Hindi. 


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One of the thriller and suspense based Hindi movies released in 2019 is Badla. Badla is a revenge drama based movie as the title says. Another mysterious movie directed by Sanjay Ghosh. The lead characters of the movie include Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of Badal Gupta, Taapsee Pannu as Naina Sethi, Amrita Singh as Rani Kaur, and Antonio Aakeel plays the role of Sunny Singh Toor. 

So the story of the movie revolves around a businesswoman Naina who seemingly does crime and how she tries to escape from it. The conversation of Naina and her wrongly interpreted lawyer Badal Gupta forms the crux of the movie. She insists that she has been wrongfully framed for the murder. So how the lawyer brings in front all the truth from a murderer is what the story is all about.

Who is the real Badal Gupta? And Who is the actual murderer? How Naina tries to escape from the crime? Is Naina a culprit? In the end, Nirmal, husband of Rani, quotes that Draupadi’s revenge has been taken by Yudhishtra. Draupadi refers to Rani and Yudhishtra refers to Nirmal. So what was the revenge and how was it taken forms the basis of the movie Badla? Badla one of the best thriller movies in Hindi will keep you engaged throughout the movie. 


Image – Best thriller movies in Hindi

Movie 404 also known by name of 404: Error not found is directed by Prawaal Raman and is produced by Nair Na meeta. The movie was released in 2011. 404 is a psychological thriller based movie starring Imaad Shah who plays the role of Chris, Nishikant Kamat who plays the role of Anirudh, a professor, Rajvvir Aroraa plays the role of Abhimanyu, Tisca Chopra plays the role of Doctor Mira and Satish Kaushik plays the role of Professor Vaidya.

Do ghosts really exist and is it possible to talk to them? The story of 404 is somewhat based on similar lines. 404, the name of the movie is actually the room number in the boy’s hostel where a medical student named Abhimanyuu lives. Earlier another medical student named Gaurav had occupied the room.

Gaurav is now dead and the room is haunted by him as it seems to Abhimanyu. The professor of the institute is highly rational and doesn’t believe in ghost stuff. He tries to convince the same to Abhimanyu, who is feared by Gaurav’s ghost. He claims that Gaurav still exists and he talks to him.

The medical students try to do a survey and Abhimanyu becomes a part of it. So if you are fond of horror and thriller mixture this movie is definitely for you. Will Abhimanyu be able to prove that ghosts exist to the professor who believes only in science? Or ghosts do really exist? What the survey is all about? And what role Abhimanyuu plays in it. The suspense remains until the climax. 404 will surely bring you goosebumps. So watch 404: best thriller movie in Hindi. 


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This thriller movie was released in 2003. Though the movie is quite an old one but is definitely a must-watch thriller. It is the movie of Sushmita Sen, the beauty queen as we all know. 

The leading role of the movie is played by Sushmita Sen who plays the role of ACP Malvika Chauhan, Jackie Shroff as Amodh Parekh, Dinesh Lamba plays the role of sub-inspector Rafique, and Sushant Singh another inspector named Satya. So in this movie, you will get to see many murders, and just like ACP Malvika Chauhan you too will suspect it to be a case of a serial killer.

The acting of Sushmita Sen is worth appreciating. Sushmita Sen is portrayed as a very intelligent and bold cop. In this movie, you will get to see three murders and before she investigates one murder, news of the other comes in front. She establishes a pattern between these 3 murders. One of them was that all of the victims had defective eyesight and power of – 2.

The killer targets Sushmita Sen and she is unaware of that fact. So Will Sushmita Sen be able to stop the killer in performing one more murder? Will she be able to find more clues or establish any other patterns of the already murdered cases. Who is the killer and why is he targeting Sushmita. This all firms the crux of the movie ‘Samay’. 



A Wednesday is crime and the action-based movie released on 5 September 2008. The movie is produced by Ronnie Screwvala. The lead roles are played by Naseeruddin Shah as Bomb Planter and Anupam Kher as Prakash Rathod, commissioner of Mumbai police. The dialogues of the movie are written well so that you are gonna remember them throughout your life. The movie is realistic and relevant to today’s world.

The theme of the movie is Terrorism and how an ordinary man can prevent it. Every ordinary man will feel proud after watching the film. The movie is based on the sequence of events from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on a particular Wednesday. It is a chase between an anonymous caller and the police. The movie will keep you engaged throughout its course. 



The movie released on 30 November 2012 is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani, Aamir Khan and Farhan Akhtar. The leading roles are played by Kareena Kapoor Khan as Simran, Aamir khan as Surjan Singh, Rani Mukherji as Roshni Shekhawat, Nawazuddin as Tehmur and Rajkumar Rao as Devrath. Talaash: the answer lies within is a psychological crime thriller film. 

Inspector Surjan Singh investigates a case of a car accident  of a popular actor named Armaan Kapoor in Mumbai. 

Meanwhile, Surjan and his wife Roshni lose their young son and he has to deal with his broken married life. But he tries to focus on the case and begins an investigation. He meets a tempting prostitute, Rosie who may help him in solving the mystery. Will Rosie add more shades to the mystery making it more difficult to solve the case or will prove to be a help in solving the puzzle. 



The movie released in 2013 is produced by Shital Bhatia and Kumar Mangat. Special 26 is believed to be one of the best movies of the year. The leading roles are played by Akshay Kumar as Ajay, Manoj Bajpayee as CBI officer, Anupam Kher as P. K. Sharma, and Jimmy Sheirgill as sub-inspector. 

So the movie is based on the real-life incident that occurred in 1987. The story is about a group of tricksters who are led by Ajju that is Ajay and P. K. Sharma. They rob great politicians and businessmen of a hefty amount of money by portraying themselves as CBI. But what happens when the real CBI gets in there.

The movie tells the reality of how big businessmen and politicians hide hefty amounts of money in their walls and live a luxurious life without paying taxes. It is the story of the greatest Indian robbery that is still unsolved. The movie is based on a real story that happened 29 years back at Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri. The movie has a good storyline and will grip you from start till the end. 



Andhadhund produced by Matchbox Pictures was released in 2018. The leading roles are played by Tabu as Simi, Ayushmann Khurana as Akash, and Radhika Apte as Sophie. So it is the story of Akash who fakes to be a blind pianist. He meets Sophie who takes him to her father’s restaurant Franco’s to offer him a job.

At the restaurant, Akash meets a famous actor in the 70s named Pramod Sinha. He asks Akash to come to his residence and play a song in order to surprise his wife, Simi. The next day when he reaches the house the story brings many twists and turns. Now he has to report a crime that technically he has not seen. The movie will leave you guessing all the way. Andhadhund is an engaging thriller and you will definitely enjoy watching it. 

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