Best Indian Idol Winner List 2020 { Season 1 to 11 Updated }

Indian Idol Winner List of the show has existed to be one of the most popularly asked questions on the internet. We can say that Indian Idol is the show that has managed to entertain the audience for ages now. Indian Idol is a show that has gained a lot of popularity and praise. The show Indian Idol was first televised on sony tv on 28 October 2004.

It is incredibly amusing how Indian Idol maintained its vogue and trend. India is known to be a place of culture, where the art of music has been appreciated for a long time. The concept of Indian Idol is to hunt for talent all over India. This show provides a platform for people to show care about their musical talent. In this show, a lot of budding talents show up to perform and compete with one another.

It has been 16 years since the show of Indian Idol unfolded, and today they have a great number of audiences. It is delightful to see people from different cultural and financial background to come across on one stage to compete and perform. This show has a unique concept of unity, this show judges the participants solely based on their singing talent, irrespective of where they originate from.

The show of Indian Idol has produced several fantastically talented singers to the world. The show of Indian Idol had offered a platform where talented singers get the recognition and fame that they deserve. The winners of Indian Idol savor several perks that make all the hard work pay off well. There have been 12 seasons of Indian Idol with almost 273 episodes in Total. Do you want to know about the Indian Idol winner list?, is yes, stick to this article to see the Indian Idol Winner list. Indian Idol Winner List.

Indian Idol Winner list –

Season Year  Indian Idol Winner list
12004 to 2005 Abhijeet Sawant
2 2005 to 2006 Sandeep Acharya
3 2007 Prashant Tamang
42008 to 2009Sourabhee Debbarma
52010 Sreerama Chandra Mynampati
62012Vipul Mehta
72013 Anjana Padmanabhan
82015 Ananya Nanda
92016 to 2017LV Revanth
102018 Salman Ali
112019 to 2020Sunny Hindustani

*Let us now look into each season Indian Idol Winner in Detail.

1. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 1 [2004 to 2005].

Season 1 of Indian Idol which was held during the year 2005 was won by Abhijeet Sawant. The runner up of the first season of Indian Idol was Amit Sana. Abhijeet was also the first runner up of JO jeeta Wohi Superstar. Abhijeet was born on 7 October 1981, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Abhijeet Sawant was had mastered in Pop music. His first album named, Aapka Abhijeet Sawant was released during 2005. One of his most popular song named, Aashiq Banaya aapne was also released during the same year[2005 ]. Abhijeet Sawant’s most liked album named, Junoon was released during 2007.

Apart from this, Abhijeet Sawant also did his debut in the movie lottery during the year of 2007. Abhijeet Sawant has worked as a playback singer in many films like Tees Maar Khan[song name-Happy ending and Dhisoom[Song name-Sau Tarah ke Rog]. He has also sung Hume Tumse Pyar Kitna and Rangreza.

2. Indian Idol winner list – Season 2 [2005 to 2006].

Season 2 of Indian Idol which was held during 2005 was won by Sandeep Acharya. He was basically from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Several songs were sung by Sandeep Acharya, some of them are,’Mere Sath Sara Jahan’, ‘Woh Paheli Baar’, Intezaar, Teri Ankhiyon ne, and Oh Ladki.

Sandeep Acharya also appeared in a romantic drama named, Kaise Yeh Pyaar Hai. Unfortunately, Sandeep Acharya met with an accident On 15th December 2013, and could no work any further.

3. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 3 [2007]

Season 3 of Indian Idol which was held during 2007 and was won by Prashant Tamang. The first runner up of Indian Idol Season 2 was Amit Paul[Belonged to Shillong, India]. 

He was born in Darjeeling, West Bengal. Prashant Tamang has specialized in pop music. Prashant Tamang made an album named Dhanyawaad. Prashant Tamang sang for several Nepali Films, one of those was Himmat 2.  Apart from being a stunning singer, he is also a bewildering actor in Kathmandu. 

4. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 4 [2008].

Season 4 of Indian Idol which was held during the year of 2008 and was won by Sourabhee Debbarma.  Season 4 of Indian Idol also is cherished because it was the first time when India Idol had a female winner. The first runner up of season 4 of Indian Idol was Kapil Thapa. 

Sourabhee Debbarma was born in 1985 in Agartala which is in Tripura, India. The most interesting fact about Sourabhee Debbarma is that she tried to sing a song hanging upside down, she also holds a Guinness world record for the same. Sourabhee Debbarma is a playback singer and actress by profession. 

5. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 5 [2009 ].

Season 5 of Indian Idol which was held during the year of 2009 and was won by Sreerama Chandra Mynampati . The first runner up of Indian Idol season 5 was Rakesh Maini[ Belonged to Mumbai, India]. Sreerama Chandra belongs to Hyderabad. After winning Indian Idol season 5, Sreerama Chandra entered into the Bollywood music industry.

He has sung two songs for the movie ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’, which were, Madhubala and Ishq risk, Both the songs from the movie mere brother ki Dulhan were blockbusters. He also has sung a song in the movie, ‘yeh jawani hai diwani’, which was ‘Subhanallah’.

6. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 6 [2012].

Season 6 of Indian Idol which was held during the year 2012 and was won by Vipul Mehta. The first runner up of season 6 of Indian Idol was Amit Kumar. He is from Amritsar, Punjab, India.

Vipul Mehta is a professional playback singer. Vipul Mehta mastered in Classical singing at the tender age of 8. He was also a finalist in the Voice of India. Vipul Mehta’s Debut album was ‘hello namaste Sat Sri Akal. He also sang ‘Roowaan mein’ during 2012.

7 . Indian Idol Winner list – Season 7 [2013].

Season 7 of Indian Idol which was held during the year of 2013 and was won by Anjana Padmanabhan. The runner of up Season 7 was Debanjana Karmakar. 

8. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 8 [2015].

Season 8 of Indian Idol which was held during 2015 and was won by Ananya Nanda. The runner up of Season 8 was Nahid Afrin[ Belonged to Assam].

Ananya Nanda is the winner of season 8 Indian Idol and she belongs to Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India. After she won the title of Indian Idol, she came up with her first album, which was ‘Muasam Mastana’. She sang in the movie, ‘MS Dhoni, the untold story. She also participated in Rising star [ She was in the top 5 contestants].

9. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 9 [2016-2017].

Season 9 of Indian Idol which was held during 2016 and was won by LV Revanth. The runner up of season 9 of Indian Idol was Khuda Bakh[ He belonged to Punjab, India].

LV Revanth was born on 10 Feb 1990 and was famous for his popular Telegu songs. LV Revanth’s was Bollywood debut was from the song ‘Sabe bada kalakar’. He sang the song Telisiney and Oopiri for the popular movie, Arjun Reddy. He has won several awards for his extraordinary singing talent, Namely, Maa Music Awards. IIfA, Super singer, and Big FM.

10. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 10 [2018].

Season 10 of Indian Idol which was held during 2018 and was won by Salman Ali. The runner up of season 10 of Indian Idol was Ankush Bhardwaj [He belonged to Shimla, India].

Salman Ali is a playback singer who belongs to Haryana. He also participated in SA RE GA MA PA season 11, He was a runner up. He gave his voice for a Television serial, Chandragupta Maurya. 

11. Indian Idol Winner list – Season 11 [2019 – 2020].

Season 11 of Indian Idol which was held during 2019 and was won by Sunny Hindustani. The runner up of season 11 was Rohit Shyam Raut [ He belonged from Latur, Maharashtra, India].

Sunny Hindustani hailed from Amarpura, Bhatinda, India. He has mastered in Sufi music. His playback debut was when he sang ‘Rom Rom’ [ Film-The body]. 

Why Indian Idol is a great platform for singers? 

Indian Idol is one of the great platforms for singers who are looking for exposure. Indian Idol is a platform that will give you a reality check. In the show Indian Idol, some people come from each corner of the country. It is a great feeling to have companions from different parts of the country.

This show teaches you the idea of team spirit and unity, the person has to do away with all negative feelings of jealousy and envy, it is always advised to appreciate others and learn from them.

The show of Indian Idol gives you a platform from where you Can gain fame and publicity, people will start to know you more and better, it is always a great feeling to have a fan following, and a group of people who admire your talent. A show like Indian Idol can also give you astonishing breaks, you will be performing in front of the judges[ some times music directors], and if they like your work, they might even offer you to sing for them in a particular album or a movie as a playback singer.

Indian Idol is also a platform that allows you to make your talent, your carrier, the platform allows you to work under different banners and earn a living.

FAQ- Frequently asked questions related to the Indian Idol Winner list.

  1. Who was the first runner up of the first season of Indian Idol?

    The first runner up of Indian Idol season one was Amit Sana.

  2. In which season Neha Kakkar appeared in Indian Idol?

    Neha Kakkar participated in Indian Idol season two.

  3. Who is the winner of Indian Idol season 11?

    The winner of Indian Idol Season 11 is Sunny Hindustani.

  4. Who was the winner of Indian Idol Season 1?

    The winner of India Idol season 1 was Abhijeet Sawant.


The Indian Idol winner list consists of all those talented singers who strived hard each day to win this title. The platform of Indian Idol has never failed to appreciate young budding talents. Reality shows like Indian Idol provide people with opportunities. Shows like Indian Idol gives people hope of accomplishing anything that they dream of.

There was a time when people appreciated those individuals who score well in exams, a talent like singing was greatly degraded by the people. Nobody appreciated performing arts, as they thought it has no carrier in it. Platforms like Indian Idol have succeeded to break this stereotype about performing arts. It has proven that even singing can be pursued as a carrier and can One can develop a sustainable income from it. Apart from supporting great talents, It also manages to entertain the audience of India.

Best Indian Idol Winner List 2020 { Season 1 to 11 Updated }
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