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Bengali movie free watch online
Image – Bengali movie free watch online

Bengali movie free watch online – Hoichoi.Tv

Bengali movie free watch online
Image – Bengali movie free watch online

Hoichoi.Tv is Hailed as the best Bengali movie free watch online website by users worldwide. Hoichoi.TV is an online video streaming platform exclusively for Bengali audio-video content. Ranked as the number 1 Bengali content streaming platform movie buffs it allows users to stream content online as well as download it to view offline mode.

With a catalog of more than 2000 movies Hoichoi.TV allows its users a huge number of options to choose from. Whether it’s the classics by the iconic Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen duo to bask in nostalgia or your weekend dose of action-packed entertainment, Hoi Choi TV easily has it all. With movies carefully categorized bye genre viewer scan browse through collections to easily find one that fits the mood perfectly whether it’s nostalgic Tuesdays or comedy Thursdays.

True its name, Hoichoi. TV is packed with exciting content in the form of movies, original web series, TV shows, and much more to provide users with non-stop entertainment anywhere anytime. Whether its power-packed action, chilling suspense, tear-jerking drama, or hilarious comedy, with Hoichoi. TV entertainment is just a few easy clicks away. Other than movies Hoichoi. TV also has a wide collection of original films, web series, television shows, short films, and much more for users to explore more adventurous days.

It also boasts of a collection of over thousand Bengali songs available for audio streaming globally. As the only website to provide English subtitles to streamed content Hoichoi. TV allows users access to the magical world Bengali entertainment beyond the language and geographical barriers. Available for download on android and iOS, it supports viewing across all platforms such as mobiles, PCs, laptops, tablets, Amazon fire TV et cetera.

Although accessible via multiple devices, streaming can occur on one device at a time only. Due to its easy to navigate user interface, a huge collection of ad-free content, unlimited downloading, and HD streaming Hoichoi. TV is considered the best Bengali movie free watch online websites by users. Another important feature of this platform is that users can upload their own digital content as original series or short films.

With a minimum subscription fee INR 499 per year available across India and multiple payment options, Hoichoi. TV is very much worth the money. With a global fan base of nearly 250 million movie buffs and fanatics of Bengali entertainment Hoichoi. TV is easily one of the best Bengali movie free watch online websites.

Zee5: Pan India Bengali movie free watch online 

Bengali movie free watch online
Image – Bengali movie free watch online

Zee5 is a Video-on-demand service where users can watch Bengali movies free online. It is one of the few websites that provide exclusive access to television before they are on TV. Available globally except in the US Zee5 is an online website that caters to fans globally. With several original shows and web series Zee5 boasts of an interesting and dynamic catalog that easily caters to viewers of all ages and preferences.

From popular blockbusters, comedies, and thrillers to critically acclaimed art films Zee5 boasts of a vast and varied collection meant to fit any mood. With Zee5 viewers can access live shows, children’s programs, and even acclaimed plays on a digital platform. Whether you are an avid cinema connoisseur or a weekend movie binger Zee5 is the perfect go-to the website for all occasions. With highly evolved video streaming technology, high-speed online streaming, and crystal clear sound Zee5 provide a viewing experience like no other.

Additional features like language navigation, seamless video playback, smart content search and recommendation, several video quality options to choose from allowing for an easy to navigate, comfortable, and user friendly experience for viewers. Due to its wide collection and user-friendly interface Zee5 is easily ranked as one of the online best Bengali movie free online watch online. Whether it is to satisfy the nostalgia hot to create a comic diversion users can find content that’s perfectly suited to the tastes in few easy clicks.

Zee5 is available on both Google Play Store as well as the Apple app store and can be accessed via any device such as mobiles, PCs, laptops, and tablets. Zee5 can also be accessed just for free on Airtel Xstream, Vodafone play. This ensures one-stop entertainment for viewers anywhere anytime. With a minimum subscription plan of INR 99 per month and unlimited HD streaming users rank Zee5 among the best Bengali movie free online watch online. 

Eros Now: popular website for Bengali movie free watch online 

Bengali movie free watch online
Image – Bengali movie free watch online

Another name to be counted as one of the best Bengali movie free watch online websites is Eros Now and it is absolutely free on Apple and Android iOS devices. It has over a million users and nearly 8 million. In fact, It is a popular platform to watch Bengali movies free online because it was the biggest catalog of movies and music in the widest range of languages ranging from Bhojpuri to Punjabi to convert to Malayalam users can download movies just like in all other websites but the specialty in this platform is that can also categorize it according to their favorites for later viewing.

The basic pack in this Bengali movies free online watch platform is free but it offers Limited movies and web series the exit point is it absolutely ad-free. Eros premium pack is 4.9 US dollars per month which is quite a large amount but you get to see in HD streaming and offline viewing and can add subtitles it definitely adds free undisturbed viewing.

If you click the opening menu it gives you options for Regional choices. a very good collection of those movies that may not have been box office hits financially but are on your special cannot be missed list. Surprisingly the user gets a number of critically acclaimed movies of yesterday also. They offer you several of Ray classics and Ritwik Ghatak Creations and some Golden oldies of Uttam Kumar and even chobbi Biswas and others stalwarts of the 1960 s and 1970.

In fact, Eros Now has the best collection of old classics, and some of them digitally modified print for non-grainy picture quality. What is that they give both options of selection based on genre and decade you have selected the language of your choice.

MX Player: an app exclusively for regional language contentBengali movie free watch online 

Bengali movie free watch online
Image – Bengali movie free watch online

For Bengali movie free watch online MX Player is another premium app offering a huge collection of movies music and web series. They have a very exclusive and original audio and video content. You can watch your favorite movies anytime anywhere with this app. The best part of this platform is that it not only Hindi and Bengali but its language ranges from Malayalam Kannada Bhojpuri and several others. Max Player gives you more than 50000 hours of premium content in any language it is one of the favourite for Bengali movies free online watch.

An added feature of this platform i is it become a Max creator option where the user can upload his video and reach to more than 150 million active users and maximize his revenue share. It also enables the creator to access video development tools all platforms website if you go to the Bengali recommendations for your section you get some of the Bengali blockbusters like Aguner Pakhi and other top hero starring movies like Prosenjit starer pratarak and also Hero oriented movies of the nineties live bidhatar Khela and is East Bengal chele.

but it would be better if you directly go to the Bengali language section where there are an equal number of mainstream Hero oriented movies classic gems from Parallel cinema. An interesting factor of this for watching free online Bengali movies is that they have quite a few numbers of yesteryear classic of Uttam Kumar Ranjit Mallick Mithun Chakraborty and others. Scrolling down you will get black and white comedies of Chinmoy Roy Bhanu Bandopadhyay and Robi Ghosh.

Although it is one of the best platforms for Bengali movie free watch online it does not give you an option to choose the genre of the films. Comedy religious film drama thrillers and even Children’s movies are all Trump into one option under the Bengali language, which can be quite tiresome sometimes. Since it has such a huge collection could have been better if there had the option for choosing movies according to the genre ought to satisfactory for the choosy viewers to categorize the collection according to various time era like silver sixties or golden eighties. popular for web seriesBengali movie free watch online 

Capture 21
Image – Bengali movie free watch online

To watch Bengali movies free online another entertainment website is You have to pay a bare minimum charge of INR 300 for a full year subscription Plus extra month free and can view some of the latest blockbusters and classic movies. If you scroll down you can see the latest releases in movies and also several original web series.

They have a good collection of sensational releases like Drishtikone, Alinagarer Golokdhadha, Teen Bindu, Girlfriend. Although they have a large collection of various genres of movies is that you have to scroll through the whole list to see one particular movie. The search button searches the name of the film but if you want to search for comedy or drama genre of movie you do not have that option. If you see the menu they have a bigger collection of original web series for every generation.

They have their own fashion show called Crush, a talk show called Simply Swaroop, a cooking show ‘ Anybody can cook’. But the best part is the World Digital Premiere section where they have some of the best collection of films like Pupa, Sahaj Pather Golpo, and the children’s thriller Theek Dupre. This entertainment site although has a very big collection of movies it is more of a site for web series.

One most important disappointment for the viewers is that they do not have any section for the old classics. In fact, Bengali views would invariably prefer to see some of their favorite old-time classics but this website for watching free Bengali movies is not up to the expectations of die-hard Bengali movie watchers. 

Bengali movie free watch online – Some pros and cons of watching Bengali movies free online websites – 


  1. Offline viewing is possible.
  2. Some websites allow online Streaming only.
  3. No Online ads while streaming.
  4. Continue watching from device to another by accessing the continue watch section available on the homepage.


  1. Subscription charges required.
  2. Subtitles not universally available.
  3. Premium subscription has subtitles only.
  4. Only premium subscription allows HD streaming. 

Bengali movie free watch online – FAQ:

  1. How do I pay for the subscription? 

    Multiple payment options like debit card credit card net banking et cetera are available to users.

  2. Do they give a free trial period?

    Yes, if you buy the premium pack usually give a 15 day free trial period.

  3. Are they advertisements free? 

    No, for the basic pack all are not ad-free. Only a few like Eros Now and Hoichoi TV is absolutely ad-free. Otherwise, all premium packs are completely ad-free.

  4. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel subscription at any time you want.

  5. Do they give free subscription offers or promo codes?

    Yes, they do give free subscription offers.

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