Asura guru Tamil movie download – Cast, Reviews, Release date and more

In the article you will get, Asura guru Tamil movie download. What will you do if you find money and money everywhere? 

Well, Asuraguru is the story of a boy named Shakti. He has a kind of problem that wherever he sees money he wants to grab it. It all starts in childhood but in childhood, he faces this problem less frequently. But once he grows, it influences him so much that he grabs all the money wherever he sees it. Like this, he becomes a thief and collects crores and lakhs of money. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

But what will he do with that money? Will he spend on himself or he helps the poor with that money? Well, he does not do either of it. Then what he does. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

ASURA GURU TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD – Other Super Hit Tamil movies

If you wish to watch Asuraguru, Tamil movies then here I will provide you with a website where you can download it for free. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

Well, many of us might be lovers of Tamil films. As we all know many Hindi movies are remakes of South movies. Some people find South movies a great force of entertainment. Many Tamil movies have been released this year also. Some of the famous Tamil movies include Kaithi, Asuraguru, ’96, Comali, Adanga Maru, Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal, and many more.

Asuraguru is one such Superhit movie released this year in  2020. So on this page, we’ll talk more about Asura Guru: it’s cast, plot, reviews, and most importantly where you can watch it for free. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 


JSB Satheesh is the producer of the movie. Movie Asuraguru is directed by A Rajdeep. The story of Asura Guru is written by Chandru Manickavasagamand and Kabilan Vairamuthu. Movie Asuraguru is produced by JSB film studios. So who all are included in the cast and what role do they play? 

  • Vikram Prabhu plays the role of Shakti who is suffering from a psychological disorder and is a Kleptomaniac. 
  • Mahima Nambiar plays the role of a clever detective named Diya. She plays a strong role in the movie. You will also see a part of her love story. 
  • Yogi babu plays the role of Digital India Dinakaran. He is the tea seller and you will enjoy the comedy role of Yogi babu. Though you won’t see much of his role in the film. 
  • Nagineedu plays the role of Jamaludheen
  • Subbaraju plays the role of C. K. Manickavasagam

Let us see what other featured roles are included :

  • Jagan plays the role of Jagannathan, he is a cop friend of Shakti who helps him in his heist.
  • Kumaravel plays the role by the same name as Kumaravel
  • Manobala is the boss of Shakti. 
  • You will get to see a psychiatrist in the movie. The role is played by Pasanga Sivakumar
  • We will see Shakti in his childhood. So that role is played by Jai Murli Kanna. 
  • The detective Diya has a mother named Anupam a Kumar

There are other few roles also. So, get Asura guru Tamil movie download. 

The movie is edited by Lawrence Kishore and Ramalingam has handled the camera-related work of the movie Asuraguru. Who composed the songs and background music? 

Ganesh Raghavendra composed the song of movie Asuraguru and playback music is handled by Simon K King. So, get Asura guru Tamil movie download. 

ASURA GURU TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD – So how well have all lead roles being performed? 

The role of Vikram Prabhu is well played and you will be amazed to see his spectrum of expressions. When he sees money his expression changes and when he is being chased his expression suddenly. You will enjoy watching his part. 

Mahima plays a significant role in the movie Asuraguru. You will definitely enjoy her role. But disappointedly you may not get to see much of Yogi babu. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

ASURA GURU TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD – So what viewers feel about the movie? 

You will find the movie good in its part of writing. But there are a few things that may disappoint you. You may find the Screenplay to be a bit weak and may be disappointed with all other loopholes of the movie. 

You may find that the movie lacks some clarifications. Both Vikram Prabhu and Mahima are strong actors who played the lead roles. But they have not been used at their best. 

Fortunately, The film is not too long. You may also not like the songs of the movie as well. Cinematography is weak at some points. Production and technical problems may disappoint you. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

These were all loopholes of the movie. Now let’s see what positive points the movie has. The movie Asuraguru has a different Storyline and plot. Further, the acting of Vikram Prabhu is worth appreciating. The role of Vikram Prabhu will definitely keep you engaged in the movie throughout. So don’t forget to watch the movie. 

So, get asura guru tamil movie download

ASURA GURU TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD – How well different roles played? 

Vikram Prabhu 

Vikram Prabhu as Sakhti is portrayed to have a psychological disorder. Well, the movie starts with his character on the train. He is running on the train and tries to get the money loaded on trains. He succeeds in stealing that Money and escapes cleverly. As mentioned earlier also the movie lacks logical explanations, in many of his thefts you will see him being unnoticed by the people. 

So, get Asura guru Tamil movie download. Sakhti does a job in a courier company and does all these thefts in his free time. Though he gets a lot of time to do so. 

But most importantly he only steals money only from either criminals or those big businessmen who have earned money in illegal ways. Further, he has a friend who is a cop and his friend helps him to do so. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

Now after the train heist incident , police appoints an officer to find out who had stolen money from the train. 

Further as portrayed in the film, he gets sudden attacks that are due to his psychological disorder wherein his eyes become red and he starts having flashbacks of his past life in black and white color. He frequently gets these attacks prior to any of his heist. Further, this may not be the case in the real world. This shows a lack of knowledge about the disorder. 

Mahima Nambiar 

Mahima Nambiar plays the role of detective Dia who plays a strong role in the movie Asuraguru. Sakthi robs another man who approaches Dia to find out the culprit. Now Sakhti is followed by the officer and Dia. But he continues to do more and more heists without being caught. 

But what’s interesting to note is that he does not make any effort except that if the train heist incident to hide his identity. Yet he is not being caught. This is where the movie lacks in logical loopholes. 

Mahima is a clever detective whose character is well portrayed. She is a strong woman and is seen riding a bike in the film. You will also see her smoking cigarettes in the film Asuraguru. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

She does her work very cautiously and progresses well in her Case. Well, you will get to see the love story of Sikhta and Dia. The police chase after them while they enjoy on a beach sipping coffee. You will realize that she is acting with him in a way that she has forgotten that he is a criminal. 

Yogi Babu

As mentioned earlier his role is not much in the film. He plays the role of a tea seller. He cracks certain jokes about the government including the system of Adhaar card, prime minister, and the deputy chief minister of Tamilnadu. 


The shooting and photography of the movie was started on 15 February 2018. Major parts of the movie were shot in Chennai and udumalpet. Following is the link where you can watch the trailer of the movie. So, get asura guru tamil movie download. 

ASURAGURU TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD – Link where you can download the movie


The movie Asuraguru was released on 13 March 2020.The movie is 122 minutes long and you might enjoy watching the movie. Movie is produced by JSB film studios and is distributed by Shakti Film factory So, get asura guru tamil movie download. 

ASURAGURU TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD – Reviews of various people

Well IMDb rates the movie 3.1/10.

For some viewers the movie was slow and illogical. They found the acting of the movie quite bad and unconvincing. 

Some viewers find the movie to be quite boring and unrealistic. They found the movie to be quite awkward and mindless. So, get Asura guru Tamil movie download. 

Well, there are viewers who expect the film to release its season 2. They find the movie quite interesting and irrespective of the negative comments they did watch. Such viewers believe that the movie has a complex storyline that other viewers are unable to relate to. They think the movie to be an engaging one accompanied with nail-biting scenes. They say that the whole movie will make sense at the end. All you should have a bit of patience. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

Another view about the movie says that the dialogues are poor and the logic behind various scenes is not worth mentioning. They find the background music quite okay and other songs of the movie as mediocre. They think that the editing part lacks finishing. They find the casting of Subbaraju quite good. The acting of Yogi babu and Jagan is ordinary as usual. 

Other viewers said that Netflix agreed to show that movie. They warm you to watch the movie at your own risk. Some even say that movies of the ’90s had a better Storyline. 

Others believe the Storyline to be good and think that the movie has a good cast. They wonder why the movie was released with a low budget. Some people find the movie to be an entertainment-filled and can be watched on weekends. 

Other people find the movie to have a good Screenplay with many twists and turns. They don’t agree with all these negative reviews. So watch a movie and decide whether the movie is good or not. So, get asura guru Tamil movie download. 

ASURAGURU TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD – Other movies portraying the concept of various psychological disorders

There are many movies released in the past few years that are based on one or other psychological disorders. So if you wish to watch any of these movies, here are a few of them.

  • 15 Park avenue released in 2005: The movie tells about the schizophrenia patient named Meethi. She is in search of her imaginary family that lives in 15 Park Avenue. 
  • Dear Zindagi released in 2016: Here a girl named Kaira suffers from insomnia may be due to her relationships and career downtowns. she meets a psychologist who treats her in a very simple way. 
  • Karthik Calling Karthik released in 2010: well IMDb rates the movie as 7/10. In the movie, we see that a person named Karthik being an introvert faces many setbacks in the course of his life. But life takes a turn when he gets a call from an unknown person who promises him to change his life. 
  • A more recent movie titled Judgemental hai kya released the previous year in 2019: IMDb rates the movie as 6/10. The movie is based on a girl named Bobby who is haunted by trauma. She suffered from the trauma in her childhood. She rents a part of her house to a couple and doesn’t mind keeping an eye on them.
  • Woh lamhe released in 2006: IMDb rated the movie as 6.6/10. The movie is based on a girl who attempts to kill herself many times. But later on, someone else finds that she is suffering from schizophrenia and helps her to overcome the path of self-destruction. 
  • Bhool bhulaiya released in 2007: IMDb rates the movie as 7.3/10. In the movie, we get to see how a psychiatrist helps the Couple to solve the mystery of ghosted House. 
  • Krazzy 4 released in 2008:  so it is the story of 4 people who have an intellectual disability and they get in search of their psychological doctor who gets kidnapped 
  • Devrai released in 2004: Well this is a story of a boy who suffers from schizophrenia and thinks that he will get all his answers in a patch of a forest. 
Asura guru Tamil movie download – Cast, Reviews, Release date and more
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