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Web series!!! Web series!!! And only Web series!!! We are getting crazy after web series and one of the web series you will get crazy for is the Auction web series watch online. In India people are not only crazy about web series but they are crazy for main cities where there are so many opportunities which change their life and their lifestyle.

And one of the main cities where star lives, where so many of them come with the dream and that’s the reason it is called the city of dreams. I know you have to guess the name of the city I am talking about, yes you are right I am talking about Mumbai City – The city dreams and the city which never sleep. Someone said that the one who dreams is the one who never sleeps at night because they work at night to fulfill their dreams.

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra state and the second capital of India. Who doesn’t love money everyone craves for money and money is never enough no matter how large amount it is. You will get to know this in the Auction web series watch online, you should watch it to know Mumbai city more.

What first comes in mind when you hear the word Mumbai? I know Bollywood and the famous stars live in Mumbai this is the thought crosses the mind first another thought comes is Mumbai is a big city where you get so many opportunities in a different field where your every dream get to fulfill. Have you ever visited Mumbai city or you are the ones who are planning to visit Mumbai and if you are the one who is living in Mumbai who has come to fulfill the dreams then you are the one who knows how exactly the city is?

Watching Mumbai in movies or dramas and from far away is always good, you will always find Auction web series watch online good. The city of lights always shine and destroy the darkness of night or either hide the darkness which is inside. As we know a coin has two sides in a similar way everything and everyone has two sides light and dark side. Everyone gets attracted to the light side first, I remember the quote “The stone that shines a lot is not always a Gold”.

Don’t misunderstand me I am not saying that Mumbai is not a bar of gold, Mumbai is not a city it is an emotion and soul of the country. Delhi is the heart of the country but Mumbai is the mind of the country. Auction web series watch online try to show another side of the city, the dark side of the city, of course, you will get disappointed to watch the reality of the city but what I can say is reality is always dark but everyone has a dark side we should see a good side and love the city.

The more you know about something or someone the more you get close to it, the more you go close to it you start losing yourself in it either it will be love where you lose your heart, or either you will start losing your mind after knowing real things. I again remember the quote “Don’t come closer, its dark inside” that what you will get in the Auction web series watch online.

Everyone lives for money as I said earlier, everyone struggles for money. Rich people too struggle for money and poor people also struggle for money difference is rich people struggle less. After all, they do smart work, and the poor struggle more because they believe only in hard work.

No matter on which position you are hunger for money never get satisfied, the stomach which is only hungry for money never get full, and as we know hunger and empty pocket not only show us reality but also we do anything at that time by heart or the situation make us do inappropriate things this is what you will get to know in Auction web series watch online. Sometimes people change the situation but sometimes situations change the people this is what I felt when watching the Auction web series.

Auction web series watch online, by hearing the word auction what comes in mind is the auction of house or property and company. Where bidders come and bid on assert which is for sale and the one who pays the highest amount, that person wins that assert. Sounds cool right, in this investors are present who are high profiled and of course, rich people who have a lot of money. Wait but Auction web series watch online have women auction, yes you heard right the women who are sale to the higher businessman for fulfilling their desires.

Sounds sexy but weird right, indirectly it point towards prostitute. Yes, you are right in prostitution auction to happen I came to know about it after watching this web series. I have heard about the red light area where prostitute stays but I never know about the auction happens. The prostitute who earn by selling their body with or without choice, because in life earning matters. Some women go in prostitute because they are born there in that environment or some women and girls are sold there on the name of work.

Mumbai is always a new city for the one who visits the first time and for them this is the city of hopes where most of them trust people here blindly and there they make a mistake. Auction web series watch online which is based on women who sell themselves with or without their choice. It is said that once you get into the dark, you get trap they’re so bad it gets impossible to return to the light.

We society never accept a prostitute daughter and son as a friend this is the mistake we do and we push them towards dark again same happens with prostitute women who try to come back to the light but we again push her to the dark by not accepting her.

We are strange people right each and everyone have sex desire and everyone try to fulfill it some of them start earning it with or without choice whatever it is accepting them in society is why so hard. Day time the one who seems the good person that person in night time become a slave to the desire and visit the women who sale herself. A person is good or not is not a point, the point is accepting the women who she is. Let discuss the main thing that is the Auction web series watch online.

What is the Auction web series watch online is all about?

Auction web series watch Online
Image – Auction web series watch online

Auction web series watch online is a web series which is in Hindi, it is a web series by Ullu Originals. Indian web series genre is drama, director of the auction web series is Ravindra Mehra. And the cast is

  • Preeti Goswami playing the character of Rekha
  • Samikssha Bhatnagar playing the character as Shalini
  • Vijay Badlani playing the character as Don
  • Palash Dutta playing the character as Piyush
  • Shivanya Mehra playing the character as Priyal
  • Shiva RindVni playing the character as Prashad
  • Niharika Choukesey playing the character as Mohi

Are you the one who has almost watch all web series of 2020, there are web series like Auction web series watch online, it was released in 2019 on 15 November. The length of each episode is 20-25 minutes. These web series become popular and the audience is expecting the second season of it.

Why should visit a Auction web series watch Online?

Auction web series watch Online
Image – Auction web series watch online
  • You will come to know about the dark side of the business
  • Women are never understood by anyone, try to understand women
  • Sex lovers this web series is for you so close your doors and start it, I mean start watching it
  • Life of women’s which is dark you will come to know
  • The web series is Hot will not disappoint you.

Why should not visit the Auction web series watch online?

Auction web series watch Online
Image – Auction web series watch online
  • If you are Sanskrit you will hate this movie
  • If you are not a fan of sex scene than don’t watch it
  • You are the one who likes watching web series with family than a suggestion is to watch the web series alone because it is not for family. If your family is open-minded and allow to watch sex sense this happens in a rare case, If you are lucky to bless with an open-minded family than you can watch it
  • You are the one who doesn’t like web series which are based on reality than don’t watch. Truth is always worse to watch.
  • You are the one who doesn’t like to watch Hunan Trafficking related things tan don’t watch.
  • The little girl is present in Human trafficking which will break your heart and you will feel sad
  • You are the one who likes comedy web series than this web series not for you
  • Everyone has a different taste of sex like some of them enjoy the normal sexual scene and some of them like BDSM so chances are you will not enjoy the sex.

Story of Auction web series watch online

Auction web series watch Online
Image – Auction web series watch online

Auction web series watch online story revolve around society issue, Human Trafficking is the issue the whole story swirls around. Sounds new or not? Chances are you will find it normal. This crime is done by wearing a good mask of the goddess. Web series have shown the dark side which leads to inhumanity, only to earn a huge amount of money even a little girl is sold.

This just boils blood how crucial people are just to earn money they are spoiling the whole life of little girl which is unfair. Later on, the illegal way to earn money is lashed out. There are many other hot and erotic scenes that will engage you to watch the whole web series. Web series will not let you down.

Watch the trailer of the web series which will make you excited to watch web series, its trailer stat from a girl who seems like belong village came to Mumbai and the broker have brought her to the place where there are many girls and there is a woman who is head of that place and the girls. Where does she ask the village girl you have never done it? Panties of that village girl are removed and she is taught how to do sex.

and there is another girl brought to that place is a young girl where that head says she is small but the broker reply but she is useful then there is an auction shown where this girl walk a ramp and there is a detail of her body is on screen. After that that girls are taught while making love, you should shout double then it pains where sex scene is shown and then comes to a girl with money, there are a lot of money bundles in the bag which she open. And then there is a mail lead entry.

Why I should tell you the whole Trailer I talked about the trailer just to make you curious. Now take efforts and watch the full trailer and enjoy it, I believe the trailer always tells you the story that what exactly the web series is about so it reveals the half story.

Auction web series watch online, where?

People in quarantine are crazily busy in subscribing Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Voot, Viu, Airtel Xstream, and many online platforms just to watch web series but have you notice MX Player online platform who provides you web series and movies and you can watch web series of your language and there are movies available too. Auction web series watch online on MX Player without spending money, this hot web series is available Free. There are other movies and web series are available which are free so visit MX Player is and watch it.

Not comfortable for MX Player which will happen rarely than there is Ullu. Ullu originals web series belong to so you will get to watch this web series on Ullu. Ullu have another web series too you will enjoy it.

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