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Bigzo, the best entertainment website in India, is all armed and prepared here to satisfy all your showbiz wants and needs.

Let’s back up a little. Let’s start with understanding ‘entertainment’, the fundamental unit here. Merriam Webster, one of the world’s leading dictionaries of the English language, describes entertainment as ‘the act of amusing or entertaining people’; but there’s just a single word to sum it up, it would be – BIGZO!

Too much too soon, you say?
Well, if you get to learn about all the new up and coming movies of the year in advance, all neatly categorized into their genres (mind you); get to know about your favourite celebrities; find that latest overly hyped about web-series; get to download all of them with no trouble and watch them at your own ease
But wait, the best part is still left…
You get to do every single bit of it at the same place. Now don’t you feel like calling this the best entertainment website in India as well!


The world has changed very rapidly in this year. With most of the world’s population being locked up in their houses, and a still untreated virus on the loose, stress and tension have become our daily companions. While keeping yourself up to date with current affairs is very important, sometimes, all we need is to let off a little steam, especially in unprecedented times like these. 

And the best way to do so, is with a little amount of entertainment. Movies, web series and tv serials have helped us immensely in these times. And the mainstream as well as the new streaming media platforms have come up with many strategies to aid us as well. From adding a few advantages to our subscriptions to making us watch shows with our friends virtually. With so much going around, BIGZO is here to help ease some of the load as well.

We present to you hand-crafted lists of movies, shows, and sites where you can watch some of them free of cost. We even bring to you the current celebrity gossip of the world, because a little entertainment goes a long way. After all, we aren’t the best entertainment website in India for nothing.

Now that the stress of choosing your content is off, pick one and start bringing!


Whether you are a total newbie here, or a seasoned veteran, a little refresh course of the website is going to help both of you, as well as everyone else standing in the middle.

The top most navigation bar is going to be the helm of your boat, hold on to it tightly.

Home – The Best entertainment website in India

When you enter the holy site i.e. the best entertainment website in India, you are whole heartedly welcomed by the descriptive Homepage. Here, you will find all the top rated searches on the website. Starting from the movies to web series and downloading sites, all neatly stacked and waiting for you – from Mirzapur to Chaman Bahaar, and Spiderman to Don. And don’t you dare make the mistake of thinking there is only just mainstream Bollywood stuff, cause you are stepping into new territory.

There is information about Indie dramas, English web series, south Indian movies and what not. So, if you are someone who wants to dive into the silver screen drama, but are unsure as to what to start it with, this is your holy grail.


Next, comes the ‘Celebrities’ tab. Need I say more? This is where you will find your generic celebrity gossip. Take a deep and meaningful plunge into the sea of knowledge about your favourite celebrity. Want to know how much your money your idol earns, or want to know what are the movies he or she has starred in; Want to know some delicious inside gossip of that gorgeous new guy or gal who just entered into your favourite Zee Tv serial or want to know who is dating whom in the Kumkum Bhagya cast list.
Whatever be your taste, BIGZO, the best entertainment website in India, has all of it and some more piping and steaming for you.


One more space to the right, and enters the ‘Movies’ tab.
Whether it is the retro Bollywood movies that hold your heart or the new indie dramas that has piqued your interest, BIGZO has it all. Additionally, we have done our work for you. If you have a specific genre to watch this weekend, we have it sorted out. Check out our list of thrillers and action packed movies and you are bound to not leave empty handed. And that is not the end of it! We have also provided you with the lists of sites where you can download your movies from or watch them pro bono online. Who said entertainment comes at a cost, cause we for sure did not?   

To sum it up, we didn’t know if it was Marvel or DC that you had in mind…so we got it all. Don’t believe us, come down at the Best entertainment website in India and check it out. You know the name, it’s BIGZO. 

Web Series

But all that holds your interest now is web series? Well, no fear, cause BIGZO is here. The next option is the ‘Web Series’ tab. If you have not been living under a rock for the past decade, you would definitely know that ‘web series’ have taken up the world by rage, and rightly so.

The intense dramas that keep you up all night and the hilarious comedies that you have started binge watching is all because of them. Be it old television soaps or original over the top (OTT) content, web series have made their mark on viewers.
But with so many of them popping up every day, it does seem a bit difficult to keep up with the world. And that is where the best entertainment website in India comes into play. We have a range of eclectic and unique lists curated all for you. From You Tube, to Amazon, to Netflix, to Hotstar, we have selected the best of the best and laid them in front of you for your enjoyment. Again, it is not just the question of ‘what’ but also the question of ‘how’ that we have solved as well. From free online streaming to safe and easy to handle downloading sites, we have it all for you. Because we here at BIZGO believe that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Reality Shows

And if it’s the colourful and extravagant reality shows that you want to find, you are in for a treat, because that’s what you get then- the ‘Reality shows’ tab.
The prolonged quarantine might have dimmed your spirits a bit, and what better way to way to rejuvenate them again, than switching on your television set and enjoying the good ol’ stuff i.e. reality shows. I am talking Big Boss, Roadies, India’s Got Talent, Indian Idol, you get the drift.

Even though traditional platforms of entertainment have been slowly losing their ground in the media industry, reality shows have kept their places intact. In fact, they are successfully creating new seasons every following year. As with this industry, reality shows are also of different types- ones that you watch with your family every evening and ones that you rather not. And whatever we may be, we are not judgemental here. Instead we have your best interests at our heart and on our screens. So, look up on the best entertainment website in India and make sure to satisfy those reality show cravings. 

TV Serials

For the traditional tv going person, the succeeding ‘TV serials’ tab has been hand-crafted for you. If there is another traditional media that can hold its ground, they are the daily soaps, or as we fondly call them, TV serials. Every evening you will find your parents’ eyes glued on the television screen and if you are not lying to yourself, you too might be sneaking in a few glances here and then. So, while we may be grumbling at our parents for watching the repetitive and formulaic shows every evening, let us admit we do not exactly close our ears.

More importantly, tv serials do not seem to be going anywhere. The opposite is happening actually, with new serials and in some cases, even new channels emerging on tv sets. So again, the best entertainment website in India, Bigzo, comes to the rescue. W have distinctly categorized the shows by their channels, popularity and TRP ratings for your convenience.

Thus, enjoy your daily soap operas (begrudgingly, of course) with your family and leave the rest on us. 

Viral content

This distinct feature adds the ‘oomph’ factor to the best entertainment website of India, BIGZO. Viral videos are the ‘it’ thing of the times. So much so, that nowadays even mainstream news channels have some time allotted for showing them to the public. And why should they not, viral videos are entertaining, short, quick, and really enjoyable- a perfect example of fast entertainment. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a conversation between a cat and a toddler or a quick look into the deepest parts of the ocean. Besides, they can be useful too. If you are a memer or a blogger or own a small entertainment channel on any media, viral videos are what you should be looking for.

They will help you grow your business quickly and easily. So, either it be for some way of relieving stress or finding funny videos and similar materials, how can anything be named the ‘Best entertainment website in India’ without any option for viewing viral videos.

Navigate through the fun and exciting lanes of entertainment, at Bigzo, the best entertainment website in India. Every street is bound to filled with surprises and delight and we sincerely hope you stay in for the whole ride. 

With the entertainment industry at your fingertips, you are at the top of the world. Just exactly as we at BIGZO wanted you to feel. And don’t worry about getting yesterday’s news, Bigzo keeps itself updated and neither our news, nor our gossip gets outdated. 

So, what are you waiting for, come, find the Best entertainment website in India and stay updated on all things Big Screen.

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